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Oktober 27, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Hospice nurse was here again yesterday, and I also asked a GP-friend to come and examine him. Both suggested that the time for homecare was definitely over, as he needed pain control (morphine or something) as well as specialised care.

Hospice didn’t have a bed available, so by 17h00 I called an ambulance. He is now in hospital (luckilly has got medical aid), and by last night 22h30 when I left there, he was sleeping soundly because of the IV-painkillers. Also had tests done: ECG, chest X-ray and bloods.

Heart weak, but that’s normal. No sign of kidney or lung infection. Will have scan done today – doctor suggested (off the record) that scan will probably confirm that it is the prostate cancer getting aggresive and painful for the first time. He says it normally spreads to the back, and that the severe abdominal pain could be that. My GP-friend suspects the same thing.

I’m off to the hospital again. So far behind with work that I feel like I’m ahead for next year…

Didn’t have time for newspapers yesterday, but saw a front page in hospital shop. ZUMA PRAISES MALEMA????

Does Mr Z seriously want to support THAT man and lose the bit of trust and goodwill that he has build up so far with thinking, responsible South Africans?

I would have thought twice, but I suspect the ANC can’t afford to alienate the Youth League. But still, not a clever move at all.

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  1. Have courage, but then you do.

  2. Praying for you in this time..Give your Dad a Big Kiss..hope he feels better soon..

  3. Thanks guys! I am actually praying for him to be released from this hell. My St 8-boyfriend is a pastor here, and he has visited my dad a few times, and even did Holy Communion for him at home over Christmas. I wanted to be alone at the hospital, but as luck would have it, he phoned out of the blue to ask how my dad’s doing and insisted to come and wait with me. We had a long talk, and I said to him I don’t think God will blame me for wanting my dad to rather be with Him and my mom. Away from pain and suffering and the loneliness that old age and disease brings. After all, as Christians we believe that the Perfect Life awaits us after death.

  4. Ai Twolips, what can I say? I was even accused by a relative that I’m trying to starve my dad (he did’nt want to eat for a day) and I asked that we should go easy on overfeeding after that, because he had fever and I was scared of vomiting or diarrhoea, both of which would have been severely uncomfortable for him, as he is in a lot of pain. At least he is on a drip now, with proper medical supervision and paincontrol. Some people just don’t get it. Strongs with your mom! (I don’t know what her medical condition is, but have you tried hospice?)

  5. Thanks Bloggalot! Much appreciated. His only peace now would be death.

  6. jduplooy het gesê op Oktober 27, 2009

    Good luck Tannemys, thank goodness for medical aid… My grandpa dies of cancer 13 years ago, withnot medical aid, in the hospital in Pretoria, not a very nice thing!

  7. Fluffie het gesê op Oktober 27, 2009

    Morning, hopefully ur father recovers hey. Be strong.
    No comment on Mr Z!

  8. algoabay het gesê op Oktober 27, 2009

    My prayers are with you and your family. Hope they can control his pain levels

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