Jy blaai in die argief vir 2012 Desember.

Vir oulaas vanjaar

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Vanoggend voor ses het ek die son sien opkom op die N14 en 4 km verder op die kruin gaan draai op my laaste draffie vir 2012.

Op pad terug was daar ‘n ligte ongelukkie skaars 50 meter voor my, nadat ‘n motor uit ‘n plaaspad op die N14 gedraai het Pofadder se kant toe en nie ‘n bakkie uit Kakamas se rigting sien aankom het nie. Die bakkie se bestuurder het gelukkig vroegtydig sy spoed afgebring en sover moontlik na links geswaai om om die motor te ry. Die bakkie se agterste hoek het die motor se ‘grill’ afgeruk. Niemand is beseer nie.

‘n Paar minute gelede het ek die maksimum-temperatuur vir die dag, 32C, vir oulaas vanjaar opgeteken. Die rekord vir die voorsomer bly staan op 33 grade.

Ek lees gisteraand op google dat volgens die Britse weerkantoor se jongste weersyfers, met grafiek en al (stil-stil op die internet geplaas sonder ‘n publieke aankondiging) was daar geen aardverwarming oor die afgelope 16 jaar nie. Tog het dieselfde instansie vroeer vanjaar aangekondig dat die dekade 2000-2009 die warmste dekade nog was, dus ‘n blatante leuen.

2011 se matriek-slaagsyfer was 70.1%, ‘n resultaat wat ek vermoed reeds voor die eksamen bepaal is. My voorspelling vir 2012: 70.2%.

Aan lesers en leseresse van hierdie blog word ‘n voorspoedige 2013 toegewens.

Hit Parade: 1 Januarie 1966

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1. California girls – Beach Boys (1)
2. Hungry for love – Acads (3)
3. Hang on Sloopy – Macoys (4)
4. Come back silly girl – Stuckatoes (2)
5. Get off my cloud – Rolling Stones (nuut)
6. The carnival is over – Seekers (nuut)
7. Stand beside me – Perry Como (5)
8. Only you my love – Murray Campbell(6)

‘California girls’ se 7 weke op no.1 was ‘n nuwe rekord. Die Stones se nuwe hit, hul 7de, plaas hulle een voor die ander lede van die ‘Groot 4’. Die Seekers maak hul 2de verskyning op die Hit Parade.

Indien my rekords ‘n jaar of twee vroeer begin het, sou Jim Reeves as een van die ‘groot 5 of 6’ beskou kon word. Gedurende 1963 en 1964 het hy verskeie groot hits gehad, o.a. Adios amigo, Don’t let me cross over, Guilty, wat almal tot no.1 gevorder het. Laasgenoemde se liriek is my keuse vir hierdie naweek:

I’ve been accused, convicted and condemned
The trial’s over, and now I face the end
Is this your way of telling me we’re through
When all I’m guilty of is loving you.

You were the judge, the jury, all in one
You found me guilty, and now my term’s begun
I must confess, I’ve never been untrue
And all I’m guilty of is loving you.

Loving you,and now I’m losing you
Losing you for things I didn’t do

Now let your heart consider an appeal
For now you know exactly how I feel
Don’t punish me for things I didn’t do
When all I’m guilty of is loving you
Yes, all I’m guilty of is loving you.

Green energy

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Die onderstaande is ‘n uittreksel van ‘n bydrae deur Keith Kohl in Energy and Capital, 27 Desember’12:

Sell, sell, sell

We’ve heard a lot about the promise of so-called “green” energy over the past few years. And how it will finally lead us all to energy independence. But let’s face it: “Green energy” as we know it is a scandalous rip-off – and a total failure. After countless big promises (and billions of taxpayers dollars), wind, solar and geothermal provide a mere 9% of America’s energy needs.

Just  one look at Solyndra, the once heralded solar company, sums up the whole “green” scam quite nicely. These guys alone leached $535 million in public funds before going belly-up and undergoing an FBI investigation. But they’re far from the only culprits in this whole fiasco.

Just a couple of months ago, a company by the name of Himin Solar had their IPO terminated and was suspended from the stock exchange entirely. Then there’s Brightsource Energy, the outfit bailed out by Obama last year despite being $1.8 billion in debt.

The scary thing is these are only a few names on a long list of companies just like them. In the last year alone, dozens of solar, wind and geothermal firms filed for bancruptcy or are on the verge of doing so, after gorging themselves on $90 billion of OUR money. Take a look at a short list of the biggest “green” scam artists in recent memory:

* Electric car battery producer A123 hiked executive pay 36% after canning 125 employees.
* First Solar, one of theworld’s largest solar companies, slashed 2,000 jobs in April – after increasing executive and CEO pay to $50 million.
* Willard & Kelsey Solar Group lent its executives $500,000 and paid them $1 million – before beginning operations.
* Beacon Power paid executives $260,000 in bonuses as it collapsed.

The entire “green” disaster has spun so far out of control that even Al Gore’s company is dumping its holdings in green energy stocks. According to the Washington Post, Al Gore is “50 times richer than when he left the vice-precedency in 2001”, making him “$100 million partly through investing in alternative energy firms subsidized by the Obama administration.”

Funny how it works. I mean, if renewable energy was anywhere close to being a viable power source, it wouldn’t need a penny of taxpayers. But since 80% of all the “green” subsidies and loans went to generous donors of President Obama, it’s plain to see that “green” energy firms are little more than fronts for crooks (and former vice-presidents) to pick your pocket.

And get this: In August it was revealed that the Wall Streeter in charge of independently reviewing the loans – and who claimed they all carried “minimal risk” – is also a major donor.

Talk about a conflict of interest. And as outrageous as all of this, it gets worse. Because instead of giving up on the green energy pipe dream, the U.S. government is doubling down on it.

Just last year the Department of Energy awarded $43 million in grants to 41 wind energy research and development projects. And in March, President Obama enacted a plan in which the U.S. Army partnered with favorite firms to develop renewable energy sources. The cost of this program? Only $7 billion.

It makes me sick. But what really disgusts me …

The U.S. government has fought tooth and nail against letting Americans develop the tried and true energy resources that helped make our country an economic powerhouse. Whether nixing the Keystone XL Pipeline, blocking deepwater drilling, imposing carbon taxes, or waging war on fracking. It’s clear they are VERY interested in continually doing the wrong thing. As you can see below [graph], all of these shenanigans have helped double the price of gasoline since 2009.





God’s own country

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Die volgende brief is deur Wealth Daily as die jaar se gewildste brief aangewys:

His name is Hank Johnson. He is the Georgia Representative you may remember from back in 2010, when he told Admiral Robert Willard he was worried too many troops stationed on the island of Guam would cause it to capsize …

The actual quote is as follows: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

That this guy still works in Washington further proves that most voters are totally clueless to the fact that those they select are rarely honorable, or to be frank, sane. But as it goes, Hank Johnson is still enjoying the spoils of bureaucracy. And he’s still saying really, really stupid things.

Last month at the Annesbrooks HOA Candidate Forum in Georgia, Johnson declared the benefits and salary members of Congress receive are “earned.” He went on to say… “It’s not elaborate, it’s just a bunch of poppycock that a lot of people have spread around trying to get us to hate our own government and our government representatives.”

First of all, the fact that he used the word ‘poppycock” to describe folks questioning his compensation makes me hate him right off the bat. And the extravagent compensation he receives for basically being an incompetent government worker … well that’s just icing on my cake of disgust.

Most members of Congress make about $174,000 a year. The median pay of a typical American worker that must produce in order to keep his job: $39,416. Members of Congress also enjoy premium health insurance and a retirement plan that is guaranteed, even if they only serve one term. Can you imagine working just six years then being guaranteed a sweet retirement plan? And that doesn’t even include the lucrative book, speaking and consulting gigs these guys land after leaving office.

This isn’t “poppycock”, my friends. This is bullshit! And the fact that these guys can continue to dismantle our freedoms and facilitate the destruction of this once great Democracy – and get paid for it – makes the whole thing infuriating.

So if Hank Johnson believes the words that I’ve published on this page are causing people to hate our selected Representatives, so be it. But the truth is many people hate politicians because most of them are nothing more than bureaucratic bums who don’t work a full week, and suck off the collective teat of the American taxpayer.

I have to admit I’m amazed this guy still has a job. I get that most voters are too stupid or enslaved by their party affiliations to look beyond the “Democrat” or “Republican” tag line on their ballot, but come on! This guy is just a mess. But that’s how it goes in Washington these days.Once you’re there, you can pretty much stay there – as long as you provide plenty of back-scratching for all the folks who get you there …

Hank Johnson is no exception. Sice first being elected back in 2006, Johnson has raised more than $2 million from special interests…

To be honest, I don’t really hate the guy. I don’t actually hate any of the incompetent bureaucrats squatting in the Halls of Congress. What I do hate is that most of these guys are not fit to repair the damage that’s been done to this country. Instead, they’re actually making it worse. So when Hank Johnson starts boasting about how he “earns” his salary and suggests that questioning his extremely generous compensation is somehow equated with facilitating hate against government officials, well, I’m sorry …

As far as I’m concerned, that’s grounds for dismissal. He’s basically suggesting that anyone questioning his compensation is questioning the authority of the government. And yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s exactly what all of us should be doing. It is not only our right, but our responsibility.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” And for the record, this “authority” is minimal at best. Don’t let these guys bully you into believing they have more than the Constitution allows. It is “we the people” who grant authority – and it remains “we the people” that can revoke it.

Live honorably, live free …

Jeff Siegel

As selfs Amerika gebuk gaan onder dom, korrupte en onbevoegde burokrate!


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Gister laatmiddag ‘n entjie gedraf. Nie te ver uit die dorp nie, want hierdie tyd van die jaar is donderweer-tyd. Die afgelope week is die humiditeit hoog en ‘n bietjie draf laat mens sweet. Tuis gekom is die buite-stort opgesoek om af te koel. Dis tussen die huis en die voertuigskuur, heeltemal privaat mits die deure toe is. Ek het net begin afdroog toe die eerste druppels op my skouers val en het haastig afgedroog om nie nat te reen nie.

Daarna het vroulief en ek op die stoep ‘n koue, ligte aandete geniet en die onweer gade geslaan.

Weens die wolke was dit vroeer as gewoonlik donker en eers toe ons die TV aansit val dit my by van die 20-20 wedstryd teen die ‘Black Caps’. Die besoekers het net begin kolf. Sommer met die intrap is my lae dunk van die Duckworth-Lewis formule weereens bevestig. Die Proteas het in 19 boulbeurte 165/5 gekry. Volgens die D-L formule moes N.Z. in 19 boulbeurte 169 lopies kry om te wen!! Dit sou ‘n wrang oorwinning wees as die besoekers op 166 lopies sou eindig en steeds verloor. Hulle het egter die vereiste 169 lopies met ‘n vier van die laaste bal gekry. Danksy Levy wat oudergewoonte met die kolf geflop het (sy temperament is beperk tot provinsiale vlak), Robin Peterson se twee ‘drops’ (“give the man a basket!”) en nuweling-bouler Phangiso, wat netsowel die bal vir die kolwers kon ge ‘toss” het. Faf het weereens sy kant met die kolf gebring. Waarom boulers se wydlopers, foutballe en bylopies nie teen hul boulsyfers getel word nie is duister.

Vanoggend half-twee het ek wakker geword met reen op die sinkdak, wat met tussenposes tot half-vyf aangehou het. Vanoggend was daar 9 mm in die meter, die lug steeds grou. Die nagtemperatuur was af tot 19 grade, die laagste in twee weke. Die hoogste temperatuur die somer, 33grade, is nog nie hierdie maand oortref nie.

Hit Parade: 25 Desember 1965

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1. California girls – Beach Boys (1)
2. Come back silly girl – Stuckatoes (2)
3. Hungry for love – Acads(5)
4. Hang on Sloopy – Macoys (6)
5. Stand beside me – Perry Como (3)
6. Only you my love – Murray Campbell (7)
7. If you gotta go, go now – Manfred Mann (4)
8. Amore Scuzame – Theo Cabellero (8)

‘California girls’ ewenaar ‘Goodbye my love’ se 6 weke op no.1.

Hierdie was die laaste Saterdag van 1965. Gedurende daardie jare het ek weekliks punte toegeken aan die ‘hits’ en musikante om hul gewildheid te vergelyk. No.1 het 10 punte verwerf, no.2 kry 8 punte, no.3 kry 7 punte, ens. tot no.8 wat 2 punte werd was. Na die eerste 18 maande was die stand onder musikante soos volg:

1. Beatles: 283 punte, 6 hits, 14 weke no.1 (5 hits)
2. Cliff Richard: 254 punte, 6 hits, 11 (3)
3. Rolling Stones: 219 punte, 6 hits, 2 (2)
4. Elvis Presley: 204 punte, 6 hits, 5 (3)
5. Gene Rockwell: 125 punte, 4 hits, 3 (1)
6. Tom Jones: 120 punte, 2 hits, 5 (2)
7. Murray Campbell: 101 punte, 2 hits, 6 (1)
8. Sandy Shaw: 98 punte, 3 hits, 2 (1)
9. Manfred Mann: 82 punte, 3 hits, 2 (1)
10. Bats: 81 punte, 3 hits, 1 (1)

21 Desember om middernag in Mexiko (Maya-kalender) is vanoggend 8vm hier. 22 Desember is die somersonstilstanddag (langste dag) in die Suidelike Halfrond en  moes die jaareinde gewees het, as ons nie met ‘n onpraktiese kalender  opgeskeep was nie. Dis ook die kortste dag in die Noordelike halfrond en was gepaard met die heidense Yule/Joel feestyd, wat later vervang is deur Kersfees (3 dae later as kamoefleuring).

Die grootste hits was:
1. Goodbye my love (Murray Campbell) 94 punte
2. California girls (Beach Boys) 79 punte*
3. I could easily fall (Cliff) 77 punte
4. I need you (Rick Nelson) 75 punte
5. What’s new Pussycat (Tom Jones) 72 punte
6. Satisfaction (Stones) 68 punte
7. Under the boardwalk (Stones) 66 punte
8. Constantly (Cliff ) 65 punte
9. A hard day’s night (Beatles) 64 punte
10. Torture (Gene Rockwell) 63 punte

Hit Parade: 18 Desember 1965

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Hierdie pos is reeds Donderdagaand getik, maar het as konsep vasgevries terwyl die ewige wieletjie gedraai het en my uurglas uitgeloop het.

Hierdie gereelde pos vir die naweek word vroeg geplaas, omdat daar weer ‘n kooltjie vuur gehaal moet word.

1. California girls – Beach Boys (1)
2. Come back silly girl – Stuckatoes (3)
3. Stand beside me – Perry Como (2)
4. If you gotta go, go now – Manfred Mann (4)
5. Hungry for love – Acads (nuut)
6. Hang on Sloopy – Macoys (8)
7. Only you my love – Murray Campbell (nuut)
8. Amore Scusame – Theo Cabellero (nuut)

Onder die 3 nuwelinge is Murray Campbell se opvolgtreffer na ‘Goodbye my love’, wat steeds die rekord hou met 6 weke in die eerste plek. ‘California girls’ blaas egter in sy nek na 5 weke op No.1.

Ek moet aanstons gaan aantrek vir die Interkaap-bus (sit hier voor die laptop in net ‘n PT-broek, aan’t afkoel na ‘n warm bad). Die liriek is daarom ook kort, ‘The French song’ van Lucille Starr (sou sy familie wees van die Beatle, ‘Ringo Starr?)

Now when the sun says “good day” to the mountains
And the night says “hallo” to the dawn
I’m alone with my dreams on a hill-top
I can still hear your voice, though you’re gone
I hear from my door the love songs through the wind
It brings back sweet memories of you
(die res van die lied in Frans)

Vanoggend vyfuur het die bus my weer in Pofadder besorg.

Hit Parade: 11 Desember 1965

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1. California girls – Beach Boys (1)
2. Stand beside me – Perry Como (2)
3. Come back silly girl – Stuckatoes (6)
4. If you gotta go, go now – Manfred Mann (7)
5. Houston – Dean Martin (8)
6. Tears – Kendaert (3)
7. What’s new Pussycat – Tom Jones (4)
8. Hang on Sloopy – Macoys (nuut)

‘California girls’ was nou reeds 4 weke op no.1. In die derde en vierde plekke was S.A. musikante.
Ek weet nie hoe lank ‘Blame it on the bossa nova’ bo was nie, maar die tweede week wat ek op die Hit Parade ingeskakel het in 1963 was  ‘I will follow him’ van Peggy Marsh die nuwe kampioen:

(mansstemme): du du du x3
I love you x3
And where you go
I’ll follow x3

I will follow him
Follow him wherever he may go
And near him I always will be
For nothing can keep me away
He is my destiny


I will follow him
Ever since he touched my heart I knew
There isn’t an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep
Keep me away


You’ll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
From now on and forever, forever, forever

Du du du ……… (mansstemme, al sagter)

‘n Verwerkte weergawe is gesing deur ‘n groep nonne in ‘n Woopy Goldberg-fliek wat ek dekades later op TV gesien het.


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Het my halfses vanoggend oudergewoonte tuisgemaak op ‘n kermisbed op die mat voor die TV, net nadat Ricky Ponting vir oulaas kom kolf het. Ek het duim vasgehou dat hy sy krieketloopbaan met ‘n goeie telling kon afsluit. Helaas, dit was hom nie beskore nie. As ek in Kallis se plek in die glippe gestaan het, sou ek die bal per ongeluk laat val het. Ek wonder of Kallis nie self effens spyt was nie. Ponting kan egter terugkyk op ‘n uitstekende rekord: die meeste lopies van alle Ozzie-kolwers en ‘n gemiddeld meer as 50.

S.A. se top vier, Smith, Amla , Kallis en de Villiers het almal ‘n geslaagde toer daar onder gehad. Ons het ook ‘n nuwe kolfheld in Faf gekry.

Net na sesuur het Skattebol by die stoepdeur ingekom en haar op my bors kom tuismaak. Ek moes verby haar kyk om die TV-skerm dop te hou. Sy het na ‘n tyd my hand gebyt om my aandag te trek. Vroulike diere hou nie daarvan om tweede viool te speel nie. Gedurende die winter moes ek dikwels my werk onderbreek, terwyl sy soos ‘n krimpvarkie op my arms voor my bors opgekrul het.