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Na Mulder se grondbesit uitsprakie en Zuma se tirade

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Raakgelees op ‘n ander blog:

In February 2012, the ANC leaders claimed – inaccurately – that 80% of all the land still belongs to ‘the whites’.

However – according to a March 2011 land-registry survey summary to parliament, the SA State already owned 64,976 of the 85,000 (+) ‘white’ commercial farms and 5,448 agri-holdings registered as ‘white owned” in 1994 – but the ANC-regime doesn’t know the exact extent of its own state-land holdings because its Land Registry Records do not include the 41% of the total SA land surface of 1,214,470 sq km which used to be the independent tribal homelands – where millions of black people still farm and have settlements today. All this tribal land now is also owned by the State although not lodged in any land-registries…


2011: Only 14,000 privately-owned, registered commercial farms remain on the taxpayers-registry:
However what this careful survey of the disreputable records in the SA Deeds Registration Office did reveal, was that there’s considerably more land owned by the State than they realise: that from the original 85,000 privately-owned food-producing farms in the hands of ‘white’ owners –  (“Boer farms”) , only about 14,000 farms and smallholdings in 2010 were registered at the SA Revenue Office as being  revenue-producing ‘white-owned commercial agricultural sites’- all the other farms are in the hands of the State, including of course all the former homelands, municipalities, huge parcels of unused military land, etc.


Blikskottel wonder waarom daar nog nooit ‘n ordentlike grondbesit oudit gedoen nie. Ons het tog oorgenoeg studente en proffies wat so iets kan doen en dan onpartydig en wetenskaplik uitsluitsel kan gee oor die saak. My gevoel is dat dit gladnie die politieke doelstellings en ideologie van die ANC sal bervoordeel nie en daarom sal dit nooit met politieke ondersteuning gedoen word nie. Selfs al word dit sonder politieke inmenging gedoen sal hulle waarskynlik dit afmaak met verskeie verskonings.


Blikskottel: Wonder eerder of ons kan bekostig om NIE sulke opnames te maak nie.

America, the number 1?

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Most Americans are familiar with the oft-chanted phrase, “We‘re #1!”


How can we argue with them as this is true in many ways.


#1 in government debt and deficits

#1 in unfunded liabilities, most importantly Medicare and Social Security

#1 in building and maintaining the biggest WMD stockpile in the world

#1 in weapon sales to foreign governments

#1 in bombs dropped and missiles fired on other nations

#1 in causing civilian casualties and property destruction

#1 in “defense” spending – about as much as all other countries combined

#1 in lawyers per capita, with over 1.1 million total

#1 in law suits filed – millions and millions every year

#1 in political lobbyists, special interest groups and campaign donations

#1 in taxpayer bailouts of the politically connected “too big to fail” corporations

#1 in people imprisoned – “The United States has 4% of the world‘s population and 25% of the world‘s incarcerated population.” –Wikipedia

Blikskottel: Knows that the normal American people are the loosers in their own country.

Cape Town City wants to crush freedom of expression

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Cape Town City wants to crush freedom of expression.

It proposes a PROHIBITIVE permit system that will stop micro (one photographer, one model) photo shoots on beaches.


Blikskottel…hates this type of pettiness.

Take note: You are not free!

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On the 14th February, 2012 we will be supporting Anthea at the Simons Town magistrate court where she takes a stand for freedom against the corporate monsters that have taken over our land and that bind us, seemingly without choice to the banking cartels that shackle this world.

Come join us…

This is Anthea’s Affidavit of Truth:


In the name of freedom, for myself and all mankind.

Gandhi says: “You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it, means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.”

The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People vs. The Banks” – Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England -1875


I came to the court here a few Tuesdays ago, and got taken into the back office with the prosecutor and judge to be told that if I did not appear on the 14th February 2012, the punishment would be 6 months imprisonment! In my book that threat is intimidation and blackmail, as I have not committed a crime and there is no contract on which to adjudicate! 

Should I abide by the rules until they are changed or help speed the change by breaking them – as Desmond Tutu says: “if you see injustice and say nothing, you have taken the side of the oppressor.”

The winds of change are blowing and a new Earth is being born, and it is the darkest hour before the dawn. 
“As more and more people stand up for their natural inalienable rights, the tide begins to turn. But the truth is that I am just one voice. Right now, there are people out there, hundreds, thousands, millions of them behind computers deciphering legal gibberish, or huddled on icy street corners in the middle of the night brandishing placards and signs of change as the ‘Occupy Movement’ and other peaceful freedom movements takes hold.”

Through the process that has lead me to this understanding, I have researched and discovered, some things that I SIMPLY cannot ignore, if I Am to live, to the best of my ability, with Courage, Truth, Integrity and the Love and concern I have for God and my fellowman, and all life on this planet, untarnished. 

We all have a free will choice to consent to being governed.
 When we do that, then we’ve given to the government and its agents, permission to use their authority over us. So when we use our free will to apply for or to register for something, we gave permission to create a corporation to interact between a man and the system and it’s that corporation that the system acts upon. But because we don’t know who we are, we assume or we think that that is us!
I know that in order for a contract to be binding, all parties need to be in agreement, and in order for there to be a valid agreement between the parties, there must in principle be both consensus and expressed (declared) agreement between parties (ref: Juta – Students guide to the LAW OF CONTRACT 2nd Edition).

On the 22rd of March 2011, and on numerous occasions subsequent to that, I clearly asked for proof of contract between the company, the CITY OF CAPE TOWN (also traded as CAPE TOWN MUNICIPALITY – see attached documentation and from Dun and Bradstreet – irrefutable evidence that this is true) and myself (the living, breathing, woman with blood in her veins, life breath in her lungs and love in her heart!)

The point of asking this question was simply because I do not understand the demands of the company CITY OF CAPE TOWN (also traded as CAPE TOWN MUNICIPALITY) are making upon me, and wish to act according to the agreed terms and conditions. I asked to be furnished with proof of contract as I do not recall signing one with this corporation!

Therefore I accept the consensus by acquiescence from the Representatives of the CITY OF CAPE TOWN (also traded as CAPE TOWN MUNICIPALITY) of the undeniable fact that no lawful contract exists and that they are acting negligently, fraudulently, and deceitfully.

So when we take a look at our credit card or take a look at our driver’s license, or our birth certificate or any of that type of stuff, most people, including myself, thought that that was actually ‘me’, and that’s not true, as I NEVER gave my CONSENT to be that legal substance or ‘person’.

So, when the courts are acting upon it, all they can really act upon is the ‘corporation’ (definition: a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law) or the ‘legal substance’. 
The only reason they can act upon the ‘man/woman or living being’ is because we unwittingly agreed to be the representative of that corporation (ID number) and as such, we bind ourselves to the terms and conditions of that agreement.

But we can say NO at any time! Which is what I Am doing! Because it is a SICK system and I WILL NOT BE PART OF IT!
So if we are to head down this ‘road less traveled’ to free ourselves from fear, government control, and reliance on public energy and food supply, we have to the best of our ability to start the journey into sovereignty, taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE BEHAVE.
We are NOT our Names in our ID books – we cannot be, we are living breathing human beings, and we did not sign any CONTRACT WITH THE CORPORATION: THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA – our parents ‘registered’ our birth as a means of identification in the system they were in at that time – but we never signed anything – they did, unwittingly.
I have made some discoveries that according to my research, which has not been taken lightly, are all verifiable and true, and I ask this court to please provide PROOF TO THE CONTRARY, ON EVERY SINGLE POINT MENTIONED BELOW:

Firstly, ‘The Republic of South Africa’, and the ‘City of Cape Town’ ‘Parliament of South Africa’ are listed companies, not the geographical land that most people think. The company the Republic of South Africa, has a business address: Embassy of the RSA 3051 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington DC – it has a mailing address in Pretoria.
All this is verifiable if you choose to go to the Dun & Bradstreet website and search. Attached copy.

I have discovered that in 1944 after the signing of the Bretton Woods agreement, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Central World Bank was formed. It was the start of the monetary control of the world. TheBretton Woods system of monetary management established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world’s major industrial states in the mid 20th century. The Bretton Woods system was the first example of a fully negotiated monetary order intended to govern monetary relations among independent corporate nation-states. On August 15, 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the dollarto gold. As a result, The Bretton Woods system officially ended and the dollar became fully ‘fiat currency,’ (a decree) backed by nothing but the promise of the federal government.” These ‘promissory notes’ no longer exist and there is nothing backing money. Look on your notes and you will see this.

I have discovered that ALL MONEY is created by private BANKS – not Governments – Banks create money out of thin air, by LENDING this MONEY THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE, it is called ‘CREDIT’ – it is a simple bookkeeping entry – money does not exist. From this we can deduce that ALL MONEY is CREATED BY and BASED ON DEBT and does not exist, so why do we have to pay for it?!

I have discovered that virtually every national problem, in every so called ‘country’ around the world, depression, recession, war, assassinations have been planned, caused, instigated and implemented by the International Banksters, which can be traced back to a few families – in an attempt to establish a central bank in every country of the world, which has been in effect, done – There are very few politicians that have stood their ground, and bravely ridden the wave of terror and intimidation which goes with that. 99% have succumbed, and have been caught in the net of selfishness and greed, as they are lured into the system of control for the sake of feathering their own nests. Libya being a typical example of standing their ground – Gadhafi held out to the very end before being assassinated. Libya did not belong to the World Bank; Gadhafi resisted this to his death. He vowed to his people that every single Libyan would get a house, and he would not even give his parents one until he has fulfilled his promise! It was a country where there was no interest charged on borrowed money, there was no income tax or VAT – housing, education, electricity, medical assistance was all free, there was no inflation – the people participated in the wealth of the country in the form of a % payment of all the oil sold. There was no poverty and prices of commodities did not skyrocket, making people poor and afraid. The Government controlled the money supply, through local private banks, not connected to the World Bank or IMF and Libya had no foreign debt – its reserves amount to approximately $150 billion, which are now frozen globally. Corrupt media smeared Gadhafi’s name – his people loved him and it was good, and people were happy. Please look at the latest report from an excellent and courageous independent British Journalist, Lizzie Phelen, who has no vested interest:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3SU9…layer_embedded


I have discovered that virtually every corporate country in the world, save a very few, belong to and are controlled by the World Bank and the IMF and use these assets (persons, businesses, property) in their balance sheets as a means to secure loans. 

I have discovered that we are all held in bondage, some more or less than others, but every one of us to some extent, by the FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM, which allows Private Banks to extend their lending capacity up to 9 x that of which they have in their asset portfolio. This is controlled by the Central Bank – the World Bank and IMF that is controlled by a handful of private bankers – we are FORCED to use debt-based money – and pay INTEREST on something that does not exist.
The controllers of the Central Banks decide when there will be a recession or depression – by reducing the amount of ‘credit’ (debt money) in the system. Overdrafts are called in, money is not readily available to borrow – it is happening right now in RSA and the rest of the world. 

Contrary to what The Constitution or the Bill or Rights may try and lead us to believe, the administrators of this corporation known at Republic of South Africa (Company registration no. 0000932419 – it has an address: 300 E 42nd Street – New York USA) does not have the welfare of the people who are currently residing on the southern African land at heart – they are traitors of the worst order. 

This corporation, deceitfully forces us, as there is no contract in place, although they would lead us to believe differently, through terror, intimidation, incarceration and fines to comply with its necessary rules and regulations, in order that it may pay back its debts with the Central Banks – World Bank and IMF – failure to do this would result in bankruptcy. 

ALL AND EVERYTHING BOILS DOWN TO THE SELFISHNESS AND GREED AND THE CONTROL OF WEALTH OF A FEW AT THE TOP OF THE BANKING LADDER. It is CRIMINAL in the true sense of the word. It is the source of all wars and heinous crimes against humanity.

The majority of the people in this so called ‘country’ are impoverished not because they don’t want to work, but because there is a shortage of jobs at them moment, because a cold, calculated decision has been taken to reduce the so called ‘money’ in circulation. Many people here and around the world are desperate, as they are loosing their jobs, their homes, their businesses and their means to function in this sick society that WE have allowed to come into being. The insistence of the banks to get us to fill in the FICA forms is an outright violation of our right to freedom, privacy and interference in our personal affairs. But we are FORCED to do it if we need to function in commerce. Which most do.

The employees of the corporation The RSA, are not acting in the interests of its people and we do not have to comply with its rules and regulations, in the form of statutes or acts, as we never CONTRACTED TO DO SO. We do not have to pay the taxes imposed on us, we do not have to obtain written approval for the buildings we erect, we do not have to register our children at birth, we do not have to have driving licenses and renew them every 5 years – we don’t have to do any of these things that add to their balance sheet and keep their company afloat. Do we get paid for the work we do for this company? Do we get paid for collecting their money from fellow corporations in the form of VAT? For there to be a contract there needs to be an exchange and an agreement – there is neither of these.

Registration, the definition in the Blacks Law Dictionary is: “the act of recording and enrolling of property and chattels” – where have we agreed to register our children, homes, land, buildings, businesses and chattels with this company? WHERE IS THE SIGNED CONTRACT?

ACT: National Road Traffic Act
Chapter 4, subsection 24: “Department of State may issue learner’s or driving license to person in it employment only” – clearly indicating that we are ALL employees of the company known as the Republic of South Africa (Company registration no. 0932419 – it has an address: 300 E 42nd Street – New York USA) – BUT THERE IS NO CONSENT AND THERE IS NO CONTRACT. IT IS FRAUDULENT.

Corporate Governments around the world, including our Corporate Government of The RSA, have the ability, through the ignorance of the people – who are NOT TOLD THE TRUTH – to impoverish, terrorize, enslave and ultimately murder the people, and this is what they are doing!

I have discovered all corporations, known as countries are beholden to the International Banking cartel. They have to submit a balance sheet like every other company that has agreed to so this, and their assets are the citizens (ID numbers) and the REGISTERED properties and companies in that corporation.

I have discovered that the ‘legal’ entity or substance identifiable by an ID number (which most people think they are, but are not) is a negotiable instrument and are important to this corporate country, as it forms a very important part of its assets. This negotiable instrument or ‘corporation’ in its own right, is set up the moment every parent unwittingly registers, and thereby contracts on behalf of their child with this corporate company. This also applies to anybody who registers their property, company or anything else – we then have to PAY money, which does not exist, but holds us in bondage, as we are lead to believe that we have to pay interest on something that was created out ‘thin air’ by our requesting it!

A CONTRACT MUST EXIST, in order to prove a breach of such. The state demands we obtain a license for everything because the license is what deems us to be public servants whom the state controls, and contracts us to the same. We also PAY for this!!

We don’t own our houses or property – how can we? They are registered in the fictitious legal name – I D number – that is not ‘us’, yet we are deceitfully and fraudulently FORCED to pay taxes on them! Try not paying your taxes and see who owns your house! 

We are forced into courts such as these, to perpetuate and preserve the scam of the evil system that holds us all in bondage – terrifying threats of imprisonment by big men with guns, or fines hang over our heads if we do not do as we are told.


Millions and millions people live in abject poverty as a result of this profoundly immoral and malevolent system that we are all caught in. It is evil in the true sense of the word and MORALLY AND TRUTHFULLY I WILL NOT AND CANNOT BE PART OF IT.
Governments need armies to protect them from their enslavement and oppressed subjects” Tolstoy

I can count on my hand the countries that are not part of this treacherous scheme to control all the people and all the property of the world. 
Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, and maybe a few others. Why do we have the wars in the Middle East? Oil = wealth. Countries that are not run by the World Bank, and are WORTH fighting for, no matter who gets killed in the process. And the media does not tell the truth. I urge you to listen to Lizzie Phelen – (Google her name it will bring you the truth of what happened in Libya)

I, the living-breathing woman do not give permission to any person or company, to make a legal determination about me, in any way. 

I cannot be ‘identified’ by a parade, fingerprints or any other method, as, I the living breathing woman and the representative of the legal substance, A D Torr or ANTHEA DOROTHY TORR do NOT CONSENT TO THIS.

There is NO reason to accept an invitation to court. What causes us to think we must? The invitation is for them to entrap us via their trickery, deceit, threat, and coercion. These courts have nothing to do with us; they are public servants’ conventions. Every officer of the court––judge, prosecutor, clerk, attorney, bailiff, sheriff, policeman, works for the same employer.
Our attending court suggests that we do not know this and that alone tells them that we are incompetent.” Mary Elizabeth Croft

We do not have to part of this evil system, there are some countries and individuals who have walked the ‘road less traveled’ to freedom, it is our inalienable, GOD GIVEN RIGHT!

Blikskottel..support Anthea all the way.

F*&*k Zumzi’s plans, here is the alternative

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(World Bank Assist Programme)
Loan Department,
Payment And Transfer,
World Bank Group,                                                                   
Switzerland. M13 9PL,
Funds Transfer/Audit Unit,
Our Ref: WB/NF/UN/XX027.
                                                         LOAN APPROVAL FROM WORLD BANK.
Due to unemployment rate and poverty ratio that lead to mass corruption in South
Africa,the South African government has sign a new contract with the world bank
group this year,that every citizen and residence of the republic of South Africa
should be given a loan of their choice.We hereby inform you that you are entitle to
apply for a loan now,any amount is allowed,its very easy,all you have to do is to
send the following information needed.

(1)Your Full Name;
(2)Your Address;
(3)Your I.D or Passport No;
(6)Your Telephone No;
(7)The Amount You Want to Loan;
(8)The Date You Wish to Receive It;
(9)The Date You Wish to Refund;
(10)Monthly Income;
(11)Your Occupation;

please note;No interest on the loan,all you just have to do is to return back the
exact amount that you receive,you are entitle to refund the money at your
convenience time,but not to exceed five years,our company account bank details for
the monthly installment will be forwarded to you as well.
Every communication or conversation will be done only via e-mail for security
reasons,please kindly bear with us.Transactions will be done only on MONDAY- FRIDAY,
no transaction will be approve on weekend.We expect your instant reply at
[email protected] we look forward to hear from you thanks.

Anneke Elizabeth,
Financial Secretary,
World Bank Group,
Signed By Management.

Blikskottel...have allready applied...four times.

Which side of the fence are you?

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If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great




If a Conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.

If a Liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. 


If a Conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.

If a Liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.


If a Conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.

If a Liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.


If a Conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.

A Liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.


If a Conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.

Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.


If a Conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.

A Liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.


If a Conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for

it, or may choose a job that provides it.

A Liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.


If a Conservative reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.

A Liberal will delete it because he’s “offended”.

Blikskottel..thus are a conservative prson

Make sure your legal oke is within the law

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There’s a warning to the profession that the Consumer Protection Act now requires attorneys to write in plain English, and that they will no longer be able to baffle all and sundry with the old “Notwithstanding the generality of the aforegoing”, or

that old favourite, “mutatis mutandis”.


Useful (and pretty obvious) tips for lawyers given include keeping sentences short (less than 20 words), writing in the active rather than the passive voice, cutting out jargon and legalese, and avoiding words like “notwithstanding”, “hereinbefore” and “inasmuch”.


And, most frightening of all, it suggests that attorneys ask themselves: “Does what I have drafted make sense?” 

Blikskottel…hate what lawyers, judges and bankers do to good people.

Lawyers beware!

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The unhealthy relationship between attorneys and banks was raised in

_Noseweek_ back in January 2008: “Banks keep lapdog lawyers well fed

but firmly muzzled” (_nose_99 [3]).


Conveyancing – the transferring of property ownership on the Deeds

Office Register (which is not exactly rocket science and could be

handled by a variety of people) is reserved exclusively for attorneys,

many of whom depend on conveyancing to put food on the table

(prosciutto, not pap, of course).


As the providers of the bond finance needed by most people to purchase

property, banks control where most conveyancing work goes by

appointing panels of attorneys throughout South Africa and then

dishing out conveyancing work to those firms. Part of the panel deal

is that the attorney agrees not to act against the bank in any matter,

even where there’s no conflict of interest. (Some banks have more

subtle ways of doing this, but the effect is the same.)


Great for the many attorneys who are on the panels; it means a

constant stream of easy and lucrative work. Great for the banks; no

half-decent lawyer ever acts against them. But not so great for the

man-in-the-street who is not only paying inflated fees for

conveyancing but also finds it just about impossible to find a

competent lawyer when they have a dispute with a bank.


When Noseweek approached the banks for comment, we received absurd

answers like “We don’t impose restrictions on our panellists” and even

“We don’t have panels”.


As for the major law firms, well, they pretty much ignored our



_Noseweek_ revisited the issue last year in the article “Banks keep

lawyers on a tight lead” (_nose_138 [4]) and pointed out that the

practice raises serious issues of competition law and constitutional

law. We also commented on the fact that the profession had been very

slow to respond; some two-and-a-half years after our original article,

the Law Society raised the issue in its magazine De Rebus, and then

only because a member of the public had lodged an official complaint.


In his editorial, the editor of _De Rebus_ showed uncanny insight into

the issue: “Clearly… the bank simply wants to discourage attorneys

from acting for those who have claims against it. There is… at least

anecdotal evidence that some banks… have deliberately disempowered

the residents of certain towns from conveniently bringing claims

against it by simply putting all the local attorneys’ firms on its

panel and subjecting them to similar conditions.


“Not only is such behaviour possibly anti-competitive but it also

amounts to a form of denial of access to justice.”


The editor went on to savagely attack such terms and conditions,

describing them as “inappropriate”, and even “a matter for concern”.

He ended with a chilling warning to the banks: “It does seem time to

have another word with the banks.” Scary!


But now, it seems, the attorneys themselves have had enough. Needless

to say, their problem with the system is not one of principle; it’s a

decline in profits that has them up in arms. The revolt was started by

an Alberton attorney called Jack Sherman, who in a letter in the

October edition of _De Rebus_ said: “I have recently removed myself

from the panel of two of South Africa’s leading banks after an

association in excess of 35 years. When I started acting for these

banks/building societies in the 1970s the relationship was that of a

professional attorney and client. Since the 1990s the relationship has

changed. The professional basis was replaced with that of a

‘partnership’ and with the advent of electronic communication, quickly

became that of ‘master and servant’ and has now deteriorated to that

of ‘master and slave’.


“Conveyancers are no longer of any value other than as a conduit to

provide the banks and their surrogate vendors a service on terms and

conditions dictated by them – even to the extent of what fees to

charge. We are told to obey and pay, and failure to meet the bank’s

software provider’s terms and conditions is sanctioned by suspensions

or banishment. This is an intolerable situation… It begs the

question: How did we allow ourselves to be put in this position?’

Surely the time has come for the ‘slaves’ to revolt and to revert back

to our original status quo. Comments from my colleagues would be



Comments there were aplenty. In the December’s _De Rebus_, new editor

Kim Hawkey referred to “an overwhelming response” and went on to say:

“It is clear that some attorneys have long been unhappy with this

relationship and that the recession has, no doubt, exacerbated the



She posed the questions: “Can… attorneys afford not to be on the

banking panels? However, if one looks at the bigger picture, can

attorneys afford to bow down to the pressure placed on them by some of

the banks in order to remain on their panels? Should attorneys’

professional standards be compromised in order to ‘please’ the banks,

this could be the catalyst for doing away with the reservation of

conveyancing work for attorneys.”


With the recession biting, there are fewer house sales and less

conveyancing work to be dished out, yet attorneys on bank panels still

have to buy the banks’ software and must turn down instructions to act

against banks.


 “I agree completely with Jack Sherman’s letter,” said attorney Andrew

Cox in a letter. “We are being held to ransom by software providers

who have marketed their unique products to banks. Every month there is

new software… that we are required to purchase.”


The advent of the bond originator, had added a new dimension, said

attorney John Gilchrist: “Mortgage originators surfaced in the boom

years and, playing banks off against each other not only demanded high

commissions for bond business but [banks] also insisted on appointing

conveyancers of their choice on each panel to do their bonds. They

effectively created their own panels… the bottom line was always

that bond business would only go to conveyancers willing to give the

originator a referral fee (a nice way of describing a kickback).


The banks knew that conveyancers were doing this and concluded that

conveyancers were no longer marketing themselves professionally but



So it’s economic pressure that’s driving the attorneys’ revolt

(nothing like a bit of financial pain to bring on a bout of the

principles!). Yet, despite the fact that not one attorney actually

mentions the issue of banks stopping attorneys from acting against

them, it is clear from the letters that some attorneys are simply

tired of being abused and desperately crave independence.


Attorney Alan McLoughlin said: “I would like to congratulate Jack

Sherman on removing himself from the panel of attorneys of two

banks… having experienced the same frustrations and ‘slave’

status… I decided when I opened a practice for my own account some

20 years ago that I would not, on principle, accept any instructions

from any bank and, in so doing, risk compromising my independence and

integrity… I am sure that I am a poorer attorney for my decision,

but it is a comfortable place to be. Well done Mr Sherman! I fully

support the revolt.”


Attorney Mark Yazbek said: “I would like to associate myself without

any qualification or apology to the adequately expressed sentiments of

Jack Sherman.


“These points can be extended to:

*The duty placed on attorneys by local authorities to collect



* The onus placed on attorneys by the South African Revenue Services

to collect taxes…


“I dare say other people… can add to this list of where we’re no

more than servants but indeed slaves for others.”


And attorney Tom Swanepoel said: “I wholeheartedly agree with my

colleague Jack Sherman’s letter… We, as attorneys and conveyancers,

have become the punching bags of the banks. I wonder what would happen

if we as a profession took Mr Sherman’s example and removed ourselves

from these oppressive panels? What then will the ‘master’ do without

his ‘slaves’?”

Blikskottel..knows that people are waking up