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Reminder of reality in RSA

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Please check out this link. I also have family member who are cops and this touches me deeply.


2012-06-11 22:00

Johannesburg – An elderly couple has been attacked on their farm near Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal, police said on Monday.

Captain Thulane Zwane said the 79-year-old farmer and his wife, 76, survived the assault by four men in their house.

Both were being treated in a local hospital.

Zwane said three firearms were stolen.

Agricultural union TAU SA said this was the 53rd farm attack in the country since the beginning of the year.


10111-emergency SAPS call-centers manned by personnel untrained in any police work, warns ex-police commissioner Dr Johan Burger:

Ex SAPS commissioner Dr Johan Burger: ‘many workers at 10111-emergency phones are not trained cops and even ask complainants for their phone numbers so that they can call them back to get directions to the crime-scenes…’ “Even if you did get a reply at the SA emergency 10111 call-centres, your still is ‘only half-won’ at that point, commented ex-SAPS commissioner, now Institute of Security Studies senior advisor Dr Johan Burger: “Many of the people working at the 10111 emergency call-centres are not trained police officers – and many police officers complain to me about the poor quality of responses at 10111,’ he told Rapport newspaper. “Things now are so bad that the call-centre personnel ask the complainants’ telephone numbers so that they can get the proper directions to a crime scene. This means that the telephone lines – meant only for emergency calls – are being overloaded and abused and this causes a lot of people to get into trouble because they cannot reach 10111 in time. Now people increasingly rely on neighbourhood-watches and private security companies and it’s a good idea to join them, especially after yo can’t get any responses from the police after trying them first’.


Afrikaner ex-headmaster Christof Gouws; wife Helena attacked: nothing robbed, Ugie – WIFE STABBED TO DEATH, he critical

Ex-headmaster Christof Gouws, wife Helena, attacked at their Plein Street, Ugie, East Cape home: she’s stabbed to death; he’s critical in hospital: Retired Afrikaner headmaster Christof Gouws & wife Helena attacked, Sunday June102012 01h45: Plein Street home, Ugie, East Cape: wife stabbed to death. SAPS capt Roeloff confirms attack: possibly two black male attackers broke open back door and stabbed the elderly couple. Mrs Helena Gouws died of her wounds. Her husband is in critical condition at the MacLear Hospital. Capt Roeloffs said it appeared ‘as if nothing was robbed.’ The SAPS K9 unit was called in to help track the attackers. “We are investigating and nobody has thus far been arrested,’ he said the same day at 17h00. Attack confirmed by MaroelaNews journalist Sune van Heerden. http://maroelamedia.co.za/blog/nuus/ugie-skoolhoof-se-vrou-sterf-in-aanval/


Afrikaner woman Arina Muller, 29, shot dead at smallholding – nothing robbed: SAPS seeks 8 black males:

June 11 2012 – The father of Mrs Arina Muller, 29, who was shot dead by eight black males who fled without stealing anything on June 6 2012 at their Mnandi, Centurion smallholding, have thus far heard nothing from the police officer investigating the murder.,he said.

Blikskottel: Just needed to remind people of some bad realities in the new RSA.

A little bit of history…and then a question or two.

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South African history:

I recall reading about the infamous Zulu King Shaka. His armies subdued, raped, tortured and killed most of the other tribes in South Africa around the beginning of the 1800’s. If someone dared to have a different opinion on anything, he’d have them impaled outside the “City”.

For two years after his mother, Nandi, died, all women who fell pregnant were killed with their husbands. Nobody was allowed to sow any crops for two years or drink any milk. Cattle were slaughtered. According to records, 7000 people were killed, because they didn’t mourn his mothers death sufficiently. Surprise, surprise, famine followed.

Source: Shaka -Wikipedia


The white South African government were condemned for not giving black people the vote since the beginning of the 1900’s. But if you think about it clearly, would you have given power to nations(people) that did this sort of thing less than a hundred years ago, without batting an eye lid?

Would Europeans and Americans give power to such people in their countries? I think not, but they allowed it in RSA, the question is why?

Blikskottel: have asked this to many Yanks and Europeans and most were brutally honest in that they would never allow it.

How the word racism, used in RSA, has changed in meaning

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In South Africa, the word racist has lost its original meaning and now only gets used to describe a white person doing something a black person doesn’t like. You never hear it used in any other context.

You can’t say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won’t hire white people, no – he’s just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE.

You can’t call a university racist because they won’t accept an application from a white student with straight A’s for 8 subjects – instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they’re not racist; they’re just correcting the wrongs of the past.

But God forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you’ll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say “colour shouldn’t be the issue here” because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa.

Then I found this one just for a good laugh:

Blikskottel: Laughs at people who play silly word games to hide the truth.

Who said the Gautrain project had no corruption

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The Mail & Guardian can reveal the first evidence suggestive of bribery in the R26-billion Gautrain contract. More than a quarter of a billion rand was paid as “commission” to a shadowy Tunisian fixer. The money came from Canadian multinational Bombardier Transportation, the lead partner in the Bombela consortium that won the tender in 2005 to build and operate the Gauteng rapid-rail system. Although there is no specific evidence of onward flow to politicians and officials, the Bombardier payment is remarkably similar to the billion rand in commissions – which investigators regard in part as intended bribes – splurged by Britain’s BAE Systems during the controversial arms deal.


People really need to wake up and realize that no large government project in RSA will ever be without corruption. The ANC is corrupt to the core and Zuma has also made it clear that in effect he has no problem with politicians doing business and getting rich from government projects. In effect he thus condones what most nromally thinking people will see and recognize as corrupt practices.

Blikskottel: Cannot wait to find out more.

Interview with a hijacker

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Car Hijacker explains how it is done- it is well worth reading!!!!

“HIJACKING MADE EASY – Repentant Car Hijacker Explains How it is Done”

Q. 1: Are most cars hijacked on order by syndicates?

Answer: Yes, I would get a phone call to deliver a certain type of car by a certain deadline, and then we’d go out and search for one. If they needed it quickly, I would hijack. If I had a bit more time I’d steal a parked car, as it was safer.

Q. 2: Which types of vehicles are the most popular amongst hijackers? 

Answer: We would get orders to steal just about anything. Double-cab bakkies, any make, were in very high demand. Also, “G-strings” (BMW 3-series), Polo’s, Mercedes and Toyotas. I’d get paid a lot more for a double-cab, around R16 000, but only about R500 to R6 000 for a car

If it was an expensive car like the “Anaconda” (BMW 7-series) I could get about 15 grand, though.

Q. 3: Which cars have the lowest hijack risk? 

Answer: There’s no such thing. There’s a demand for all sorts of cars, old and new. If the vehicle isn’t sold then it’s stripped for spares.

The only thing there isn’t really an interest in is expensive exotics.

I once stole a Ferrari from a garage just for fun, drove it around for a while and then left it back at the garage.

Q. 4: Do most of the cars that aren’t’t stripped end up beyond our borders? 

Answer: No, a lot stay in the country. They are given new identities, re-registered and sold here.

Q. 5: How effective are modern anti-theft and tracking systems?

Answer: When I was stealing cars three years ago, most of them were a joke. I could break into almost any car and drive it away within minutes. Some cars were very advanced and a lot of works to steal though like Volvos. With tracking systems, it was usually very easy to find where the device was hidden. While one guy drove the car, his accomplices would strip the interior looking for the tracker’s hiding place. Then sometimes we’d place the tracking unit into a taxi and trick the police and the helicopters into following the taxi. Nowadays the tracking systems are getting a lot better though, with quicker response times, and towards the end I nearly got caught a couple of times.

Q. 6: How did you learn how to override these high-tech systems?

Answer: Experience, and learning from other car thieves. We all shared information. I! f I was having difficulty with a particular car, sometimes I ‘ d dress up nicely and go to a dealer posing as a customer.

I’d ask the salesman how good the anti-theft system was on that car and he would give me all the details.

Q. 7: What was your hijacking modus operandi?

Answer: We would get people in their driveways, on the way to work or on their way home. Rainy weather is the best time to steal cars. When it’s raining it makes it more difficult for the tracking helicopters to find you.

Q. 8: In a hijacking did you normally go for soft targets like women?

Answer: No, I could take on anyone. I was a professional. Some people wore guns but never got a chance to use them as I was too fast. I’d stick my gun right in their faces and they wouldn’t’t give me any trouble.

That’s why I never shot or hurt anyone; I was against that. A friend of mine sometimes shot people he hijacked and he used to wake up with nightmares.

Q. 9: Which area s did you target?

 Answer: Any white suburb, it didn’t’t matter. I never stole in the townships because people were poor there. I also didn’t’t rob black people.

Q 10: Is that because you don’t like whites?

Answer: No, it’s because darkies are dangerous. If you rob them, they go to a sangoma who would “take care” of you.

Q. 11: How much money did you make?

Answer: A lot, but I wasted it all. It was easy come, easy go. Some money would go to police and judges and prison officials in bribes. I got caught a few times but was never convicted. Bribing a police officer to lose a docket cost about R2 000 to R5 000. The only time I spent in jail was awaiting trial. Then I’d bribe the prison guard to help me escape.

Q. 12: Is this the norm, or were you lucky?

Answer: I knew how to find the loopholes and beat the system. Some of my friends were caught and convicted to 8 or 12 years or more.

Q. 13: What made you stop crime?

Answer: I saw I had nothing to show for all those years. I felt guilty for what I’d done and wanted to achieve something in my life. That’s why I do community work persuading other people not to do crime, and I ‘ m also a fashion designer. I ‘ m struggling with money now. My sewing machine broke and I can’t afford to fix it, but I won’t go back to crime. That life is a stupid life.

Q. 14: What is your advice to motorists to avoid hijacking?

Answer: Look out for people following you. Some hijackers spot a car they want and follow the person home. Be aware. If you’re suspicious, make a few false turns and see if that car is still behind you. If it is, drive to a police station.

Blikskottel: Believe these idiots should be given life sentences with hard forced labour.

Church leaders like these make me sick.

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Blikskottel: Knows that evil can be found everywhere and racists as well.