The unholy trinity

Oktober 17, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

It is simply beyond the imagination of any right thinking person, that the banks who caused this whole economic mess, has been propped up by tax payers money. The same goes for countries like Greece, Porraland etc, who for years have been living above their means, all because of their socialist system. When people demand things that they cannot deserve, surely this type of outcome is to be expected.

My opinion is that the money given to banks has made no difference really. It would have been better to give that money to people to use, which would have stimulated economies much more. Now the bankers laugh all the way and they even got their fat bonusses.

I believe it is time that we all stand together and fight back against the banks and their legal theft of our hard earned money. Occupy Wallstreet is just the start, but in order to reaaly force the issue, we need to get the issues into the law courts.

The New Economic Rights Alliance is preparing to undertake the largest collaborative lawsuit of its kind in South African history. We need YOU to make it happen. We want to bring together as many South Africans as possible and take on the banks as one large group.

The key focus of this lawsuit will be:       

  1. Non-disclosure / secrecy of the money creation and securitisation practices
  2. Unconstitutional stripping of homes, vehicles, cash and other assets from South Africans
  3. Lack of any workable structure that has succeeded in assisting those in need

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 The unholy trinity of bankers, the legal proffession and politicians needs to be cut back to size. It’s either that or even more hardship for us all.



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8 antwoorde op The unholy trinity

  1. abrham het gesê op Oktober 17, 2011

    die 70 grootste besighede beheer die wêreld amerika, brittanje en europa inkluis – wallmart is deel van die paartie. die skreef-ogies stuur hul in hul moer. die eerste ekonomiese wêreld oorlog is al aan die gang. die armes en middelklas is kanon vodder.

  2. ….en het ek reg gehoor dat oompiegoed Blade nie gelukkig is nie? Het hy iets om te verloor?

  3. Jip en maak hom vol goud.

  4. Ek dink jy is reg..

  5. Natuurlik het hy en sy trawante baie om te verloor, hul lewens ingesluit.

  6. Ons elke een kan maar net sy deeltjie doen om dinge te probeer reg maak.

  7. Ons is vandag ingelig- defnitief geen bonusse en heel moontlik afdankings!

  8. Die ouens aan die bokant van die trog moet doen wat hulle kan om hulle eie sakke vol te stop en ongelukkig lei dit dat die laer poisies afgedank word en swaarder kry.

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