An ABSOLUTE gem found on the streets of Jo’burg

September 22, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Remember the herbal healer-stuff I blogged about a week or two ago? Today something even funnier came my way courtesy of a very friendly young guy handing out pamphlets in bumper-to-bumper traffic. As traffic was literally CRAWLING along – when will these roadworks EVER end?! – I had a quick glance at said brochure. It was hilarious!

I won’t name names, because from the names these two operate under, it looks like they may have friends in hiding (you catch my drift??).

The dear little piece of advertising contain the usual amount of yadayadaying and blablabla about Sleepless Nights, Weak Erection or Enlargement, Lost Loves and Promotions At Work. But these guys put a fresh spin on things. And Apparently They Thought That By Starting Every Word with A Capital Their Brochure Sounds More Serious.

What qualifies them to heal people? (Sorry, To Heal People.) It must be “The Knowledge They Gained From Havard (sic!) University of Witchcraft in the U.S.A.” 

They can even help with the particular problem of “Weak in Bed Ejaculation Quickly or Small in Size”. (HUH???)

Can’t have a baby? “Low/Weak Sperm Count, Miscarriage All The Time, Can’t See Menstruation (HUH??) Or Always Heavy and Painful (YOU OR THE MENSTRUATION?) Try …(the healer himself) For A Success. (DOES THAT MEAN HE WILL PERSONALLY DO THE HONOURS??)

And yes, you’ve guessed it, they CAN predict the Lotto (which naturally explains why they still  can’t afford a proofreader for their brochure). 

So, Have You Been Trying Your Luck In Many Ways But Not Been Succeeding, Court Cases, Interviews, Exams, Playing Lotto, Casino, Horses. Why Not Try These Herbal (SIC) That Are Going To Do Miracles Forever. Rings, Charms, Stones And Sticks. (HUH?? Will they ring you, then charm you, then use sticks and stones?? Or do they throw the thingies??)

Ps. A Big Storm, or is it A BIG STORM, outside. Before this lightning strikes me and my trusty laptop into next week, I’ll sign off. See ya later!!

PPS: Jippie! The first real storm. It might even hail! Will report back later.



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