A different view on the looting in Sasolburg

Januarie 22, 2013 in Misdaad, RSA politiek

By Mike Smith 
21st of January 2013 

If you for one moment believe that the recent chimpout in Sasolburg is about the Lumpenproletariat feeling unhappy about plans to merge Sasolburg into the Ngwathe local municipality, under which Parys falls, then you are probably a liberal twat. 

If you even for one moment believe it is even a “Protest” then you should seriously get yourself checked for a bad case of Liberalitis. 

This is blatant criminal behavior of uncivilized creatures looting and ransacking businesses in town for no apparent reason. 

Watch the video for yourself. 

I say “no apparent reason”, for that is how it will be perceived by the masses slurping up the liberal junk portrayed in the MSM every day. 

Sasolburg is a test run of what is coming to a town near YOU…very soon. 

All those little towns like Paulpietersburg, Piet Retief, Klerksdorp, etc with three sleeping policemen, should take note how the police in Sasolburg did NOTHING and allowed the Noble Savages to run amok and loot to their hearts content.

That is the reality of South Africa. People are living in denial of the coming catastrophe. They see Sasolburg, Marikana and De Doorns as unconnected and isolated incidents and refuse to see the bigger strategy of the Marxist scum in control of the country. 

Apart from a few people, how many whites have even two weeks of food and water stocked up? How many have studied a map of their town and planned escape routes when the main arteries are closed off?

In Sasolburg now, they called the parents to come and collect their children from school, because these violent creatures were climbing over the fences. What when the cell phone masts are cut down, mother and father at their respective jobs, children at school and the attack comes during the day?

Where and how are you going to get your family together?

6 antwoorde op A different view on the looting in Sasolburg

  1. tina10 het gesê op Januarie 22, 2013

    Ek verstaan dit nie… die dienste sal mos maar ewe treurig wees.

  2. Bruggie het gesê op Januarie 22, 2013

    Nee , magtig, debat op hierdie vlak is gevaarlik. Ja, tonele van looting is ontstellend, daarom moet ons pro-aktief optree en planne maak. Alle weerbare, vredelikwende mans kan vra vir opleiding en inlywing by onlusbeheer eenhede. Nie voor die voet skiet nie. Waterkanonne, traanrook. Nooit moet dit weer n Wit/Swart ding word nie . Winkels moet sluit met sterk diefwering.
    Om n opruiende blog te skryf is maklik.

    • Dit is ‘n wit/swart ding, of ons daarvan hou of nie. Swartes maak droog in die geval en wittes kla met goeie reg.

      • bruggie het gesê op Januarie 23, 2013

        Dit maak saak hoe die Wittes kla. Nie alle Swartes is idiote nie. Skel en beledig gooi olie op die vuur.
        Niemand baat by oorlog en uitroei nie.

        • Ek stem saam, party, ‘n klein minderheid, is nie idiote nie. Die gebeure in RSA wys dit duidelik en dis duidelik dat die meerderheid wel idiote is om nog steeds vir die ANC te stem. Dis nie ‘n belediging nie, net ‘n feit.

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