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You are invited to a mini-gathering for parents on the importance of play

Saturday 27 August 2016, 11:00, Bibliophilia, 48 Albert Road, Woodstock

Join us for a brief, fun-filled morning where there is enough space to let the little ones run wild while you listen to three experts on the importance of play. The speeches will be over in 30 minutes.

Contact: [email protected] or 021 447 1773 

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Suggested programme

11:00 Letting the young ones loose

11:05 Welcome

11:10 Dr Elmarie Malek

Dr Malek is the head of General Paediatric specialist services at Tygerberg Academic Hospital.

She will explain how a baby’s brain develops during pregnancy and why parent interaction and stimulation are critically important. Taking time to be responsive to your baby and playing simple, stimulating games with your child develops important socio-emotional and cognitive skills. The care and stimulation a child receives during the first 1 000 days from conception to being a toddler will build confidence to explore, be curious and learn, and make success at school and employment as an adult much more likely.

9781432305154 - The Precious Years - Jacqui Couper - HR

11:20 Jacqui Couper

Jacqui is an occupational therapist and author of The precious years.

Although child development may seem automatic, each phase is unique and builds on what has gone before. Jacqui explains how to monitor child development, when to ask for expert advice and how to use low-cost material to stimulate your child during the formation of those precious developmental milestones.

The book is ideal for parents with kids between 0 and 3 years. It provides a balanced view on the developmental milestones, helps parents not to panic and teaches us how to play with the little ones.

play to grow

11:25 Nadia Viljoen

Nadia Viljoen is a qualified motor-skills therapist, swimming instructor and the author of 1-2-3 Play to grow, games for motor-skills development.

Ordinary games can help our kids with school-readiness and overcome various obstacles related to development. As a parent we need to make our kids develop both fine and gross motor skills. How? By playing with them!

Nadia’s book is aimed at parents with kids between 2 years and the teen-age years. It employs games like Rotten egg, Darkroom, Hand tennis, I spy, Tip-cat, Red Rover and even Clay-stick! The book also offers information on motor-skill goals for every age group in terms of balance, coordination, spatial orientation, rhythm, swiftness, reaction time and laterality.

11:30 Time for questions

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Bibliophilia, at 48 Albert Road, Woodstock. We are close to the Old Biscuit Mill, which is a good spot for a family breakfast, and to the Woodstock Brewery which serves a lekker lunch and locally-brewed craft beer.

RSVP: [email protected] or 021 447 1773

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