Festive season carnage

Desember 24, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Every year during December the same old story seems to replay itself.

1. The speedthugs and theit policy pals have roadblocks all over the show.

2. Every year the road carnage continues like before.

The old saying in the IT world comes to mind:

if the PC is fed the same shit, the result will be the same shit. The only ones getting something out of this whole deal is those who earn the big bucks via all the fines that get issued. Road safety, in my humble opinion, is not helped by issuing more and more fines.

The solution lies much deeper, but the political will is dead against it.

My solutions includes the following:

1. Remove all licences and license fees. (These are unlawfull anyway for private people using the road for uses that is not commercial in nature)

2. Replace this with a system where a person must provide a competency certificate(his and his vichicle) every two years which wil then allow the holder to use the road free of tolls. (Note this is inline with common law and is even mentioned in the road traffic act.)

3. Competancy system should be privatized and controlled by strict inspections and a system of external checks(non governmental).

4. The system of fines should be complety removed and replaced by something with much more teeth.

5. In place of fines I suggest automatic community service, removal of competency certificates and even confiscation of vichicles…for young offenders, corporal punishment should be returned.

6. In order to re-establish trust between the public and those suppose to protect our safety, those people should only be allowed to act under their oath, thus as peace officers and not as money collectors.

7. Harrasment of people using the roads should not be allowed at all, except where and offence is noticed.

8. The limit for driving under the influence of alcohol should be removed completely and a system of no alcohol must be in place.

9. All venues serving alcohol must be forced to supply transport for their patrons.

…..I am sure some of these suggestions will get me crusified, but what we have now does not help anyone barring those politically connected cadres who use it to get money from the public.

Blikskottel…is gatvol of things that have never worked but stay with us.

11 antwoorde op Festive season carnage

  1. Die kats vir kwaaiknape. Flinkdinker Blikskottel.

  2. TS het gesê op Desember 24, 2011

    Gawe plan…
    In NZ is die polisie en die verkeerspolisie dieselfde Elke twee jaar moet jou voertuig deur die toets Daar staan geen stukkende voertuie langs die pad nie. As hulle sê 35kmp dan doen almal (eish… daai sukkel ek mee) Aan die ander kant 20 karre is ‘n verkeersopeenhoping

  3. elgado het gesê op Desember 24, 2011

    Strongest argument for evolution… looking at the way these systems fail to improve, but continue creating a selective gradient (by death) against irresponsible drivers (unfortunately also catching a whole bunch of random others every time).

  4. Presies, dis hoekom ons draties die sisteem moet wegneem uit die politieke arena.

  5. You can look at it that way as well, but to me it is clear that this system is useless and just cost us money for no reason.

  6. Hoekom nie, ek is seker dit sal werk.

  7. Ek dink my planne is ‘n begin, maar solank die stelsel net uit die politieke arena uit beweeg het ons altyd ‘n kans om dinge reg te maak. Sonder dit, poep ons teen die wind.

  8. Ek stem !

  9. Daar is geen ander oplossing en verseker nie een wat die regering in betrokke is nie.

  10. Hou hulle nog steeds so gereeld speed traps op die Sasolburgpad, net buite Parys?

  11. Al die pad, maar dis rooftogte en beslis nie iets wat enige iemand help behalwe die skelm local regering van Sasolburg nie.

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