Romanza: Veertien jaar | Fourteen years

June 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

Veertien jaar!

Het jy geweet dat die brein liefdeshormone afskei wanneer jy oor ’n romantiese gebeurtenis lees? Dit is hoekom mense verslaafd raak aan hierdie boeke.

Veertien jaar! Jip, ons verkoop hope hormone!

En ons is trots daarop!

Romanza is ’n baie belangrike deel van LAPA Uitgewers se aanbod.

As julle meer wil weet oor Romanza of die klub, volg die skakel hieronder.


Fourteen years ago my colleagues at LAPA risked a new imprint. Today romance is the second biggest seller in Afrikaans, with Romanza the leading brand.

A former colleague loved telling the story of an older couple who would arrive every Monday morning at their local library, where my colleague worked at the time. The man would wait in the car, the woman would max out on romance novels for the week.

One day the man walked in and looked around. While the librarian was checking out his wife’s books, the man made a derogatory comment about these “love stories”.

Whereupon his wife turned around and snapped: “Had I had this out home, I would not have needed these books.”

He never entered the library again, but he continued to drive his wife to the library every Monday.

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