The 2002 prophecy about Zuma (Part 1)

Oktober 22, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

In 2003 I attended the editorial meeting of a prominent Afrikaans Christian magazine. Now, let me tell you, an editorial meeting at any magazine is usually a very nice, creative process. Think of it as a uber-creative thinktank, with ideas bouncing around, being discussed, torn apart and often shot down. I’ve attended tens of these with different magazines, and usually we laugh a lot between all the serious discussions.

Why does this meeting stand out? Because somebody said that she heard from a Christian woman with the gift of prophecy that Christians should pray for Zuma. Under him, she said, the country will have a chance to turn around.

Now, three very important things: at that stage in my life I was still COMPLETELY scepticall about all this happy-clappy stuff. Prophecies? Wasn’t that the thing they did in the Old Testament? Secondly, I have never paid any attention to Zuma. Hardly knew anything about the man. (Although I have a degree in political science, there was a time that I completely lost interest in anything political. During my childbearing years – horrible way of describing it, by so true! – mostly.) All I was interested in, was for my family to survive the economic goings-on. At that stage my little boy was only about two years old, and I was venturing into serious writing.

The third thing to bear in mind was that this was LONG before the armsdeal surfaced, and even longer before the rape allegations.

I listened to the Zuma-prophecy story with half an ear and less than half-a-heart. The person telling the story said that this woman said, amongst other things, that Zuma will bring about change in SA that will give us hope again. The sort of change that can heal a land and change an economy. But people, she said, will try and stop him from coming to power with all their might. They will tell serious lies about him, and we need to pray for him.

Ha, I thought, not bloody likely! Enought to do and worry about. Why should I pray for this guy?

And then I forgot the story, and carried on with life.

Fastforward to 2008: It looks like Zuma is going to become the new president in 2009. By now a much more serious journalist, I decide to try and get an interview with him. Slim chance, because he doesn’t get on too well with the media, sueing publications left, right and center. But one should at least try.

And then I got the interview…

And started searching for proof of that prophecy…

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