Appearances can be deceiving

Oktober 8, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice.

The USSC (United States Supreme Court)  has ruled and reaffirmed so in Levine v. United States, 362 U.S. 610, 80 S. Ct 1038 (1960), citing Offutt v. United States, 348 U.S. 11,14, 75 S. Ct. 11,13 (1954).

“A Judge receiving a bribe from an interested party over which he is presiding, does not give the appearance of justice”.


ANY officer committing fraud upon the court renders the orders and judgments of that court void, of no legal force or effect.  This is the reason why everyone needs to get the “judge” on record at the outset, BEFORE any kind of plea is entered into the record, a promise to not commit any kind of fraud to any degree in the proceedings nor to allow anyone else to commit any fraud either.  What kind of “judge” would not gladly make such a promise?  Would any honest judge have a valid reason for not doing so?




Blikskottel…now knows why ordinary folk can find no justice in the legal system.

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  1. VozSola het gesê op Oktober 8, 2011

    ek dink that legal justice has always been an injustice in its own right…
    and then again, maybe it is the injustice itself that makes justice appear so surreal???

  2. UNPOCO het gesê op Oktober 8, 2011

    Soooo damn true!

  3. Very true, but we can change that.

  4. It is up to us to change this though.

  5. Eerder ‘n jurie stelsel wat absoluut net op feite oordeel as die “legal” sisteem wat dinge verdraai en net daarop uit is om geld te maak. Jy’s duidelik nog baie naief oor wat dit is wat werklik mense se vryhede weggevat het, of miskien ondersteun jy die tipe boosheid.

  6. Dis ‘n keuse tussen twee euwels en ek verkies die ene waar mense geen wins uit die uitkoms kan maak nie. Die “legal” sisteem daari om net een ding wins en stupid is mense wat dink dat jy geregtigheid kan kry as geld die hoofrol speel. Jy is die onkundige in die veld, dis duidelik.

  7. Oforth het gesê op Oktober 11, 2011

    How? A jury can be bribed and in a fractured country like ours prejudice can deadlock and fragment many communities.
    A jury system would be helpful in the case of community courts. If criminality is punished locally and criminals are required to serve the community as punishment. An abitrator representing the State with assesors will balance judgements and create archival presidents to establish community law.
    A guilty party can still appeal to the established judicial system.
    This could hold people more accountable and free up the judicial backlog.

  8. I hear you. All I know is that the system of defacto courts we have now, does not work and I beleive was never intended to work for the good of the people. It is meant for commerce, not human beings, but sadly most human beings do not even realize that they are commercial chattels when they enter these courts. A human should alwasy claim common law jurisdiction and insits that a judge enter his oath into evidence and make a declaration into evidence that he will not commit fraud, nor aloow any fraud to be commited during the hearing. Try it and you will see they refuse..WHY?

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