Make sure your legal oke is within the law

Februarie 9, 2012 in Sonder kategorie

There’s a warning to the profession that the Consumer Protection Act now requires attorneys to write in plain English, and that they will no longer be able to baffle all and sundry with the old “Notwithstanding the generality of the aforegoing”, or

that old favourite, “mutatis mutandis”.


Useful (and pretty obvious) tips for lawyers given include keeping sentences short (less than 20 words), writing in the active rather than the passive voice, cutting out jargon and legalese, and avoiding words like “notwithstanding”, “hereinbefore” and “inasmuch”.


And, most frightening of all, it suggests that attorneys ask themselves: “Does what I have drafted make sense?” 

Blikskottel…hate what lawyers, judges and bankers do to good people.

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  1. Not all lawyers are bad.
    You’d be amazed to see what so called “good people” do to lawyers.

  2. Good post.

  3. TS het gesê op Februarie 9, 2012

    Almal? Dit glo ek nie!

  4. The party of the first part warrants that…

  5. I beg to differ…most of the contracts I read is extremely difficult to understand, if not completely so. Legalese, is what these are written in and not English.

  6. Eish…

  7. Glo dit maar, maar as ons hule nie in lyn hou nie, sal niks verander nie. Dus vra as jy nie verstaan nie en maak hulle dit verander ot jy verstaan en alles duidelik is.

  8. Dankie. Verseker begin mense wakker word oor die regs stelsel wat nie werk nie.

  9. Not all lawyers are bad, ..maybe so, but the system they operate from is evil and therein lies the problem.

  10. Op ligter trant: Twee prokureursvennote gaan eet saam.
    Halfpad deur die ete spring een op en sê hy gaan gou terug kantoor toe om die brandkluis te sluit.
    “Waarvoor?” vra die ander een. “Ons is dan altwee hier.”

  11. ja Boet ja…

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