Am I an idiot for stating some observations regarding Zuma?

Oktober 22, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

“Daai ou smile en dan jag (sic) hy net dinges aan. Net ‘n kompleet (sic) idioot kan hom vertrou,” skryf Boerseun in sy kommentaar op my vorige post.

Moontlik is ek dan ‘n “kompleet idioot” (sic!) om te wys op interessante waarnemings oor die afgelope vyf jaar. 

Nog ‘n interessante punt: verlede week was dit voorbladnuus dat ‘n nuwe “wapenskandaal” dreig, hierdie keer oor vegvliegtuie waar die regte tenderprosedures (of so iets) nie gevolg is nie.

Die interessante punt is dat hierdie nuwe aanklag van ongerymdhede plaasgevind het toe Zuma NIE in die regering was nie. Dus, wie gaan ons vir hierdie ene blameer, want Zuma was toe nog very much geskors.

Boerseun, I’m not saying Zuma is innocent. All I’m saying is that a story always has more than one side, and I shared a few observations I made over the last few years as a journalist.

All I’m asking is that we should start thinking a bit wider. We should all start showing more interest in matters that affect us. Like goverment and what they are doing. Don’t just dismiss them as idiots, because that is a sure way of handing SA on a silver platter to the wrong people. Lobby, criticize, complain, write letters, start petitions, toyi-toyi if you have to. But don’t just sit back and say all is lost.

So far, the only thing Zuma did that really caused raised eyebrows, was appointing Mo Shaik as head of intelligence. A stupid thing in my opinion, because it certainly looks like “baantjies for boeties”, as we say in Afrikaans. But for every other important post he appointed people that seemingly knows what they are doing. And for the rest, at least he is more open and approachable than Mbeki ever was.

He is, in my opinion, more Madiba than Thabo, a thing that we should at least be grateful for.

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  1. Tannemys, I wouldn’t place too much stock in Boerseun’s utterances. “Debates” I have had with him in the past have been rather pointless. There is no man more blind than those who refuse to look. And then have the gall to crit those offering specs.

  2. Flydude het gesê op Oktober 22, 2009

    interessant – baie interessant….

  3. Thanks Varkvet, but I don’t as a rule get involved with emotional fights, especially not with people living in the past (history wise) or with people saying all kinds of things in the name of Christ (like that the Bulls should win, “want hulle is Liewe Jesus se span”.) I am a Christian too, but must have missed the bit in the Bible about His sportsteams. I, for one, have been outspoken in the past about Bakkies Botha praying before a match, and thanking the Lord after the match, while during the match he behaves like a hooligan. That is no sportmanship, nor is it Christian. And I think it makes a mockery of Christ. And by now, I think Boerseun wants to fry me!

  4. And if he doesn’t get me, the rest of the Blue Bulls fans might!

  5. Flydude het gesê op Oktober 23, 2009

    yup – amen to the Bakkies issue. I mean is that the type of Christian example we need for non-believers ?

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