#Feesmustfall: My plea

October 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

#Feesmustfall could be one of the most important movements in our history, but…


I took this picture at a school in a Northern-Cape Township. What is her future? #Feesmustfall should not go for short-term, sugar-coated wins, because then she will struggle even more to get an education.

My plea, therefore, to the leaders of the #Feesmustfall Movement:

1) Do not settle for cheap. Government is scared and will offer you a short-term settlement, be warned. Then we are all in deeper trouble.

2) Do not fight to win this battle. There can be no winners in the near future. Settle only for talks about systemic change. That way you will win the war on the ills in our system.

3) Demand talks about systemic change and do not stop the protest until our entire, utterly dysfunctional education system has been addressed.

4) For now, please go back, finish the exams, but keep protesting; there are no short-term solutions.

5) You, as the young lions, also need to look at those who will not go the university. We need apprenticeships. We need skills training. Under Blade the FET Colleges have slipped further into nothingness.

6) We need to start at pre-school to find solutions for a meaningful matric.

7) We also need to start at pre-school to genuinely change higher education.

8) You will be surprised at how many people support the cause. Keep the moral high ground. Ban the thugs. Go for negotiations.

9) You will be surprised at how many people are willing to pour money into education – and already do. Why does all that money not make a difference? Ask those questions in talks with government.

10) Look at the picture of the girl. Your solution should include her. Do not settle for a system that will make it even more impossible for her to get an education. If you do, government will win and our system will be worst off than before. If your solution does not include this girl, you have lost. Only if you are willing to make this a long-term, solution-seeking enterprise where everyone is forced to come clean about how the money spent, then you will be heroes.

You are writing your own legacies, young lions. Fight to give this girl, and others like her, a future.

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