Good news: World Rhino Day

September 22, 2016 in Uncategorized


Over the years I have had some close encounters with these amazing animals. Most of my sightings and photographs are of white rhinos, but I have encountered the odd black rhino in the wild.

These photographs are my own – locations not shared – but please do look at the video made made and distributed by the WWF. In fact, please read the entire note they had sent with the video, and please share the good news!

I’d like my grandchildren to also see rhino on the wild.




Dear Izak

It’s World Rhino Day and we’re taking measure of the plight facing rhinos across the globe and especially in Africa.

Join us as we reflect on the situation of these majestic creatures and also share the gains made in conservation.

We’re pleased to bring you a good rhino story this year. Since 2003, our Black Rhino Range Expansion Project has been working to grow populations of critically endangered black rhino. This work is paying off, with black rhino numbers in KwaZulu-Natal having increased by 21% during this time and over 70 calves having been born on project sites.

We’ve created a beautiful and moving video that showcases our inspiring black rhino work. Our only ask today is that you SHARE it far and wide, to all of your networks, to help us shine a light on this critical work that offers rhinos a brighter future.



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