Jy blaai in die argief vir 2013 Maart.

Hit Parade: 2 April 1966

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1. These boots are made for walking – Nancy Sinatra (1)
2. The ballade of the green berets – Sgt. Barry Sadler (3)
3. Sounds of silence – Simon & Garfunkel (2)
4. To whom it concerns – Chris Andrews (5)
5. The 19th nervous breakdown – Rolling Stones (7)
6. Hallo Mr. Peters -Mimi & Steve (8)
7. Yesterday-man – Chris Andrews (4)
8. My love – Petula Clark (nuut)

These boots was nou reeds 3 weke bo. Die nuwe liedjie van Petula was onder my 20 gunstelinge. Haar heel mooiste was m.i. “Where did we go wrong”. Onder die 20 gunstelinge het ek  “McArthur Park” se sanger uitgelaat, maar  in die bad netnou het dit my bygeval (‘n “Eureka”-oomblik!). Richard Harris.

Something happened to my heart the day that I met you
Something that I’ve never felt before
You are always on my mind no matter what I do
And everyday it seems I want you more

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Softer than a sigh
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean
Wider than the sky
My love is brighter than the brightest star
That shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world
That can ever change my love.

Once I thought that love was meant for anyone else but me
Once I thought you’d never come my way
Now it goes to show how wrong we all can be
For now I have to tell you everyday

My love ….

My love …..


The World We Live In (2)

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Are Your Investment Accounts Safe? by Briton Ryle, 20/03/2013 (continued)

“It’s one thing to watch Europe twist basic legal quarantees as they try to sort out their debt problems. Europe is fundamentally socialist anyway, right? That could never happen in America, right?

Well, not so fast. We’ve already seen a president win reelection by basically starting a class war, saying the wealthy need to pay their fair share. And the result was that taxes were raised on the rich (defined as families that make over $450,000), but not on anyone else.

Obama is still looking to raise taxes as part of a new budget deal, and there’s been a proposal for a new national gasoline tax. And don’t forget about the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, that seeks universal health care coverage, but does little to control costs. Then there’s Social Security and the entitlement programs, MediCare andMedicAid. We know changes will be coming to these programs. We don’t know what they will be – not yet – but there’s a hint out there.

A liberal think tank called the Pension Rights Center thinks retirement accounts are unfair to poor people and has proposed a government-run retirement program that would “replace” 401(k) accounts with government-run accounts that would be funded directly from your paycheck. Sounds crazy, but the Treasury Department and the Labor Department have already held hearings with the Pension Rights Center about the plan.

I can’t say how seriously these ideas are being considered. But I bet the people of Cyprus didn’t think their government would consider stealing part of their bank deposits …. until they woke up Monday to closed banks and ATM machines….”

Gister het die Proteas verloor weens ongedissiplineerde boulers. Daar was 13 wydlopers, hoofsaaklik opslagballe (met veral McClaren en Kleinveld die skuldiges), 13 ekstra balle vir die Paki’s om die wentelling te bereik. Na 300 balle was Pakistan nog 8 lopies kort. Die wenlopies is geslaan van die 5de van die ekstra balle.

The World We Live In

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Are Your Investment Accounts Safe? by Briton Ryle, 20/03/2013 in Wealth Daily

“Europe’s leaders have lost their minds. They’ve gone from being slightly comical socialists to dangerous fascists virtually overnight.

Outright theft of bank deposits, as the EU has proposed to Cyprus in exchange for bailout loans, is something Moamar Qadafi might have brought up. I can imagine Saddam Hussein stealing money from Iraqi banks. Hugo Chavez could have nationalized bank deposits the same way he nationalized oil fields. Funny thing: None of these men are still in power.

So, where does Germany’s Angela Merkel and her EU cronies think they’ll be after the next elections? Or maybe they think they can steal those, too?

The entire European debt saga has been a circus. Remember the Greek elections, when one candidate nearly won on a platform of reinstating the pensions and early retirement benefits that had helped bankrupt the government in the first place? And who could forget French President Hollande’s 75% tax bracket?

Yes, Europe has some strange ideas about money and government. But to demand that the Cypriot government take $7 or $8 billion from its citizen’s bank deposits is a whole new ball game. The media has called it “tax”; they’ve used words like ‘levy” and “appropriation”. But let’s call it what it is:theft. …………………………………………………….

“Now that Europe has proposed theft of deposits, there’s no way to unsay it. We now know that Europe’s leaders, and especially Angela Merkel, have no limit. Nothing is off limits. Such conventions as private property and fiduciary trust will be ignored if there’s a tough choice to be made. If I lived in Spain, or Italy, or any other European nation that was getting bailout money, I’d get my cash out of the bank. It may only be a matter of time before the EU demands that a portion of it be stolen.

Now, I understand the German people may be sick of bailing out other countries that took advantage of low interest rates to rack up insane amounts of debt. I wouldn’t like it either. But I like stealing even less.

Fortunately, the Cypriot parliament voted against stealing the bank deposits of the citizens they represent. Good for them, if you believe simply doing the right thing warrants praise. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. Cyprus’ banks will now fail for sure as depositors go get their money.

Good job, Angela Merkel.”

Continued (Obama and USA)


20 Gunstelinge

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Op versoek van Zeppie en in geen bepaalde volgorde nie:

Something stupid – Frank & Nancy Sinatra

Good vibrations – Beach Boys

Forty days – Cliff Richard

Scottish soldier – Andy Stewart

McArthur Park

Silence is golden – Tremeloes

Bridge over troubled waters – Simon & Garfunkel

Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones

Glad all over – Dave Clark Five

Monday Monday – Mama’s and Papas

Holly holy – Neil Diamond

My sentimental friend – Herman’s Hermits

Adios Amigo – Jim Reeves

Detroit City – Bobby Bare

The carnival is over – Seekers

Always something there to remind me – Sandy Shaw

My love – PetulaClark

First of May – Beegees

Unchained melody – Righteous Brothers

Summertime in Heidelberg – Mario Lanza

Hit Parade: 19 Maart 1966

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Hierdie pos is gisteraand ingetik, maar iewers sonder enige ‘error messages’ is kontak met die internet onderbreek en al my moeite was vir spek-en-boontjies.

Maandag tot Donderdag wasdie maksimum temperature konstant op 32C, voordat dit gister na 28grade teruggesak het. Na analogie met aandele-grafieke kan hier straks van ‘n ‘kop-en-skouers patroon’ gepraat word.

1. These boots are made for walking – Nancy Sinatra (3)
2. Sounds of silence – Simon & Garfunkel (1)
3. Yesterday-man – Chris Andrews (2)
4. Michelle – Overlanders (4)
5. Ballade of the green berets – Sgt. Barry Sadler (nuut)
6. Jimmy comes lately – 4 Jacks & Jill (5)
7. Wind me up – Cliff Richard (6)
8. To whom it concerns – Chris Andrews (nuut)

Chris Andrews se eerste treffer nog nie koud nie en die opvolg (onthou dit nie) was reeds daar. Sgt. Sadler se liedjie se liriek (as ‘n tipiese naiewe student het ek destyds ook geval vir die propaganda dat Amerika Suid-Vietnam beskerm teen sy kommunistiese noordelike bure):

Fighting soldiers from the sky
These are men who jump and die
Men who mean just what they say
These brave men won the green beret.

Silver wings up on the chest
These are men of America’s best
One hundred men will test today
But only three win the green beret.

Trained to live off nature’s land
Trained in combat hand-to-hand
Men who fight by night and day
Courage stick(?) from the green beret.

Silver wings ……

Back at home a young wife waits
A green beret has met his fate
He has died for those oppressed
Leaving her his last request:

“Put silver wings on my sons chest
Make him one of America’s best
He’ll be a man who’ll test one day
Have him win the green beret”

‘Green beret junior’ sou net betyds sy vlerkies kry om in die volgende wapens-toetsterrein (Irak) betrokke te raak.

Halfses wil ek op die pad wees vir ‘n maanlig-en -sterrebeligte draffie, mits al die error messages en onderbrekings my nie ophou nie.

Hit Parade: 12 Maart 1966

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Na ‘n hittegolf wat Maandag en Dinsdag gepiek het op 34C, het die min. en maks. temperature daagliks afwaarts beweeg. Gister se maksimum was 25 grade en vanoggend was 14C. Ons sal oor ‘n paar dae kan bevestig of dit die einde van die somer ingelui het. Laasjaar was daar so ‘n tendens gedurende die laaste week van Maart.

1. Sounds of silence – Simon & Garfunkel (2)
2. Yesterday-man – Chris Andrews (1)
3. These boots are made for walking – Nancy Sinatra (nuut)
4.Michelle – Overlanders (8)
5. Jimmy comes lately – 4 Jacks & Jill (3)
6. Wind me up – Cliff Richard (5)
7. We can work it out – Beatles (6)
8. One-two-three – Len Barry (4)

Dat ‘Sounds of silence’ die top posisie gehaal het was nie onverwags nie. ‘Old blue eyes’ se dogter maak haar eerste verskyning op indrukwekkende wyse.

Die sanger van die liriek hieronder was nie in my liedjie-boek aangeteken nie, maar die stem in my geestesoor klink soos Matt Monroe:

1. And I love you so, people ask me how

How I’ve lived till now. I tell them I don’t know

I guess they understand how lonely life has been

But life began again the day you took my hand.


And yes, I know how lonely life can be

The shadows follow me and the night won’t set me free

But I don’t let the evening get me down

Now that you’re around me.

2.And you love me too, your thoughts are just for me

You set my spirits free. I’m happy that you do.

The book of life is brief, and once a page is read

All but love is dead. That is my belief.


Hit Parade: Hit Parade 5 Maart 2013

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1. Yesterday-man – Chris Andrews (1)
2. Sounds of silence – Simon & Garfunkel (6)
3. Jimmy comes lately – 4 Jacks & Jill (2)
4. One-two-three – Len Barry (7)
5. Wind me up – Cliff Richard (5)
6. We can work it out – Beatles (4)
7. Get off my cloud – Rolling Stones (3)
8. Michelle – Overlanders (nuut)

Yesterday-man was nou reeds 4 weke op No.1. Vir hierdie week is Cliff voor in die wedloop tussen die Groot Vier. Michelle was eintlik ‘n Beatle-liedjie. As die tonge knoop by die franse woorde, sing maar la-la-la:

1. Michelle, ma belle, these are words that go together well, my Michelle

Michelle, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont

tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble

I love you, I love you, I love you

Thats all I want to say

Untill I find a way, I will say the only words I know that you’ll understand

I love you.

2. Michelle, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont

Tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble

I need you, I need you, I need you

I need to make you see, oh, what you mean to me

Untill I do I’m hoping you will know what I mean

I love you.

3. Michelle ……

Sont ….

I want you, I want you, I want you

I think you know by now, I’ll get to you somehow

Untill I do I’m telling you, so you’ll understand

I love you.

4. Michelle, ma belle, sont …….

I will say the only words I know that you’ll understand

My Michelle.