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In the mirror | Wie is jy?

August 9, 2020 in Uncategorized

For Women’s Day 2020* I asked a number of women in the book industry one question: “Which woman gave you a voice?”

The answers were varied and wonderful. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, a headmistress, well-known authors and illustrators were mentioned. Karin Brynard even nominated Harald Pakendorf, a man who stood up to inequality.

One answer took my breath away. Chanette Paul, a hugely successful author, had this to say:

“The woman in the mirror in my early forties. I did not know her anymore. Even her name was strange to me. I no longer knew who she was or where she was going. For my self-preservation, I would have to try to figure it out, I realised. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. It was also the very best one.

“Nobody can give you a voice. You have to find it in yourself. Only then can people support you and help you hone your voice; you in turn should help them.”

Recently Netwerk24 published the top-selling Afrikaans books over the first six months, and Chanette Paul had three books in the top 20, see them in the picture below.

Women who rise above abuse is a constant theme in Paul’s work. Should you be able to read Afrikaans, this is an author not to miss.

Oh, and do read the other answers on LAPA’s blog page as well.



* In South Africa we celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August to commemorate a protest march on 9 August 1956, read about that here.


Ek het aan verskeie vroue gevra: “Watter vrou het aan jou ’n stem gegee?”

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Wie is jy?