Bankers beware, you are being weighed….

Julie 31, 2012 in Sonder kategorie

Former CEO & Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Arrested in Ireland


In Iran, four bankers have been sentence to death.


Yesterday, the CEO of Standard Bank lied through his teeth and subsequently this Business Live article has been “cyber-stormed” with a flurry of comments exposing the truth.–bank-chief?mode=all.

and here is a few comments on this okes spin:

bengine Jul 30, 2012

“Referring to the hostility and loss of trust the banking system overseas” – and in SA. The only reason the banks here have not been under the same pressure is that in SA they have (through the media and spin) managed to hide their activities from the general population. 

waldo Jul 30, 2012

Its only a matter of time … these fat cats will soon be exposed for what they really are, playing on peoples ignorance. This is a worldwide issue & no large banking institution is innocent as they have all comitted fraud & broken various other laws & gotten away with it for far too long until now.

scottyc Jul 30, 2012

How can Mr Maree stand up and lie through his teeth like this? Standard Bank’s own words show that the size of the securitisation market in 2012 is set to be R25 billion. They own SA Homeloans for crying out loud – the entire book is funded by derivatives! For 20 years, banks have been playing the “casino” game with securitisation in South Africa, causing hudreds of millions of illegal foreclosures. They have just been sued by the New Economic Rights Alliance for this very reason!!! Jaco Maree, you are DISGUSTING. To make a public comment like this you would have to be either a despicable liar, or you and your banking buddies are more desperate than you want people to know.

Con-Tester Jul 30, 2012

What Mr Maree ignores, conveniently so it seems, is that even if SA banks’ lending practices are somehow morally superior to those in the US and Europe, it hardly exonerates the SA banks from the scurrilous activities they’re engaged in locally. It’s like saying, “Hey, look at that lot over there, they steal much more than we do.” In short, Mr Maree is being disingenuous, delusional, deflective or deliberately deceitful — perhaps even all of the preceding. 

bane-of-the-bank Jul 30, 2012

Let’s test this man’s integrity. I have will file my commercial affidavits against 3 lending institutions this week asking them some hard questions that I know they can’t answer. I think I will include this ‘VIP’ in my list and get his response/ lack of response on record and mail it to all the radio/ tv stations and newspaper outlets. Howzat wanker, I mean banker!

Blikskottel: Knows that soon the truth will make many people get hurt

8 antwoorde op Bankers beware, you are being weighed….

  1. TS het gesê op Julie 31, 2012

    mmmm daar is baie skelms in die wêreld

  2. een van die groot kokkedore in SA banking se familielid het nou die dag ‘n syfer genoem wat die man verdien! Dis daylight robbery

  3. loudavisi het gesê op Julie 31, 2012

    O genade!
    Matras toe met my geldjies…

  4. Neander het gesê op Julie 31, 2012

    Jaco!!?? Nooit.

  5. Ek kannie wag dat hy en elke ander bankier sy dag kry nie.

  6. Solank dit goud is en nie stukkies papier nie.

  7. Ja en hy word betaal om onreg te laat geskied.

  8. Absoluut, maar bankiers, politici en die regs beroep wat hulle beskerm is bo aan my lysie. Natuurlik is daar eerlikes ook, maar hulle bly stil om hul eie inkomste te beskerm en dis baie siek.

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