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In support of Michael Tellenger's move to petition the Concourt
We need 20,000 supporters and can only reach this goal if you
spread the word. 
Please ask colleagues to check just one box on this page:

Due to the complex nature of what our non-profit organisation does
and stands for,  we thought it prudent to begin with an extract from 
our constitution, we thought it  prudent to begin with an extract from
 our constitution.


        4. Our Path

The New Economic Rights Association is a non-profit organisation
that realises the complexity of the banking industry. 
We are a team of lawyers,  entrepreneurs and ordinary people who
study the intricate workings of money and money lending. 
The complexity of the system is aggravated by three things:

         * Lack of transparency of banking procedures.

        * Interests of international investors and other service providers
	are placed above the constitutional rights of South Africans.
        * The government, the courts and the legal profession, being
	creatures of statute, are unwillingly hindered by these interests.

        With this framework in mind, objectives of The New Economic Rights
	Association are clear:

         * Demystify the financial sector and, in plain and simple language,
	teach it to the people.
         * Identify core problems with the financial system and spearhead
	its restructure.
         * Provide an interim shield against home foreclosures

Blikskottel: Knows that the truth always will lead to victory.

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  1. Dit sal burger oorlog afgee.

  2. Dis so, maar die volskaalse ene…dis hy wat sal kom.

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