The right to travel freely

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The Freedom Charter, 1955

The law shall guarantee to all their right to speak, to organize, to meet together, to publish, to preach, to worship, and to educate their children; The privacy of the house from police raids shall be protected by law;

All shall be free to travel without restriction from countryside to towns, from province to province, and from South Africa abroad; Pass laws, permits and all other laws restricting these freedoms shall be abolished.


Here is what a USA court states this actually means:


Personal liberty largely consists of the Right of locomotion — to go where and when one pleases — only so far restrained as the Rights of others may make it necessary for the welfare of all other citizens. The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but the common Right which he has under his Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
[emphasis added] II Am.Jur. (1st) Constitutional Law, Sect.329, p.1135.

“The right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life and business, is a common right which he has under the right to enjoy life and liberty, to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety. It includes the right, in so doing, to use the ordinary and usual conveyances of the day, and under the existing modes of travel, includes the right to drive a horse drawn carriage or wagon thereon or to operate an automobile thereon, for the usual and ordinary purpose of life and business.” Teche Lines vs. Danforth, Miss., 12 S.2d 784; Thompson vs. Smith, supra.


Blikskottel..thus opposes all means of extracting any money for such road usage, wether tolls or license fees.

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  1. frikve het gesê op Januarie 15, 2012

    BG – ek stem saam hiermee. Vryf dit bietjie onder sekere swart neuse in Pta.

  2. TS het gesê op Januarie 15, 2012

    As ek aan my belasting dink, moet ek glo dat dit vir die herstel van die paaie gaan, want ek gee nie geld vir partytjies nie – met daai geldjie kan hulle stukkie pad onderhou en dan het hulle nie tolgeld nodig. Ons kan nie meer Pta toe ry sonder om die tolgeld in berekening te bring nie en as die pad nou verbeter sou word is dit ‘n ander saak

  3. Right!

    Het jy objekteer teen die ding toe hulle dit voorgestel het?

  4. Miljoene mense het, insluitend myself.

  5. Dis so, maar dit beteken ook lisensie gelde vir nie-momersiele voertuie en betaalde bestuurlisensies is ook onwettig.

  6. Dis oppad.

  7. More more!!!

  8. My pa se woorde was altyd: “Die motoris is die regering se melkkoei.”

  9. Hy was reg, maar dit moet einde kry.

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