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Sophie: hoe sal ek jou ooit kan bedank vir die onbaatsugtige, moeitelose liefde en ondersteuning wat jy oor ‘n leeftyd in my belê het?


Dankie vir jou elegansie, vir jou tydlose gees en warme medemenselike omarming deur ‘n luisterende oor, tee in die hand en die huislikheid van jou kombuis of voorkamer of kleurige, feestige doekies op die agtertafel in jou tuin.

Dankie vir jou onvoorwaardelike, praktiee bystand en geloof en ondersteuning.

Dankie dat jy selfs ook nou ‘n mondstuk tussen my en my ouers is en so kommunikasie tussen ons laat bly vloei van liefde en nog meer liefde – van krag tot krag terwyl ons nog in die aardse vorm die voorreg het om ons lewens deur e-mail snippets te deel.

Dankie dat jy jou hare grys en elegant laat groei en dat jy vaardig en vinnig en beheersd op fietse jaag en ook van fietse afval en dat jy soms praat en praat, en vir jou humorsin en die glim in jou oog en dat jy ook agter jou bakhand ‘n ou ongewenste storietjie kan fluister – meer as mens en tog mens terdeë.


Ek is lief vir jou.

My tweede moeder op Vredendal.



Kerstin: thank you for still sharing the adventure of your life with me from France to Italy to Spain to America to Germany and back to you new home in America, though we have not seen each other for – what? Almost five years now.

Thank you for leaving me with that last soft glowing moment of your radiant cheeks, white, bright smile, waving goodbye at Observatory station – blue African beads in hand.

I know we’ll meet again.




Thank you for opening up and offering your home in Holland and your friendship all over the world from the moment we met. Thank you for your sense of humour and thank you for also finding my tongue-in-cheek words and observations funny and worth laughing about.

Thank you for little updates throug e-mails of your life and love and times.

Thank you for living life with passion and compassion.




And as you said at my last birthday when we had to give compliments – it should be the easiest to say wonderful and beautiful words of soft embrace to each other, because we know each other better than most, but because we know each other so well, it’s far more challenging to speak the layers of a lifetime.

What to say? What to trust we instinctively know?

Thank you for living with intensitiy – aiming towards achieving the truth as you see and understand it. Thank you for being able to share your vulnerabilities, but to still be strong enough to open up even more – though ideally you would like to hide or disappear.

Thank you for your beauty – both of body and spirit. Thank you for the power of your mind. Thank you for having touched my life to become more loving towards myself, to become more independent in my relationship towards others, to take responsibility for my spiritual and physical challenges and choices.

Thank you for having married and divorced me.

I love you and thank you




My dearest friend with the gentle, self-contained energy and memories of at-the-back-of-the-red-bakke-on-the-way-to-Landudno moments and celebrating life in the yellow house in Observatory through red rose petals, making fires, buying first dresses and being naked on beaches and nakedly funny in front of camera lenses.

Thank you for having touched my life through your honesty and intensities, through you openness and yet always being a little out of reach – making you even more attractive.

I am glad I found you back again.

One day wil will still run through Berlin together: breating life, laughing life, living life – as we do.



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