Breaking News: Two local law firms exposed!

Februarie 21, 2013 in Misdaad

Breaking News: Two local law firms exposed!

A garnishee order occurs when a court orders a debt to be deducted from your salary. This amount can be much more than the additional debt due to legal fees, interest etc. The pain caused by garnishee orders is beyond measure. There are people in this country with 60%-80% of their salary deducted unlawfully. The corruption behind garnishee orders is disgusting beyond disgusting.

Read this to see how some of it has been exposed:

Feel free to pop the exposed law firms an email. Ask them what they plan to do with their “prey” now that they have been exposed: [email protected] and[email protected].

6 antwoorde op Breaking News: Two local law firms exposed!

  1. Daardie ouens wat alreeds plat is, is idiale teikens vir hierdie tipe van uitbuiting. Hulle kan nie terugveg nie

  2. One of South Africa’s largest debt collections firms, Coombe and “Assholes” , is being fingered for widespread, systemic garnishee malpractice and abuse. ?

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