Why tax people on a natural occurance?

November 7, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Habibullo Abdussamatov,

Dr. Sc. Head of Space research laboratory of the Pulkovo Observatory, Head of the Russian/Ukrainian joint project Astrometria (translated from Russian by Lucy Hancock)


 Experts of the United Nations in regular reports publish data said to show that the Earth is approaching a catastrophic global warming, caused by increasing emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. However, observations of the Sun show that as for the increase in temperature, carbon dioxide is “not guilty” and as for what lies ahead in the upcoming decades, it is not catastrophic warming, but a global, and very prolonged, temperature drop.


Blikskottel… wonder if the true reasons for global warming is not ignored in order to fleece people.

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  1. Global warming is of minor importance when the world´s major economies are in a fincial crisis.

  2. czardas het gesê op November 7, 2011

    The Sun is the greatest warming factor regarding the surface of the earth and the atmosphere. Increased sun spot activity will mean an increase of atmospheric temperature, however Carbon Dioxide traps reflected heat and thus higher levels of CO2 trap more heat and thus will multiply any increase by sunspot activity. This in turn triggers other multiplier effects and it gets quite scary.

    We cannot influence how much heat the sun gives off, that is out of our control. We can however control our carbom emissions to minimise any addition heating.

    Control what you can in this life.

  3. TS het gesê op November 7, 2011

    Ek het ook al so verneem

  4. czardas, you seem to be talking sense. Will physicists
    please inform us about wavelenghts. The greenhouse
    I think works thus:- short rays from outer space
    pass through the windscreen of a car with ease and heat the seats etc. which reflect their heat in longer
    wavelenghts which cannot easily escape through the
    windscreen. Heat is trapped and the car gets very hot
    inside. The earth reflects longer wavelenghts which are trapped by carbon di oxide. Too simple ?

  5. czardas het gesê op November 7, 2011

    That’s pretty much spot on, bruggie. It’s a good thing on the whole, because it would be a very cold planet without any “greenhouse” warming. But too much of it is a very bad thing.

  6. Not correct, the economies are in trouble partly because of the lies around global warming. Taxes is charged making people poorer and eventually any economy breaks down.

  7. Dis siek..

  8. I have read meany places that a bit longer term we will head for a colder earth. My main problem is these taxes that is nothing more than robbery.

  9. Tina, alles gaan oor geld en die is net alles een moerse verskoning om mense te onderdruk.

  10. czardas het gesê op November 9, 2011

    The currrent financial crises has absolutely nothing to do with carbon taxes and everything to do with greedy banks,unsecured mortages and high levels of debt that relied on an unsustainable bubble of seeming prosperity.

  11. czardas het gesê op November 9, 2011

    One of the possible results too much global warming is indeed a new ice age. But that is not any better for us and should also be avoided if possible.

  12. …and how will taxes help that?

  13. Exactly and now they need new revenue streams, so new taxes(for nothing earned) is a next option.

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