The 2002 prophecy about Zuma: here’s the actual prophecy

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The prophecy I referred to earlier. And, to answer MP3’s comment, the fact that Zuma is now president, doesn’t mean the prophecy was correct. Or does it? I’ll explain in later posts, but please read this, and bear in mind that a prophecy isn’t a coherent speech. (I have since learnt not to just sneer at things like this – there are things we don’t always understand. Of course, as always, this is just for your information. I am not trying to impress any religious views on anybody. And I’m still not happy clappy in the true sense of the word, nor am I nuts. At least not as far as I know.)


Prophecy – Jacob Zuma

André Louw – Saturday 8 June 2002

…So it will be in the last hour, for I am raising up the Africa’s to carry the cross for the last mile. Yes Lord…yes Lord! I’m going to change your rand, I’m going to change your economy, for the devil has tried to suppress your economy, oh southern one from Africa. But before I change your rand, I’m going to take Botswana and raise up Botswana into an economic explosion, that’s going to cause a ripple effect into Namibia and even Zimbabwe will soon see a release, says the Spirit of God. The oppressor will be removed and I will bring forth a new one. He shall have my light in him and he shall have my utterance in

him and will cause that economy to be turned around by My Power and I will heal the rand to heal the land. The southern part of Africa will have one economic system; there will be a new type of economy that will come forth in the southern hemisphere.


I will drive out the HIV virus, says the Spirit of God. I will drive out famine from you…and will remove swiftly those that stood as God and have stood in position to say that we are god. We will build our temple and we shall our high ways and we shall our things and God says I will bring them down, and I will raise up a new generation.


South Africa is about to receive a godly government. God says that within two election processes a new light will come into

this country. But once again God says there needs to be a godly intercession to call this country into repentance…arise church from every part, and stand upon My Word and drive out these forces…


 …There are things that have been hidden in the soil of this nation that are about to come out, diamonds and gold and even peto – petroleum oil. Some of the greatest wells of oils are going to come out of Africa, says the Lord. God says, the devil took wars to destroy, but I used the wars to keep the reserves hidden so that the nations would not suppress this continent, because I’m raising this continent up, says the Lord, to be a light.


I see that the Lord is saying that the economy will only change when a Godly government is in place, and it will start off with groups of men…the vice president of this nation…what is his name? Quickly, give it to me…what’s his name? Jacob? I send the Spirit of God to Jacob Zuma right now…right now…right now.


I hear God saying that I’m going to raise him up, sovereignly, oh God, I might get into trouble for this…but I see upon the woman, this woman being used by God to speak into his life the things and the oracle of God. And God is going to visit him in a sovereign way. The ANC are going to rise up and try and suppress him. They are going to try and stop him from coming forth, but he’s going to be hidden in camouflage, says the Lord. Yes! Yes! …


He’s going to be hidden in camouflage…because they will not know that he’s actually a sheep in wolves clothing. And when he comes he will bring reformation into this nation. When he rises up and we must pray that he will rise up.

But I see him coming and changing things.


And even now Father I pray for favour for him and I ask that you will do this for him in Jesus name. Now lets give the Lord praise offering right now…thank you Father, we release that right now. Let’s pray for that a little bit, let’s trust God for that right now…


He (God) will heal our land by healing the rand. He will heal our land by healing the rand…For it’s in God’s plan that we will travel to the nations. That it will not become difficult to buy air tickets… Thank You Holy Ghost…I’m just going to listen to God and speak what He’s saying…


You need to pray for this man (Zuma), because they are going to try and kill him soon, but you just keep praying for him, alright. When I say kill, I mean that any person that rises up and doesn’t do the thing that they want to be done, they remove; are you with me? They remove you through political inspirations and all that stuff, but we are going to trust God for something to happen for this man…


…Gold is going to go so high it’s going to be amazing…350…it’s going to shoot…whew…in Jesus name…I’m going to tell you what is going to happen…as soon as a godly government comes into this region, we are going to hear reports of new minerals coming out of this land, for the things have been hidden under the soil for one reason; for us, the saints of God.



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  1. Jammer, VAKTAP, maar ek deel nie heeltemal jou sentimente van uitverkore en “heidense” rugbyspanne ens nie. Kom ons los die oordeel vir God. My God is een van Liefde, en heeltemal in staat om self te oordeel. Die Bybel se ook: JULLE MOET VIR DIE REGERING BID! En, sover ek weet, was die regering daai tyd “heidene”, maar tog het Jesus Sy dissipels opdrag gegee om te bid vir hulle.

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