Things/people not to trust when you hit 40

September 17, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

My fiend and honorary gang leader, Worsie, reckons that when a man hits forty, there’s a few things he cannot trust anymore. The one closest to home is a simple fart. I think at some point he must have a had an experience with a fart turning out to be solid or at least slushy…but sofar he has not divulged anymore details.

Personally I have also learnt to distrust all banks, bankers, beancounters, motorcar mechanics, TV repair people, insurance salesmen, market traders etc

…and off-course all politicians, attorneys and lawyers

…most pastors, dominees, priests, rabbi’s etc etc

To me it seems that all the above mentioned ones are for the most part only out to enrich themselves at the expense of other people and therefor not worthy to be fully trusted or even to be trusted at all.

There’s some old sayings, that especially politicians should clearly hear and remember:

A priviledge given against someones will, is of no value.

Having to get a licence for something that is naturally lawfull, is immoral.

The tail never should wag the dog.

Statutes, bills and acts (legal terms) are only applicable to legal persons, not humans.


Blikskottel….just wants to be treated fairly.

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  1. TS het gesê op September 17, 2011

    Sjoe jy is darem erg wantrouig!

  2. Ek’s ‘n pessimis, ook gedefinieer as ‘n optimus met ondervinding.

  3. I must say that the forties seems to be some sort of turning point. I just seem to become more and more cynical by the day.

  4. Hey Hope, the happy blogger, is not allowed to become cynical- that would destroy one of the few good things left!


  5. Look on the bright side, ou Blikskottel, man. Maagsweer is jou voorland.

  6. Jy is meerendeels reg, maar soms word mens tog verras.

  7. Dis ook waar, maar hel hoekom so min?

  8. Eintlik nie, aangesien ek net die dinge sien en hanteer. Ek lankal geleer om nie my dood te stres nie maar oplossings te soek.

  9. How can I blame you. Cynical never, but facing reality, for sure.

  10. Agreed, but at our age common sense finally kicks in.

  11. I like this, Bliks. So true.

  12. I hate this, but it is true.

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