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Mei 12, 2012 in Sonder kategorie

For me this is an ultimate oxymoron:

Existance of a democratic republic.

A republic should be a constitutional republic on a true constitution where the rights of the individual is entrenched and protected against any mob rule.

People in South Africa are proud to say we live in a democracy, while the majority (via their elected leaders) says we are going to do this against you and you don’t have any say in it. Is this not in effect what is happening in the e-toll saga, the petrol price determination and in most legislation forced on us?


Democracy is what causes taxpayers to have no say in how their taxes is spent.


Blikskottel: Find no reason to support any form of government, except a true republic.

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  1. frikve het gesê op Mei 12, 2012

    I agree. Such a large majority in parliament boils down to a form of dictatorship – where you have to curtail the governoment’s domination by means of the justice system – as long as the latter is still functioning – – – – .
    That is why certain factions in the government will do their utmost to get the constitutional court and the justice system under their control.

  2. TS het gesê op Mei 12, 2012

    Dis net ‘n droom dink ek

  3. Loergaatjie het gesê op Mei 12, 2012

    Dit voel vir my of dit maar oral so gaan. Minderheidsgroepe ly gewoonlik

  4. hulle doen dit soos wat Ol blue eyes gesing het – their way.

  5. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 13, 2012

    Ons grootste probleem is massas mense wat nie ‘n clue het oor ware vryheid nie.

  6. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 13, 2012

    Seker, maar dis die verkeerde way.

  7. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 13, 2012

    Dit maak dit nognie reg nie. Ons moet dit teenstaan en op ons regte staan. Ons verklaar dit doodeenvoudig, ons hoef nie eers te vra nie. Niemand kan jou ingebore regte afneem sonder jou uitdruklike toestemming nie.

  8. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 13, 2012

    Ja dalk soos in nagmerrie.

  9. Lisaman het gesê op Mei 13, 2012

    Governments are the same in most coutries of the world!! We should as citizens say a lot more!!

  10. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 15, 2012

    As a citizen, you are screwed and will never win. As a human being, thus sovereign free man or woman, under common law and with all your rights intact, you are free.

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