On a sober note…

September 23, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

after all the fun of the last few days.

* My heart goes out to the parents of the head girl of Standerton Primary who was found dead in the shower on Sunday night. Also to the parents of the head boy of a school in Pretoria who shot himself and left a letter saying he was just too tired to go on living. Having had my first encounter with the death of a relative last year when my mom died, I cannot begin to imagine the loss of a child.

* Don’t be too surprised if the inquest into the adminstration of the SABC comes up with the name of a very famous, well-liked politician or two. ‘Nuff said. Just watch that space.

* Thank you, Minister Nathi Mthethwa, for at least acknowledging that crime in South Africa has a “uniquely violent character” and that the police should do more to combat that. But it’s no use complaining about crime the whole time if WE as South Africans don’t join in the struggle. One such way is by joining e-blockwatch. I know Andre Snijman, who started the project, and he is really passionate about mobilising more South Africans to watch out for each other. E-blockwatch assisted in the search for Leigh Matthews, Sheldean Human and the recently “lost” American tourist. It was through Andre and other e-block members that they finally realised the girl didn’t even enter South Africa in the first place.  

How it works: you join as a member, and in the event of something going down (or up) in your neighbourhood, suburb or town, you get alerted via SMS or e-mail. Should you run into trouble, the same method will be used to get others involved in, for instance, looking for you. There’s also a panic button system by which you name 5 friends or relative to be contacted immediately should you send a message (via SMS) that you are in trouble (e.g. hijacked, attacked in your home, etc.) Through cellphone technology, it immediately allocates the position of your phone, sending those co-ordinates to your dedicated friends or relatives so that they can immediately start searching in the right area. (I tested this, and my position was given to the nearest street corner! Clever hey!

JOIN NOW! Click on www.eblockwatch.co.za

4 antwoorde op On a sober note…

  1. I think the eblock watch is a very good idea.

  2. Great idea

  3. zephur het gesê op September 23, 2009

    Tannemys onthou môre die 24ste is dit Nasionale braai dag.

  4. En Zeppie, wat stel jy voor braai ek? Dis die ding van geskei wees wat ek die meeste mis: iemand wat VIR my braai. (Ek kan braai, maar dis net anders as wanneer daar twee mense om die vuur sit.)

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