Malema/ANC’s, type of agriculture

Januarie 26, 2012 in Sonder kategorie

Sometimes I read things that just pisses me of more and more.
Alisha – January 26, 2012 at 08:09
My aunt worked in a senior position in the Land Bank. 10 years ago she and a few others proposed a land redistribution model to the ANC based on training young black school leavers from displaced communities at new agricultural colleges with 100% bursaries across SA. Graduates would then obtain a piece of suitable land from the State, co-managed by a white farmer with practical knowledge who would be paid to teach for 5 years. If the black student could retain the farm’s productivity over htis period and shows a profit, the title deed of the land would be handed over to the community and the young black empowered farmer would stay on, empowering his community. The ANC trashed the 500 page document, stating that the concept is too ‘Eurocentric’, and that black people in SA want subsistence farming (2 chickens, a goat, a cow and a small patch of mielies, and not an agricultural concern.
Malema enters a Boer’s farm while on a visit to the Freestate. He tells the Boer that he is there to inspect and see if the Boer is breaking any water usage laws. The Boer says that a lotta crap, but Malema takes out his ANC membership card, waves it around and says that it gives him access to any land.
The Boer says okay, but he should not enter the camp on far end of the farm. So of Juju goes and not twenty minutes later that the boer, who followed him dscreetly hears a huge noise, lots of crying, shouting and swearing in Pedi. He runs closer and sees Malema running acrooss the field with a huge bull charging towards him.
The Boer shouts: “Show him the fucking card you idiot, show him the card”
Blikskottel…loves farmers and espcially Boer farmers, the salt of the earth.

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  1. Neander het gesê op Januarie 26, 2012

    Wag maar net tot die kos opraak.
    Ek het gehoor beide Nigerië en Libië het gevra dat SA boere daar kan kom boer met goeie voorwaardes.
    Intussen is ‘n klomp al Mosambiek, Kazakstan en Kenia toe.

    Ons boere is gesog in die wêreld.

  2. TS het gesê op Januarie 26, 2012

    grinnik… nou sê ek niks

  3. Die waarheid het daai effek op party mense.

  4. Hulle is ook in USA, Zambia, Angola en binnekort Georgia en die lys word al hoe langer.

    Boervolk mense is gesog, ek werk al jare lank intenasionaal en oral is on nog welkom en is ons nog steed tops in ons velde.

  5. I wish the bull had got Juju by his horns and that would have been a nice end. Bloody ANC is so stupid that they ruin everything.

  6. The real idiots are those who vote them into power.

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