Stopping justice by political means

September 26, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Judex bonus nihil ex arbitrio suo faciat nec propositione domesticae voluntatis, sed juxta leges et jura


A good judge should do nothing from his own preference or from the prompting of his private

desire; but he should pronounce according to law and justice.

Why should RSA’s public protector fist have reports checked by the president or high ranking political officials? It makes no sense as in effect politicians now play judges by deciding the merit of a case and if such a case should even get to court. In my mind that should not be allowed as they will surely protect themselves. Political influence should play no role when it comes to justice.


Blikskottel..know that in RSA, justice is stopped in the highest political offices. 


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  1. mense krap waar hulle nie hoort nie!!!

  2. Netso!

  3. TS het gesê op September 26, 2011

    Sjoe dit lees moeilik
    Lekker week

  4. Yes, the law should be independent and sovereign to make unbiased, fair, just decisions. Why do we have a person who has studied and contemplated the law in all its facets, if a government official who cannot even keep his/her hand out of the till may veto his/her decisions in court?

  5. Eish ek stem saam met Tina – kak font, broer!


  6. Dis verseker so.

  7. Die ding moet ons stopsit.

  8. Lettercrash se fonts is niemand se maat nie…

  9. Lora that is the million dollar question.

  10. Ag kom nou Henry…vergeet van die font en lewer kommentaar op die post.

  11. Nie veel om te se nie – stem saam met die onafhanklikheid ding.

  12. Lettercrash se fonts is ‘n gemors as mens iets will paste…maar dankie vir die kommentaar.

  13. Hallo van die kant af ook…en dankie vir jou snaakse blogs..dit maak my dag.

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