Free “dom” mania

Maart 28, 2012 in Sonder kategorie

It’s Freemania out there at the moment, with alll sorts of new Freeman on the Land type arguments and youtube clips popping up.

Firstly, check out this Freeman on the Land type of argument, recently placed on the Irish government by an “activist.” It seems that a promissory note was used by the Irish Government to allow their Central Bank to produce a $31 billion loan. This loan would have come out of thin air (because that’s where banks get their money from), but yet the Irish people have to pay it back with interest (because that’s where the banks get their human energy from). This is a classic “freeman” argument, except that a true freeman would just say “why not just ask for a bill of exchange and accept the whole debt for value? They gave you paper, so give them paper back!” This case, however, is a little different. The activist claims that the Irish government does not have the approval from the people to sign this note and thus it is unconstitutional. Of course this story will be swept under the rug (which means it is probably true), but one should keep an eye out for updates. See it here:

Meanwhile South Africa is in the international news as part of a BRICS consortium set on replacing the US dollar with a new Chinese currency. I guess it’s now totally official who’s side we’re on now. Goodbye Baywatch, hello ?????????,???????????!

See here:

Comedian / Freeman Robert Menard is back! He’s just uploaded a whole bunch of new videos to youtube:

It seems that 702 has a ‘freedom of speech’ screener that screens all callers before they go on air. Is this weird or what? (See unconfirmed Facebook post below). This clip has received 1,4 million views and is a funny (but very real) explanation of how the US government deals with debt. It’s a must watch:

Finally, if the Illuminati really do exisit, then Iceland must be the ant-illuminati because they continue to laugh in the face of debt. If everyone just followed Iceland, I think nobody would care about global debt anymore:

Wall Street are criminals when it comes to mortgages – here is another example:

Your fridge may be spying on you. (Would the JJC lie about something like this???)

Blikskottel: Does not trust the fridge anymore.

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  2. Lisaman het gesê op April 1, 2012

    Do you think I need to buy a new fridge!!

  3. Blikskottel het gesê op April 1, 2012

    First read all you can to see if it might turn into an enemy weapon.

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