A joke about (open water) swimming, spesiaal vir Kokomo

September 23, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Kokomo’s post about open water swimming suddenly made me remember a lot of silly jokes my brother used to tell when he was in Matric and moi still a tiny, impressionable thingie in 3d grade. I remember him telling this one after the other. So, here goes:

Little boy to his mother: “Ma, Ma, I don’t want to go to Australia anymore!”

Mother: “Shut up and swim!”


Little boy to mom: “Ma, ma, can I go and play with Ouma?”

Mom: “NO, it will be the third time this week you dig her up.”


Little boy to mom: “Ma, ma, what’s that hole in Dad’s back?”

Mom: “Shut up and eat your kidney and steak.”

(Oh, I forgot to mention they are somewhat gruesome… But then, my big boet loved torturing me. He also told me a match can burn twice. I sat there, stupefied and UTTERLY impressed with this piece of knowledge, while he lit a match, blew it out and promptly pressed it into my leg. I had the mark to show for YEARS! But then, he also had some marks to show for that when my mom got hold of him…)

5 antwoorde op A joke about (open water) swimming, spesiaal vir Kokomo

  1. oh dear! the love/torture of siblings!

  2. Indeed! Today we are extremely close.

  3. Goodness me, it is such a long time since I heard these. Brings back plenty of memories. Thank you.

  4. Only a pleasure Alvilda!! Have a brilliant braai day!

  5. Thanks Kokomo! You too!

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