Questions around the next census

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I believe in politics and banking, nothing happens without planning and very spesific reasons. I also believe that those who are in power should never be trusted and that they more than often hide the real reasons for their actions.

Therefo I will not willing take part in this census, unless I know exactly why it is being held. The following is how I will handle this:

         * Complete, print and sign this letter.
         * Give it to the Census worker when they arrive. I’ll be polite.
They will probably threaten me if I don’t comply, but that is a crime.

         * This approach is called “conditional acceptance.” I am agreeing
in principle to do what I am told, but first I have a couple of
questions that need to be answered. Of course they cannot answer these
questions because to do so would be to reveal a betrayal of human
         * maybe I’ll send this through to the Census authority first. Give
them 7 days to reply and amend this letter accordingly depending on
their response.

Dear Census Official,  

My name is _[first name in lowercase, eg. John] _of the family_
[surname in lowercase, eg. Smith]. _I am a living, breathing sentient
human being. 

 My research has led me to conclude that when my birth was registered,
a corporate entity was created. This corporate entity is referred to
as _[write your title and whole name in all uppercase, eg. MR JOHN
RONAN SMITH] _with account number _[insert your ID number] _and is
distinct from me, the flesh and blood human being. 

It is my understanding that my title, full name and ID Number
represent a juristic person / corporation, and the record of this
account is held at the South African Reserve bank using a master /
slave computer software system.  

I have also discovered that my birth certificate is evidence of a
financial instrument with a very real commercial value. This
commercial value predicted by the amount of money I would earn as I
grew up. Thus, it provides collateral for the South African government
to float loans at interest without my knowledge or direct consent.  

If this holds true, then it stands to reason that a primary role of
this Census is to re-evaluate my status as chattel property so that
the South African Government can literally “sell” me and my fellow
citizens to foreign bankers, as the governments of Iceland, Greece,
Spain, Portugal, Ireland and others did to their own people. 

 My research indicates that the purpose of the first census in 1904
was to give names to indigenous people so that they could be granted
rights by the existing government. However, in order to be granted
rights, it makes logical sense that one would first have to be
stripped of the natural rights that he or she was born with. After
all, you cannot grant rights to someone who already has them by the
mere fact that they are alive. 

As I believe in full disclosure, I will therefore only take part in
the Census if the following questions have been satisfactorily

         * Do I have a juristic person?
         * Is there an account in my name linked to my ID number held at the
Reserve Bank, or any other government department?
         * Is there a bond or security registered in my name with a
corresponding CUSIP number?
         * Does the South African government receive loans based the ability
of its people (ie. me) to pay it back?
         * If yes, then:

         * How does the government calculate the value of its people?
         * How does the government connect me to the money that they have
borrowed on my behalf?
         * Does this loan include interest? If it does, then where is the
interest supposed to come from in order to pay back these loans?
         * Are any of the loans granted to the South African government
created “out of thin air” using a book-keeping entry, or are 100% of
all loans made using real, lawful money?

         * Is the data collected from the Census linked in any way to the
granting of loans made by our government?
         * Is the census a form of contract? If so, please provide me with
the terms and conditions of this contract.
         * Am I a flesh and blood human being born with natural human rights,
or am I a slave with no rights whatsoever, except for those which are
granted to me by the South African Government?

Please note that I am intelligent enough to know when my questions
are being avoided. I will only accept real, valid and direct answers
to my questions above. 

Once I have received a suitable response, I will happily take part in
your Census. 

Yours Faithfully,

        _[first name in lowercase, eg. John] _of the family_ [surname in
lowercase, eg. Smith]_

Blikskottel …needs to know the truth and does not force anyone to believe his views or take any advice from him.

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  1. TS het gesê op September 21, 2011

    Sug… ek kwel my nie want ek is nou al twee keer misgetel so wat sal nou verander het?

  2. Ek lees jy is warm onder die kraag.

    Waar kom jou inligting vandaan oor die rekenkundige rekening by die SARB?
    Die sensusvorm kan nie ‘n kontrak wees nie, want dit word anoniem gedoen.

    Menseregte is (on)gelukkig een van die gevolge van pastorale gemeenskappe. Ek weet nie hoe jy daarvan gaan wegkom nie.
    Die regering het baie pligte teenoor sy burgers, maar as die meerderheid vir hulle stem, al is hulle hoe korrup en verkeerd, gaan dit die individu min baat.

    Die VVO en wêreld gemeenskap aanvaar die huidige regering as die wettige verteenwoordiger van die volk.

  3. Ek is sedert 1985 nog nie getel nie.

  4. weet te min om te weet of jou vra enige meriete dra, maar wat ek wel weet is dat jy nie ‘n antwoord gaan terugontvang nie

  5. Neewat, my vrae is relevant en ek het die reg om antwoorde te kry. Om soos ‘n mushroom in die donker gehou te word is nie my idee van vryheid nie. Onthou burgers(citizens) behoort aan “Die republiek van Suid Afrika” wat ‘n maatskappy is, terwyl ek as natuurlike mens is, nie noodwendig daaraan hoef te behoort nie of enige iets na te kom waarmee ek nie saamstem of ingestem het nie. Dis waar sogenaamde common law en basiese mense regte ter sprake kom. Een van daai regte is om vrae te vra, antwoorde te kry en om stil te bly as ek wil. Die konstitusie is selfs duidelik oor dit.

    Kyk bietjie by om meer te leer van hoe ons bedonner word.

  6. Dis goed so.

  7. acceptance by silence.Acceptance of an offer not by explicit words but through the lack of an
    offeree’s response in circumstances in which the relationship between the offeror and the offeree
    justifies both the offeror’s expectation of a reply and the offeror’s reasonable conclusion that the
    lack of one signals acceptance. • Ordinarily, silence does not give rise to an acceptance of an offer.
    [Cases: Contracts 22(1). C.J.S. Contracts §§ 46–51, 53–54; Trading Stamps and Coupons §§

    The way I see it, it is clear…

    estoppel by silence.Estoppel that arises when a party is under a duty to speak but fails to do
    so. — Also termed estoppel by standing by; estoppel by inaction. [Cases: Estoppel 95. C.J.S.
    Estoppel § 99.]

  8. If you dont like what we africans do, it easy, leave our black country and go to wherever your forefathers originated from.

  9. Clearly you are way to ignorant or stupid to understand what the issues is, so slumber until it is too late.

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