Jy blaai in die argief vir 2011 Oktober.

Something to ponder on!

Oktober 7, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Quote from Max Planck:

 “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”


I believe that this is true of many things and in the world of politics is especially true.


Whole generations grow up believing untruths, half truths and damned lies, just as they are to stupid, lazy, ignorant or naive to go and find out the real truth for themselves. They suffer and blame everyone but themselves and their children does the same as they consider their parents views to be allways correct.


No wonder we have people like Malema come to the front and saddest of all is that socalled intellectuals do not even try to convince him that he is mistaken. Perhaps even they then prefer no to face the truth. In the end everyone is poorer if the truth and facts are not the things we base our decisions on.


Blikskottel..knows that the truth does not suit evil ideology.

Clouding justice by numbers

Oktober 4, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

“Government loves to cloud the issue of needs and desires versus morality with a strange adaptation of the same “mysterious-multiplier” concept it applies to economics.


The idea is that needs and desires acquire moral validity if one thinks in terms of large numbers of people. It is this illogical notion that forms the shaky foundation for Majority Rule.


If 3 million people vote to steal from 1 million people, proclaiming that the theft is justified because it is their opinion that they need the money for a worthy cause, one is supposed to accept their action as moral.


To demonstrate the absurdity of such a position, eliminate six zeroes from each figure: If a group of 3 people gets together and decides to rob 1 person, insisting that they are a “society” and that what they are doing is in society’s (their) best interest, virtually everyone would agree that their claim is ludicrous.


How can the same action be declared morally right just by multiplying by millions? On the contrary, it would be that much more immoral, because the number of people whose rights would be violated would be substantially increased.” from Restoring The American Dream


Blikskottel..knows this is exactly the situation in South africa.

Is money really still needed?

Oktober 2, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

The Bible states that the lust after money is the start of most, if not all, evil in this world. I cannot disagree with this.

It is clear that money and profit alone drives the world, leading to most problems. Governments and all organizations connected to them are nothing more than commercial ventures, thus companies who needs to make profit for those who own them. The organization are not owned by the president or the people, but by those who supply the socalled money to that company, the bankers of the world.

1. The disparity in ownership of money, divides people, countries, even families…

2. The lust after power is funded by money.

3. If that power/money lust is not satisfied by commercial means, then countries(companies) will even go to war to get their way. (Example: The USA in Iraq, The Bristish in the Boer wars)


How do we allow a system where the needs of people are determined by their access to money, or even worse a promise of money?

Food is produced not to primarily feed people, but to make money from them.

Medical services are provided not to primarily make people healthy, but to make money from it.

Schools are not there primarily to provide education, but to make money for the owners.

Housing is constructed to make money, not to really give people the shelter they actually need.

…and we wonder why so many people in this world is suffering?

Blikskottel…just cannot get this to make sense in his head.