Vitamin C is great for men!!

September 23, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Well it seems grandma and mom was right, vitamin C is forsure very important for men….and women by extension. Leave the viagra and other Chinese medicines, including rhino horn and eat oranges, naartjies and other citrus fruit.

Blikskottel….love citrus and now know why his wife keeps on feeding him citrus.

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  1. Oulik, nou is niemand meer suur nie!

  2. TS het gesê op September 23, 2011


  3. LOL 😉
    Keep eating them oranges Blikskottel:)

  4. *skud sy kop*

  5. hahaha at least your wife has it right!!!

  6. Why is it that white males always depend on drugs for sex, and most of you guys become importance at an early age?

  7. For all who responded in a racist language, you must not do that again, afrikaans is racist langauge and must be banned

  8. Please do not show your low mentality here. My doctor reckons most patients who ask for viagra is black by the way…

  9. That will never happen. The only reason you hate it, is as your own language have never ever developed to the same level as Afrikaans and never will either. Us Boere are by nature people who work hard and that is what makes us what we are. Nothing will stop that, not even your favourate Juju.

  10. She’s wise…

  11. Nou werk lemoene nie vir jou nie?

  12. I will, anything that makes my wife happy..

  13. Ek stem saam…

  14. Nee, hoes is vir Viagra wat baie duur is.

  15. Ek is ‘n soet seun van nature.

  16. Does this make you cheap? 😛

  17. If understand what you mean correctly..NO I am not cheap.

  18. Please don’t take that offensively, it wasn’t supposed to be serious. I was just joking around

  19. I know..just pulling your leg.

  20. In your dreams.

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