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July 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

The Romance Novel has grown up.

A new set of authors has taken the romance genre by the scruff and they refuse to back off when it comes to serious issues. Gone are the days that romance has to be easy, fuzzy and perhaps a little silly.

In the new romance novel you will not find women swooning when a man enters their chambers; you are more than likely to find some action heroine not looking for, but somehow stumbling upon, a gentle soul to whom she can be an equal, a friend and, YES, a lover.

Happily ever after is not even a prerequisite anymore. Happy for now has become the new way.

I have recently read a manuscript that I’d love to present for publication next year – it came to me via ROSA, the Romance Writer’s organisation of South Africa.

Then, on 16 July 2019, I walked into the Book Lounge simply because Karina Szcsurek had invited me to the launch of the first two books of her new imprint Karavan Press. Yes, some people can do that to me ;-)!

Publishers do care about books in general and we actually like supporting new initiatives. I like Karina as well, so it was easy enough to brave the cold. (Her BF was there too, don’t worry.)

There, in the Book Lounge, I found that these two novels came to Karina via ROSA.

Yebo! I was chuffed!

Melissa A. Volker wrote A fractured land and Shadow flicker. The first is about fracking and the second is about the effects of windfarms on certain communities.

Both books happen to have male leads that made Jacqui L’Ange (left), the author and journalist who had lead the discussion, somewhat weak in the knees, yet they are teaming with serious environmental issues and the body count is quite high…

It was only afterwards that I understood the cryptic message on the invitation. It read: Expect eco-fireworks and literary Happy Ever Afters!

It is not the first time that a romance novel with a strong eco theme was published. In 2013 Heila Theron published Karoo-droom, a novellete that protested against fracking in the Karoo.

Volker’s novels are thicker, and more complex.

Volker’s books were edited by the doyenne, Helen Moffet, and published by Karina Szczurek. Can it be anything other than wonderful?

To read an interview with Volker, click here.

Hitch a book from Karavan Press and love what you read.

Other publishers are moving in the same direction. For those who are able to read Afrikaans, here is my recent article on the changing face of Romance in Afrikaans.

I am going end my piece by stealing Karina’s last words on the invitation: Literary love and greetings.

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  1. Thank you, Izak! Just a small correction: Helen Moffett supported us throughout the publishing process, also during editing and proofreading, but was not the actual editor of the books (I had the pleasure myself). Literary greetings, Karina

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