Jy blaai in die argief vir 2009 Desember.

The year that was… and the year ahead

Desember 31, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

2009 was a mixed bag. Very difficult, mostly, but also a year of getting to know myself and my strengths and weak points. Learning who I can count on, and who should rather exit from my life. Workwise a year of many a missed deadline as a result of looking after my dad, but amazingly enough, also a year of winning two coveted awards for my work (something I didn’t even foresee in my wildest dreams.)

A year of frustration, a lot of tears, a year of not being able to just decide impulsively to go out for the night/weekend, as there was always Dad to consider. Having to cancel lots of plans because nursing aides simply don’t pitch for a shift. A year of having to hear from all corners how I am doing a good thing looking after dad. But why then, did I want to ask them, is it so damn frustrating and lonely? And difficult and an ungrateful affair?

January saw my youngest go off to Grade 1. And meeting somebody that stirred my heart quite a bit. And finally coming to terms that looking after Oupa is not easy, but that I have to do it for a while as I simply didn’t have the heart to put him into an old age home.

At the end of March the man in my life took me with him on an overseas trip. My first! (Only been to a few African countries before.) Saw lovely places, and on my way back, spent three days alone in London. Such exitement: having to make my way from Heathrow to where I stayed by underground, then getting ALL my luggage from the tube station to where I stayed (thought I was having a heart attack at some point, then realised it’s only the straps of my HEAVY backpack cutting into my chest). Walked around London with my camera, clicking away at Harrods, the ice cream coloured houses of Nottingham Hill, Portobello Road, Trafalgar Square, St. James Park in full bloom, the Horse Guard, Buckingham Palace… An incredible, incredible three weeks. (But the longest I have EVER been away from my kids, so imagine coming home!)

Turned 40 in May. A milestone. Discovers the day before that my beloved is still trawling the internet for somebody better. Patch things up, but can’t shake the nagging feeling of not trusting him completely. Dad getting more and more demented. I might as well have turned 14 – he doesn’t give a rat’s ass.


August was an eye opener. End of relationship, and finally realising that looking after Dad is getting too much. Physically (having to look after him during nights of no-show nursing aides) and emotionally (having to deal with his dementia, moodiness, and sometimes downright rudeness). Yet, to outsiders he still seems to be the kind man they always knew, and I often have to hear how I can be lucky that he is not a difficult or demanding man. Hmpph!

September: finally deciding to start proceedings for Dad to go into a frail cure nursing home. It breaks my heart, but I have no choice. My work is suffering under the stress, my kids are constantly drawing the short stick when it comes to my time and patience, and it seems that Dad’s mind is going downhill very fast. I take the kids to Aardklop, and we all come back refreshed and recharged. Dad not feeling to well. A cold, it seems. Just like after the overseas trip, all my joy and new found energy vanishes the first time Dad’s carer doesn’t pitch… I feel trapped in my lonely existence of working, caring for Dad and raising two children on my own. The social worker at the old age home finally gives me a date for an interview – 9 November.

October 23d: My mom, who I still miss every day of my life, would have turned 75 today. I am glad that she died a year ago and doesn’t see dad’s failing health and dementia. I’m also glad the she was spared looking after him, as I can barely cope (with help). How on earth would she have managed on her own? I’m also glad that she doesn’t have to make the decision to put him into a frail care facility, as she would never have been able to make that decision. She would have soldiered on bravely, and we wouldn’t have know how extremely difficult it is. Every single time she cried to me over the phone, complaining about Dad’s rudeness or inexplicable behaviour, I thought she was exagerating. That it couldn’t be THAT difficult, as Dad has always been a kind, softspoken man with good manners. We laughed at the stories of his dementia, and I even remember once shitting her out for being so extremely short-tempered with my lovely old dad…

(Sorry, mom, I honestly didn’t know what you were going through. Knowing what I do now, I wish it could have been different for you. And I thank God that He took you away from us on that dusty road outside of Windhoek when He did. But I still miss you, and I dream about you almost every night of my life, and I still have so many things to tell you. Luc is getting spectacles today, Zoe is turning into a chef, they both did incredibly well in school this year… My ex is still an arsehole – another thing I should have listened to you about…)

Even though Dad doesn’t know it’s Mom’s birthday, he still (inexplicably) picks today to become really sick. He complains for the first time EVER about pain. Twelve hours later there isn’t a pain free spot on his body. The hospice sister visits, and tells me the prostate cancer is in the bones.

October 31st, 06h00: Johan Daniel Herselman dies. It’s all over. I have no parents anymore. 

Since then: Trying to get my life back. Workwise I finally have enough time for everything I need to do – first time in 18 months that I make deadlines. Lots of upheaval with siblings. Funny how things fall apart when there isn’t a parent holding things together anymore. It finally hit me that one is ultimately alone in this world, and that you can only count on yourself, and God. And yes, I did a good thing looking after Dad and saving him from a lonely time in an old age home after all the trauma of losing mom. But knowing what I know now, I won’t EVER do it again. I must have been mad to think I can be a single mom and sole breadwinner AND caregiver to a 82-year old man. Absolute, utter and undeniable madness!! 

And 2010?

I need to spend more time with God.

I must sort out all aspects of my life: admin, work, house, finances.

I need to travel lighter, in terms of junk clotting up my house, admin that is behind, cupboards that need to be sorted out. Things that I haven’t used in years, must go.

I must read all the unread books on my shelves.

I must write the two books I was commissioned to write, and I must start on my novel. Writing is the only constant joy in my life, apart from my kids, pets and good friends.

I also need to travel lighter in terms of emotions. I must cut out those people and things stealing my joy.  The ex must start paying the maintenance that the court has ordered three years ago, even if it means the court has to force him to do so. And he must rather stay out of my children’s lives. (He STILL hasn’t phoned them for Christmas!)

So, blogland, I hope 2010 brings lots of joy, love, laughter and peace, and that you will have enough daily bread and sometimes even some butter and honey! (And a lamb chop and a bottle of good wine and maybe even chocolate!)

A very happy 2010 to all of you!

Nigella is in die kombuis…

Desember 29, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

en ons eet gisteraand se oorskiethoender en rys. En patats. En dan – tadaaaaaaaaam!! – gebakte sjokoladepoeding, wat sy eie sousie vorm en wat kom uit haar kinderkookboek. Ek het net gehelp met die aanpas van die resep vir die mikrogolf – minder elektrisiteit, en vinniger op die tafel.

Ek hoor daar word cola tonics en sprite zero geskink as we speak. Of liewers, terwyl ek tik…

Sy het intussen gehelp met wasgoed ophang en afhaal. En ek het nie eers sakgeld aangebied nie. Toe ek haar komplimenteer oor al die vlytigheid, het sy ewe laat hoor: “Ek hou van alle goeters wat ma’s doen. Except giving birth.”

Wat twee van ons maak. Daarvoor, my kind, het liewe Jesus ginekoloe en keisersnees uitgevind.

Junior Jamie O. het sit en teken terwyl ek my verlekker in die geur van olieverf en die speel van kleure op ‘n doek. Nee, Maggie Loubscher of Irma Stern is ek nie, maar dis ‘n heerlike manier van ontspan. Terwyl Jnr Jamie so sit en teken, hou hy sy kop skuins en sug: “Ek kan nie ‘n realistiese son teken nie…”

Op sewe, meneer, is jy nie veronderstel om ‘n realistiese enige iets te kan teken nie…

Ek en die dooie vis

Desember 29, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

As jy ‘n Mini Cooper ry, en gister langs die N12 net buite Alberton gestop het om te kyk hoekom ek gestop het, ontspan! Ek het nie van ‘n lyk ontslae geraak nie. Kon kwalik van die gestorwe Koi-vis ontslae raak sonder om te voel soos ‘n reeksmoordenaar…

Hoe gemaak as jy na pelle se Koi-dam en (bytende) hond kyk, en jy kom ewe onskuldig (minding your own business, en so aan) op ‘n middag daar aan en hier le ‘n dooie vis bo op die poel? Jy’t dit so half verwag, want die vorige dag het twee van die visse nie lekker gelyk nie? (NEE, ek het hulle nie oor-voer nie, blameer die drie elektriese storms wat ons die afgelope vier dae gehad het wat die krag laat uitskoppend.)

Ewentwel, hier sit jy nou met ‘n vis wat ‘n HELE klompie haweloses sou kon voer. So halwe meter lank. En terwyl jy voel vir haweloses, wil jy nie he hierdie vis moet in hulle magies beland nie want a) jy weet nie of Koi’s reg daar bo met Kingklip is nie en (b) jy weet nie of Koi-se-kind deur die weerlig geslaan is/siek was/gevrek het van ouderdom nie.

En al staak Alberton se vullisverwyderaars nie, is jy steeds slim genoeg om te weet ‘n Koi-in-‘n-asblik tussen Kersfees en Nuwejaar gaan jou (of dan jou pelle) nie noodwendig gewild maak by die bure nie. So, jy kan die vissie ook nie sommer net daar in ‘n Meyersdal-koppie langs jou pelle se huis gooi nie.

Wat dan die N12 op pad huis toe laat.

Gehoorsamige jy stop by ‘n inham spesiaal vir mense wat wil stop (maar nie noodwendig van visse wil ontslae raak nie). Trek die kattebak se hefboompie, en kattebak gaan oop. Wat donkerblou Mini Cooper tot stilstand bring so 20 meter vorentoe. Hoekom? Want jy lyk allermins hulpeloos en huilerig. Eerder gespanne en geslepe (wel, dis hoe ek gevoel het, okay!)

Mini Cooper wil nie ry nie, en ek kan nie die vis die bosse ingooi nie. Hou myself kastig besig met my kinders (NIEMAND kan tog dink dat ek gou langs die pad gestop het omdat ‘n 11-jarige eenvoudig net MOES piepie nie…)

Toe die Mini ry, gooi ek die vis (in plastieksakke, jammer, nie baie ekologies nie) en hoop dit val nie op ‘n hawelose se kop nie (want by die inham was afvoerpype ondergronds, lekker leplek vir ‘n huislose).

Wat my laat wonder het: hoe op aarde voel mens as jy van ‘n rerige, erige lyk wil ontslae raak? Een Koi was erg genoeg, dankie.

PS: Die 11-jarige het haar passie vir kookkuns ontdek. Gisteraand het ons mosterdhoender, patat en rys gehad vir aandete. En rooi jellie met vla. So, of sy is ‘n ontluikende Nigella, of sy is moeg vir Kersfees se oorskietkos en koek vir ontbyt…

PS 2: Net om te wys hy kan ook, het 7-jarige vanoggend vir my eier en roosterbrood vir ontbyt gemaak. Nadat ek hom oor die fynere kunsies moes inlig. Soos dat mens nie EERS die eier bak en DAARNA die brood rooster, die koffie maak, die skinkbord dek en die honde laat uitgaan vir ‘n piepie nie. Wat wel vroeer die vakansie gebeur het, en wat daartoe gelei het dat Dory die Labrador BAIE onwillig koue eier moes eet terwyl ek lipsmakkend vir die jongste sit en jok oor sy eierbak-vermoens…

PS 3: Moes gister werk, het nie. Het 12 episodes Two and a Half Men gekyk, my eerste olieverf-skildery getakel en ‘n whodunnit klaar gelees. En natuurlik ontslae geraak van ‘n Koi… (Terloops, my pelle weet van die dooie vis.)

Die kind…

Desember 26, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

het toe faringitis. Waarever sy varings ookal sit 🙂

Maar nee, ernstig, hy’s niks lekker nie. Reuse keelinfeksie, lusteloos, koorsig, kla van oorpyn. (En ek dink die hart is goed seer, want die ex het nog glad nie vir hulle gebel vir Kersfees nie…) Hoop maar die medisyne skop in.

Ek het ‘n onderhoud gaan doen met ‘n couple wat my AMPER weer laat glo het in die liefde. Hulle is al vyf jaar getroud, en hulle is so ooglopend verlief dis om van te ween en tande te kners. En nee, ek het hulle nie vandag vir die eerste keer ontmoet en dis ‘n groot act ter wille van die artikel nie. Ons het mekaar voorheen by ‘n funksie ontmoet toe hulle nie geweet het ek is ‘n joernalis nie, en ek was so verras oor hulle verliefdgeit dat ek toe gevra het of hulle pas getroud is. Daarna het ek die vrou weer by ‘n funksie raakgeloop, en toe straal sy steeds. En nou, byna ‘n jaar later nadat ek hulle vir die eerste keer saam gesien het, is dit duidelik dat hulle het waarna baie van ons soek. Beste pelle, lovers en absolute sielsgenote. Ying en yang, sout en peper, bloukaas en groenvye.

Nou gaan ek en die spruite Two And A Half Men op DVD kyk. Dis my gunsteling-komedie, en gelukkig deel my kids my smaak. (Ek het vir eers genoeg animasieflieks gesien, dankie!)

Toevallig hoor ek laat vanmiddag eers dat Charlie Sheen (Charlie van einste die komedie) gister in hegtenis geneem is vir gesinsgeweld. En hy bly glo sommer in die tjoekie tot met sy verskyning. Dit moet redelik serious wees as ‘n celeb Kersnaweek in die tronk moet deurbring en nie ‘n borgtoggie of wat kan kry nie.

Boxing Day 2009

Desember 26, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Have a very sick 7-year old. Probably the flu, but as he is complaining about a sore neck and had a very high fever during the night, I’ll have things checked out. Zoe had meningitis once, and it wasn’t fun.

Had a BRILLIANT thunderstorm early this morning as the day was breaking. Woke up and listened to everything in that wonderful state between awake and asleep. Knowing that I could sleep late this morning…

The world is washed clean, and the day overcast. May have to go and do an interview this afternoon for an article that I’m working on, but as it is with very nice people, I don’t mind.

Thought for today: “Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.” Wolfgang Von Goethe

Kersdag 2009

Desember 25, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Veels te min geslaap. Dit gebeur as mens tot 2 uur blogs lees en daarna nog gister se koerant.

Pragtige kerkdiens bygewoon. Is dit nie wonderlik om in ‘n gemeente te beland (so half met ‘n ompad) en dan te weet dit is jou regtig jou geestelike tuiste nie? Alberton Lewensentrum (interdenominational, iets tussen NG en Pinksterkerk) is vir my so ‘n kerk. Andries Enslin het vandag nie die tradisionele Krismispreek gehad nie, maar gepraat oor LIG en LEWE. Ook mos die betekenis van my kinders, Zoe en Luc, se name. Die tema was hoe die groot Lig wat vir ons gebore is, die duisternis verdring sodat ons kan LEWE.

Ons gemeente het ook die wonderlikste koor en musiekspan wat elke Sondag optree. En Kersdag was nie ‘n uitsondering nie – en, heel gepas, is die diens afgesluit met Koos Doep se Somerkersfees.

Daarna heerlike middagete gehad by Ludi en Jackie. Vleis, vleis en wat vir my gevoel het na nog vleis… heerlik gewees. Kon nie help om te dink aan hulle wat vandag niks gehad het om te eet nie. Ons is regtig so ongelooflik blessed! (Tog, ons feestelike ete was nie oordadig nie – mens is mos altyd geneig om yskaste vol kos te maak.)

Wat is Krismis sonder trifle? En ek moet bieg dat ek die wereld se beste trifle maak. (Koekstruif klink…uhm…wel, so koekerig – trifle is ‘n veel interessanter woord.) My geheime resep se ekstras sluit onder meer neute en marshmallows in…

Die downside van die dag is dat my kinders se pa hulle glad nie gekontak het nie. Ja, ek weet dis sy verlies, en blablabla, en dit verbaas my glad nie (dis hoe 99% van my huwelik immers verloop het) maar hoe verduidelik mens dit vir ‘n 7-jarige seuntjie wat so graag ‘n pa wil he wat in hom belangstel. Dankie tog dat die Here ook hierin voorsien deur wonderlike vriendinne wie se mans die rol van manlike mentor en rolmodel oorgeneem het.

Ons kon vandag darem een iemand se hart bly maak met ‘n kospakkie. ‘n Man wie se hande skynbaar afgekap is, halfpad tussen pols en elmboog. (Ek dink nie hy is so gebore nie, want daar is nog pienk letsels op die punte). Seker die slagoffer van een of ander barbaarse oorlog in ‘n Afrika-land verder noord. Dalk is hy ‘n Rwandese vlugteling, of dalk van die Soedan. Of nee, daar is mos nie oorlog in Soedan nie, aldus Thabo (Johnny Walker) M. Die man bedel soms (met groot waardigheid) by ‘n robot nie ver van my huis nie. Ek het egter nie gedink ek gaan hom vandag daar sien nie – dis immers Kersdag – maar toe ek laasnag besluit het om ‘n klomp goed in ‘n sak te pak het ek nogal gehoop ek sou hom vandag kon help. En toe is hy daar… Ek wens ek kon sy storie hoor, veral nadat ek onlangs Aher Arop Bol se ware verhaal (The Lost Boy) gelees het. (Sal daaroor blog, maar in kort, Aher is op 3jarige ouderdom van sy ouers geskei tydens ‘n aanval in hulle dorpie in Soedan. Hy het die volgende 14 jaar van land tot land suidwaarts gevlug tot in Suid-Afrika, waar sy paaie gekruis het met ‘n wonderlike Afrikaanse vrou van Pretoria, Sannie Meiring. Op sy tog het hy daarin geslaag om skool te gaan met beurse, en vandag is hy ‘n Unisa student in die regte. En danksy Sannie, wat vir hom ‘n kamer in haar huis gegee het en hom aangemoedig het om sy verhaal neer te skryf, is hy ook nou ‘n skrywer.)

Op pad terug van die kerk af was die man sonder die arms nie meer by die robot nie – ek wil graag glo en hoop dat dit was omdat hy kon huis toe gaan met genoeg kos vir sy gesin.

My kinders is darem sulke fantastiese, caring mense. Hulle het glads vanaand vir en oor die man gebid.

En selfs vir hulle idiootlike pa wat waarskynlik so geparty het vandag dat hy nie weet of dit dinsdag of Dingaansdag is nie.

Kersnag 2009

Desember 25, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Dis na 1 uur in die nag voor Kersdag, en ek verkneukel myself in die lekkerte van al die nuwe blogs wat ek ontdek het. En nee, ek is nie desperate en dateless nie (wel dateless) – ek is bloot glad nie vaak nie. Het laatmiddag ‘n uiltjie (of dalk selfs ‘n groterige valk) geknip voor ek en die kids na Ludi en Jackie is vir Oukersaand en ‘n HEERLIKE lamsnek- en groente-potjie.

Later het ons Kersliedjies gesing en geskenke oopgemaak – altyd lekker om te gee en te kry en natuurlik om kinders se afwagting en vreugde te sien – en toe het ek ter wille van die twee baie vaak kinders huis toe gekom. Hulle slaap al snoesig, en sedertdien het ek ‘n trifle gemaak, ‘n bondel wasgoed opgevou en nog een getuimeldroog en behoorlik rondgeswerf op die blogs.

En weer onthou hoekom ek so lief is vir Afrikaans, al blog ek dikwels in Engels (waarvoor ek ewe lief geword het al is dit nie my moedertaal nie).

So, vir al die Afrikaanse bloggers en lesers, ek hoop julle het ‘n BAIE geseende Kersfees, en mag julle die Here se teenwoordigheid more ervaar. My hart gaan veral vanaand/vannag/vanoggend (waar is ons nou eintlik?) uit na almal wat vandag ‘n eerste Kersfees vier na ‘n geliefde se dood.

Ek dink ook aan almal wat ek ken wat hierdie Kersfees verbete stry teen ernstige siekte, toevallig almal teen kanker: Frieda Bernard (wat darem weer tuis is na haar beroerte), Elsie (my kind se geliefde Wiskunde-onderwyseres), vriendin Sophia se ma en ook Dutch(wo)man se ma.

Ek het gewag dat ‘n weemoed my tref oor my pa wat op 31 Oktober dood is, maar ek dink die feit dat ek langs sy sterfbed was en SO duidelik kon sien hoe hy sy hande telkens uitsteek na iets of iemand na wie toe hy bitter graag wou gaan, keer dat ek oor hom huil vanaand. Want hy, wat altyd so goeie Christenmens was en so baie vir ander gedoen het, is beslis vanaand op ‘n wonderlike plek. Saam met my ma, wat ek sal onthou vir baie goed, maar vanaand spesifiek vir haar liefde vir mense wat swaarkry. En saam met God, sonder wie daar nooit ‘n Jesuskind gebore sou wees wie se geboorte ons kon vier nie.

Ludi en Jackie (albei oud-onderwysers wat kinders se harte verstaan) het die persente-tradisie baie mooi verduidelik vir my kinders: Omdat God ons so liefhet en seen (en so baie geseen het deur Sy Seun vir ons sondes te laat sterf) seen ons almal wat ons liefhet met geskenke. En, net soos daar uit ‘n geskenk iets nuuts in iemand se wereld kom, net so het daar deur Jesus nuwe lewe en vreugde in die wereld gekom.

Geseende Kersfees vir julle almal!

Christmas Eve

Desember 24, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

So, it’s finally the day before Xmas. Not a day too soon, if you are 7 and 11 years old. Exitement is rising, because tonight they get to open their presents. My big present to them has started a while ago: redecorating their bedrooms, complete with new curtains, a paintcolour of their choice (kindly sponsored by Cornelia and Gerhard as part of the gift) and some woodenboxes for toys, books, etc (made by the able men at friend Ludi’s factory). Luc is in 7th heaven, as he gets a bunker bed, but only with the top part. (Underneath we are fitting a jonkmanskas type cupboard and some wooden boxes and shelves). So, finally, finally, he get to sleep on the top bed!! And Zoe is equally excited, as she has her bedroom back after Oupa died. (She shared with me, and I don’t know which one of us was more frustrated.)

Their smaller gifts are sleeping bags – Luc’s one is Ben 10, and Zoe’s High School Musical (there wasn’t any Hannah Montana ones).

Christmas Eve will be spent with Jackie, Ludi and their daughters Helet and Lare. This family has played a MAJOR role in the lives of the three Salzwedels, especially in the past year. They were always there for me in emergencies, Lare slept at my house when I was in Ireland so that somebody besides Dad’s nurse was with him at night and my kids often stayed with the Birks when I had to travel for work. So, in a sense they have become our family through sharing our highs and lows and sadness and joy in the past two years. Tomorrow we’ll go to church, and Christmas lunch is also at the Birk’s house.

To all of my cyberfriends: I wish you a very blessed Christmas. I hope you get to spend it with somebody you love! And may God bless you out of you socks!

Ciao, for now! (Remember that one: Ant Stienie in Agter elke man always screamed after everybody leaving her stoep: Chow for now! At least mine is pronounced differently… More rounded, see! :))

If money was no object (in answer to Just Griet’s question)

Desember 23, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

If money was no object, I would want to:

  • Build a proper house with all the facilities for Martha Moroke, my friend and my children’s other mother. She has been working for me for 8 years, since before Luc’s birth. She turned 50 two weeks ago, and is still living in a shack. Her abusive, alcoholic husband now occupies their allocated HOP-house and refuses to leave, although Martha paid for the house as he was most of the time unemployed. Over the last few years she painstakingly saved to build a nice sizeable shack from new material. Her crazy (literally crazy) burnt it down in May. She had to start all over again.
  • Buy a farm where I can take care of and rehabilitate abandoned animals. And abandoned babies.
  • Write books in the morning and read books in the afternoon. (No magazine deadlines to chase in order to get paid at the end of the month.)
  • Take my kids on a roadtrip through South Africa. No planning, just driving and stopping wherever we want to for the night. When they are a bit older, I would like to take them on a tour of Europe – I believe nothing broadens the horizons like travelling, especially if you learn more about different cultures and history in the prosess.
  • I would like to live in a house overlooking the sea, preferably somewhere on the Cape Coast, and write full time (no, half time, remember, must read as well.)
  • If I can’t get the farm or the seaside cottage, I would at least want a big, roomy, sunny house on the real platteland, with a yard big enough for a vegetable garden, a herb garden and an English country garden. There must be enough room for my dogs and cats and some geese and a meerkat or two. The house must have huge fireplaces and a stoep right around the house with lots of trees in the garden.

And you thought I was going to say what??!!

Wonderlike goedvoel stories in vandag se Beeld (tsv die gewone blood en guts)

Desember 23, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Vandag se Beeld het die gewone kwota murder and mayhem in. Daar is al weer gans te veel mense dood of beseer weens misdaad. Shaik is darem bietjie oor die vingers geraps – so ‘n token dissiplinering wat ons nou kastig moet glo hy ernstig gaan opneem. Donovan ek-soek-nog-steeds-aandag Moodley se nuutste twakstorie is dat Piet Beyleveld hom gearresteer het omdat Beyleveldt in geldelike knyp was en ‘n bonus sou kry vir ‘n vinnige arrestasie. Hy erken steeds hy het Leigh Matthews geskiet, maar voel steeds sy vonnis van lewenslange tronkstraf is “skokkend”. Jammer hulle het die malhuise gesluit, want Moodley hoort eintlik in ‘n opgestopte sel.

MAAR, en dis ‘n WONDERLIKE maar: daar is so paar stories wat die hart warm maak. Soos die Moslems uit Katar wat sakke vol persente (200 om presies te wees) en 50 kg klere gestuur het vir die 24 weeskinders in Potch se Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis.

En Rhoda Kadalie se REGUIT rubriek oor Manto Tshabala-Msimang se loopbaan, en die ANC se oordrewe huldiging van die vrou. Dis regtig die moeite werd om te lees, veral komende van iemand wat net so uitgesproke was oor die vorige politieke bestel. Rhoda Kadalie vir president, seg ek! Lees by http://www.beeld.com/Content/Rubrieke/Gasrubriekskrywers/2149/a7af8dc242c54d91b71ebcd738d8a137/23-12-2009-03-34/Jy_s%C3%A1l_Manto_vereer_

En dan ‘n wondermooie stuk, Die kosmos gloei oor Sy koms, uit Wilhelm Jordaan se pen wat mens maar kan uitknip en bewaar. Dit vertel Jules Supervielle se sprokie oor die geboorte van Christus. Lees by http://www.beeld.com/Content/Rubrieke/Gasrubriekskrywers/2149/144c5b5fa809467ea530f5da94038cf2/23-12-2009-03-34/Die_kosmos_gloei_oor_Sy_koms

Lekker lees!