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Lene: thank you, my dearest friend lene, for sitting with me on high walls in front of the house in Observatory, looking at the world from a different angle, encouraging me to have the courage to overcome my fears and follow my desires.

 Thank you for believing in me and supporting my creativity and for being creatively pragmatic, creating moneymaking project after moneymaking project, helping us grow both spiritually and materially.

 Thank you for opening up your house to me time and time and again. Tank you for your sensuality and the intensity of colour and laughter and happenings you bring to life.

 I think of you, vegetable pie in hand, dressed in purple, sensual velvet, flying over to Korea, celebrating life with me.




 Laure: and when I think of your laughter and your smile and the happy life-giving energy that you radiate, my heart breathes love and more love for life.

 Thank you for having touched my pathway with hearts of roses and sounds of gentle, happy music and little notes saying: I know you can.

 And we did. And we do – live, live, live – this adventure called life!

 Thank you

 (and I forgot how blue your eyes are. Blue they are indeed. Just beautiful and intense and blue).



 Zoya kelebogile segona:

Thank you for having shared with me your achievements of songs written, poetry published, love found and lost.

 Thank you for sharing your gentle self with me. Thank you for having been there for me through your empowering word, through your beautifully intense letters, always letting me know that I am loved and appreciated at a time when I needed it most.

 Thank you for making me feel important and special through my very own space that you have created for me in your heart.

 I think of you in love and power and strength and good vibrations and soft embrace.

 Mr Lochner


 Salomé, Stuart and Jody

 My dearest, most beautiful family.

 Wherever you are sailing, living your next adventure – running wild with the dogs, having pleasant little power struggles with Jody, buying armloads of food, cooking us festive meals just before sugars drop, laughing, risking, feeling, being beautifully supportive of each other – trying again and again to make life work according to you understanding of life: I love and thank you for driving my gemini energy around from shop to shop and for entertaining me with endless movies and for opening up your lives.

 One day we will share that ultimate diamond together.




 Estelle: How happy I am that we met again and will meet again and everytime we will be stronger and more whole and complete for it – opening up to love and life and the spirit of healing and trusting and growing.

 Thank you for so generously giving to me. Thank you for your support in bringing me here to Korea. Thank you for allowing me to see you grow in elegance and wealth and commitment to others. Thank you for being awake with me to the gifts of life and the beauty life offers when you expect it and when you least expect it.

 Thank you for your ‘sisterhood’.



 Gigi: how can I ever thank you enough for believing in me? For supporting me – emotionally, financially? How can I thank you enough for celebrating me just as I was, when I was living through my bleakest and darkest moments?

 Thank you for your human, warm, soft embrace. Thank you for sharing your mind and respecting my thoughts and words and intellect.

 Thank you for always making me feel special and for comin to visit.

 We’ll see again – I know we will.


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