Serious shit in the USA

Desember 19, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

“Please know, what will come your way: Death, Detention, and prosecution. And when they say, I want my lawyer, you tell them shut-up, you don’t get a lawyer.” SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM (SC-R) Debate on S. 1867 National Defense Authorization Act

Further, Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, one of the bill’s primary sponsors who drafted the original version in secret along with Republican Senator John McCain, states The Obama Administration specifically requested Section 1031 of the bill be expanded to include the indefinite detention of Americans, threatening to veto the bill if it failed to encompass citizens and non-citizens alike. (Ron Paul on FEMA camps)


I have heard some talk that there are such camps being prepared in Africa as well. For now, I am waiting for more info from my Angolan friends. 


Blikskottel..wonders if the next USA civil war he has predicted is perhaps just round the corner.

7 antwoorde op Serious shit in the USA

  1. Will watch that space.

  2. TS het gesê op Desember 19, 2011

    Dit gaan elke keer slegter.

  3. Sal maar moet wag en sien…

  4. Die kampe is bedoel om mense aan te hou met een doel: Om hulle as slaaf werkers te gebruik. Andersins sal hulle net uitgewis word.

  5. Dis seker so.

  6. Dis hoe mense is.

  7. Watch sommer die USA koerante ook.

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