Did you give concent?

September 28, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Consent of the Governed Sovereign

1. A person, body, or state vested with independent and supreme authority;

2. The ruler of an independent state. – Also spelled sovran. See Sovereignty.


1. Supreme dominion, authority, or rule.

2. The supreme political authority of an independent state.

3. The state itself.

Personal or individual sovereignty was the concept of inalienable rights from the Creator. Personal sovereignty is the divine right in our system The South African Constitution was provided by “We the People” to give limited, enumerated, separated powers to the government. All other powers and rights are “retained by the people.” The Constitution was specifically written to limit absolute power.

Now for some million dollar questions: Did you ever give consent to be governened and can those who govern actually proof it? Can the constitution be forced upon any human being withiout his concent and if so, is this not blackmail? Is taxes which are then demanded not extorsion, which is a criminal offence?

“We the people” is what it states in the constitution, not “We the persons”. There is a big difference in law between the word person and people. “PEOPLE” here refer to natural man,  human beings, while a person in law refers to a legal person, thus a dead entity or legal fiction with no soul. As the Republic and the government and all organizations connected to them are corporations, thus legal entities, they have no soul, but get their limited power from those who concented to be governed.

Now the next question: Would you, a living, breathing human being ever give concent to be governed by a corporation, thus a soulless entity, one that can never have any feelings, but who act only in commerce and are thus driven exclusively to make profit?


The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government. – Thomas Jefferson 1809


..you be the judge of this Corporation called the Republic of South Africa and the corporation known as The Government of the Republic of South Africa.

Blikskottel…will never agree to this evil.

6 antwoorde op Did you give concent?

  1. Lyk my jy wil afstig.

  2. TS het gesê op September 28, 2011

    Dis tog oral so?

  3. We have a constitutional democracy and not sovereinity!!

  4. Sovereignity is something that evry human being is born with and no-one can remove that from you without consent.

  5. Ek wil net waarlik wees soos ek gemaak is, VRY in alle opsigte. Om af te stig moet jy deel van iets wees en dit beteken jy moet vrywillig deel van iets geword het. Ek sal graag jou eerlike antwoorde op my vrae wil hoor.

  6. Juis, daarom beteken dit ons moet dit beveg. Dink jy regtig mense kry swaar sonder rede..beslis nie, dis die bose stelsels wat dit so maak om mense onder beheer te hou.

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