Question 1 to the bank, complete with explanation

Januarie 27, 2013 in Belasting, Misdaad

1. Am I indebted to the bank right now? (Please answer yes or no).
Obvious question, right? Wrong. In fact, your bank may well refuse to answer it.
Here’s why: If your loan has been securitised, then you are no longer indebted to your bank. If you are not indebted to your bank, then in our opinion, the bank cannot take judgement against you.
A recent judgment in the US (one of many similar judgments since 2008) has ordered banks to pay out US$8.5billion to consumers because of banking fraud. This is almost identical to what NewERA is seeking.
In the case of securitisation, your legal position with the bank has changed. Did your bank disclose securitisation to you? Do you even know what it means? Probably not. Therefore, you should therefore seek recourse and together with NewERA we may follow the success of other countries.
Also, if the bank does answer “yes” to this question, and it turns out that your loan has been securitised, then it is our opinion that the bank has placed itself in a position of fraud and quite possibly perjury. This could lead to criminal action against the bank and possible recourse for you.

8 antwoorde op Question 1 to the bank, complete with explanation

  1. Huh? Ekskuus, ek’s te dom.

  2. tina10 het gesê op Januarie 27, 2013

    Laat ‘n mens mos nou wonder.

    • Jip, maar wonder help niks as jy nie aksie neem nie. Vra gerus die vraag en ander wat ek gaan plaas aan jou bank en sien self hoe hulle duck en dive.

  3. Net ‘n vraag: as ons regstelsel nie eens behoorlik moordenaars agter tralies kan kry nie, hoe gemaak om jou Bank aan die pen te laat ry?

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