On dying and my new (but really old) quest

Oktober 24, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

My dad had a good night, according to the nursing aide. Me, on the other hand, had much too little sleep. Forced myself to go to bed at 1h30 – not that I had to sit with him, or anything, but because it started to sink in what was happening. So, this morning it feels like my head is filled with cottonwool.

First thing this morning, looking in on him sleeping so peacefully, I thought that maybe I just imagined all of the symptoms. That he will be just fine – after all, he made a spectacular comeback after the accident, even if it took him 6 weeks to start walking again. And despite having lost loads of weight because he refused to eat after my mom died, he somehow regained his will to live.

Then I heard him sneeze three times – and even that now indicates that the lungs aren’t working properly. It sort of stopped halfway through, like when you would hold back if your ribs are aching or your chest is sore. He is still extremely pale.

Now I have to start chasing deadlines again, with this shadow hanging over me. And I suppose I will have to phone the uncles (his brothers) to come and visit. So, not much working time there. And I have to fetch my sister from the airport.

And I have to study an accident report that somebody is trying to suppress in a hearing of a young man that died a horrible, horrible death after being knocked out in a parking area because he supported the wrong rugby team in a final. He was then run over by a car and dragged underneath the vehicle for 600m before the guy unhooked him and simply drove off. He died 5 weeks later of septic shock, not surprising if you see the pictures: no skin on his back, muscles exposed, ribs the whitest of white with all tissue around it stripped away. (The ribs even dragged a pattern onto the tar that was still visible when an indenpendent accident analyst visited the scene a week later.) His kidney was found next to his body, and a paramedic described having to hold it in her hands until they got to hospital.

No, Tannemys didn’t suddenly turn into a kick-ass lawyer. This young man’s attackers are still walking free because they had links to the police, the docket got lost, the information to charge anybody was insufficient, and blablablabla. Yet, there is this hefty report that is being ignored. And the same accident analyst is used daily by the Road Accident Fund and even the police to investigate accidents. While a mother and father is mourning the senseless death of their only son.  After FOUR years and thanks to a very capable and honourable policewoman, the driver of this car was in court this week. For the first time. But the two “boxers” are still not being charged.

So, two days ago I decided to make a phone call to a policeman (very high up in the ranks) that I know has integrity and can’t stand things like this. I didn’t have to even tell him what I was going to do if this evidence doesn’t get taken into account. An hour later I got a phonecall to ask me to see the public prosecutor and police on Monday morning. Which means I have one chance of convincing everybody to do the right thing. Otherwise, my friends, you might soon see all of the evidence on, hmmm, let’s say Carte Blanche. Because NOBODY, not even the Independent Complaints Commission, would listen to this poor mother who desperately tried to get justice for her son. And that really makes my blood boil!

After yesterday’s racial thingie and me losing my cool a bit on my blog, I had a deep thought or two (I sometimes get that).  I think it’s time to take me gloves off. I am always trying to be the voice of reason, pointing out this good thing and that nice effort. I will still do that, but those in the public eye better watch out from now on: Tannemys is die bliksem in.

When I was little, I wanted to become a journalist. At 16, everybody said “Noooooo, don’t waste your time with that. Become a lawyer!” And silly me thought I would be brilliant lawyer. And then I hated studying law, although valiantly trying for three years.

Why was I determined to be a lawyer? Because I read somewhere in Proverbs that God said one should speak for those who can’t. Always one to fight for the underdog (often bringing it home, as can be illustrated by the fact that I have six dogs!) I thought being a lawyer was the only way.

Luckilly, I have since discovered the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. But I still think sharpening my pen a bit is not a shabby idea at all…

For starters, AFrikaans readers can go and read BY (in Beeld, Volksblad & Burger) today, and see exactly how tired I am for being labelled a certain way just because I’m Afrikaans, and a Christian. (Maybe I’ll post it later, as BY is not available on the internet.)

So maybe a few readers will want to do nasty things to me, and maybe after Monday a few more people will want to help them. But one sees the value of having life (and the talents and opportunities that comes with it) when you are in the shadows of death. 

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  1. Sien uit na die BY artikel.

  2. Dalk sal ek daarna saam met Tigger in jou tuin moet kom wegkruip. Diep onder die blare…

  3. Sien Die Burger http://www.dieburger.com/Content/By welke artikel verys jy na? Ek het ‘n vermoede.

  4. He, he en die honde sal jou uitsnuffel!

  5. Na “Ons is nie almal so nie”

  6. Maar gelukkig is ek mos vir die underdog…

  7. Ek dink nie hy’s op die net nie. Ek dink hulle haal net 6 NBe stories uit. Sal ek maar post?

  8. Ja asseblief. Ek volg die twee strydpunte noukeurig en kopskuddend.

  9. Napier het gesê op Oktober 24, 2009

    Good morning – new to your blog and read up your profile… what a wonderful person you are!
    Sterkte met jou pa, dink aan jou.

  10. Hi Napier! Ek’s in Namibie gebore en grootgemaak. Die dat ek so nice is… 🙂 Jy weet mos mens kry dit in saam met die water. Het al paar keer op jou blog gaan loer. Maar welkom, en dankie vir die inloer!

  11. Thanks Luscious! I wish you could see those pics. I thought I will never be able to eat again. And I have seen some horrible things in my life. I shall go forth and conquer, and then you guys can inspire me…

  12. Thanks Mom! If everybody guilty doesn’t stand in that dock, I will have to do what I have to do. Not that I like the thought of crossing swords with people that can abuse the law, maar nou ja…

  13. I am so grateful to Luscious for leading me to your blog!!

    Will be going through your posts.

  14. Thanks Cilla! Welcome!

  15. Moonz het gesê op Oktober 24, 2009

    So sorry you’re going through this. What a horrific case to be working on. If anyone can get it through as evidence, I have no doubt you will!
    Thinking of you and your dad. HUGS

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