Critical Biodiversity Zones

24/03/2011 in Sonder kategorie

A few days ago, when I visited the local municipality office to pay the monthly rates and taxes, I noticed a map of the district showing ‘critical biodiversity zones’. One of these covers an area of some 20 000 hectares, which to me seems exactly the same as the adjacent hundred thousand square kilometers of semi-desert.

It reminds me of the early 1990’s when I was stationed on the Klerksdorp Goldfields. International mining magazines were circulated in the mine offices regularly. At the time, wherever Australian mining companies applied for mining or prospecting permits, the Aborigines objected on the grounds of  ‘sacred sites’ in the area applied for. One issue of the Australian magazine contained a cartoon depicting two Abo’s (with bones through their noses) sitting around a fire somewhere in the ‘outback’. The caption below read:”You know, proclaiming sacred sites is much like eating chinamen. About four hours after I have proclaimed a sacred site I feel like proclaiming another sacred site!” 

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