A Salute to my own Peter Pan

Januarie 28, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Scientists have claimed it’s global warming, but tonight I’ve discovered the true reason for the most baffling phenomenon that’s hit earth since the Ice Age. Peter Pan is growing up… well, kind of…

AG, honey, this one is dedicated to you!

I met my Peter Pan at some stage during my first year of varsity. At first I was weary, and then I became scared. It’s not every day that a “good girl from a small town” meets a man, eleven years her senior, who immediately and unabashedly announces to the world at large that his newest aim in life is to corrupt said girl…and then sets out – with determination and panache – to corrupt her thoroughly. In the process of my marginally successful corruption I, of course, had a little crush on the man. Mad, bad and dangerous to know was (and still is) as applicable to Peter Pan as it was to Byron! But once all was said and done, at some time during my second or third year, Peter Pan became one of the greatest friends a naïve small town girl could have in the big city.

It might have been one hell of a crash course, but under his auspicious guidance, I have to admit, I grew up much faster than I (or my poor bewildered family) would ever have expected. Even though, admittedly, it was not necessarily in precisely the manner Peter Pan had envisioned when he and his trusty side-kick initiated Operation Corruption…

Peter Pan, my eternally happy go-with-the-flow anything-goes Peter Pan who refused to grow up, thrived on shock value. Whether it was sex, drugs or Rock ‘n’ Roll… Drinking hard and partying even harder… Or his worldly-wise open-minded anything goes attitude, even an introduction to the Kama Sutra (the book, not the practical stuff, although, knowing Peter Pan, he would have been a willing tutor in that aspect as well!) the man did his utmost to liberate my thoughts even if he could not change my mind.

Eventually that became my greatest challenge – to assimilate the education gained from Operation Corruption without succumbing to it. And, for the most part, I succeeded admirably (even if I have to say so myself in hindsight) and the “good girl from a small town” was enveloped in the chrysalis she would eventually break loose of and become (at least partially) the woman she is now.



Peter Pan, with his love for adventure, was never one to be shackled to one spot for a very long time. For the past six year or so the child-man-man-child has been flitting across the globe, spending most of his time in the East, and we haven’t seen each other in quite some time.

But thanks to modern technology, we’ve been able to keep up with each other’s comings and goings. And whenever men have totally baffled me Peter Pan has been around to provide some of his sage and jaded advice. The fact that the advice has usually been monotonously predictable – Peter Pan has only one solution for all problems related to relationships – and that I usually ignore it, is completely beside the point. The fact that he is omnisciently present and still capable of causing me to burst out in loud merriment makes him one of the most valued and most beloved people in my life.

Tonight I spoke to Peter Pan for the first time in almost four years. And it seems as if hard living has caught up with Peter Pan (as much as he would allow it to happen!). A weird medical problem has forced Peter Pan to quit drinking, drugs and spicy food. Peter Pan changing (some) of his merry indulgent ways is, of course, my rationalisation of global warming (and nobody will be able to change my mind about that!). Luckily, for the sake of the boy who refuses to grow up as well as those who know and love him, our Peter Pan possesses enough innate exuberance that life is still lived on a natural high. I’d laughed more in the minutes I had spent on the phone with Boy Wonder than I had in many days.

Once I had terminated the call I could not resist reminiscing about the times we had spent together in the past – hoping and wishing that they would be relived in the near future. Because we all need a Peter Pan in our lives (one is usually enough!), especially if you are a “good girl from a small town”, simply for the sake of reminding you that life is for the living, that one should live it to its fullest and enjoy every moment without remorse…

Therefore, my dearest Peter Pan, even though you will not be joining me in this, I drink a toast to you tonight. You remain one of the brightest stars in my galaxy of friends. And I do adore you for it.

PS. I forgot to ask, but I assume it to stand: According to urban legend (and firsthand experience) I am still on the record as being the only “good girl from a small town” – or any girl, as a matter of fact – to be able to sit on the lap of Peter Pan, whisper in his ear and cause the jaded boy-man-man-boy to blush! 😉


12 antwoorde op A Salute to my own Peter Pan

  1. loudavisi het gesê op Januarie 29, 2010

    Puik skrywe, DK!

  2. DallaSePa het gesê op Januarie 29, 2010

    Is jy eintlik Ingels DK? Ek dog al die tyd jy is ‘n “Boere” Nooi …


  3. adoonsie het gesê op Januarie 29, 2010

    Baie, baie goed geskryf !

    Die tipe skryfwerk wat my nou nuuskierig het om die mense en die storie agter die storie te leer ken.

    Well done !

  4. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Elsie, maybe I should have phrased myself better and said that MY Peter Pan is growing up 🙂

  5. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Dankie Lou!

  6. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Ek’s glo so effe van ‘n Hanskakie DsP!

  7. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Thanks OC!

  8. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Daar is BAIE stories agter dié storie 🙂

  9. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Thanks Vriendin!

  10. DroomKind het gesê op Januarie 31, 2010

    Dag Oom Flenters 🙂

  11. lisabeth het gesê op Junie 16, 2010

    Ek het hierdie baie baie geniet ! Well done on more than one level!

  12. DroomKind het gesê op Junie 16, 2010

    Sjoe jy’t diep gaan soek in die argiewe! Bly jy’t dit geniet 🙂

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