Valued customer’s arse..

Augustus 29, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Banks are always fast and furious to say claim that they value their customers, but I know that this is a lie. I have been asking a few very basic question from MFC(Now a Nedbank division) and to be honest, barring some veiled threats, have received no answers, even though legislation is in place that prohibits them from hiding information or not answering certain questions.

I hate what they do and I am not the only one as this clearly shows:

Lord Acton:

The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.

“Banks lend by creating credit. (ledger-entry credit, monetized debt) They create the means of payment out of nothing.”

Ralph M. Hawtrey, Secretary of the British Treasury



    — James Madison

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.”



My simple questions to banks:

1. Are you in possession of an original, lawfully binding contract between us?


2. Proof of debt (by showing loss to your accounts)
I have reasonable grounds for believing that the money was not in existence prior to its creation with the use of
my signature and was in truth created out of thin air and never showed loss in accounts.

3..Proof of equal consideration (what the Bank brought as risk to the contract)
I have reasonable grounds for believing that the Bank never gave equal consideration as they never put any risk onto the table.

4. Full disclosure (how the funds were created)
I have reasonable grounds for believing that no disclose was forthcoming as deceit was used and I was not informed into how the money was created.

5. Proof that money exists (non fictional fiat currency and is backed by something of substance)
I have reasonable grounds for believing that all “money” in circulation is already spoken for in terms of being required to be repaid as per a loan document or other debt instrument obligating the repayment.


What are they hiding?

Blikskottel: will not stop until they answer these simple questions honestly.







8 antwoorde op Valued customer’s arse..

  1. HeavyHenry het gesê op Augustus 29, 2011

    Good luck!


  2. TS het gesê op Augustus 29, 2011

    hi Blikskottel

  3. vuurklip het gesê op Augustus 29, 2011

    Nowadays highwaymen hide behind ATM’s.

    You ARE a valued customer because they can fleece you. And they do it in stereo.

    If someone deposits money into my account, they grab an admin fee from my account as well as from the payee’s account. Kaching! Kaching! Double whammy.

  4. Hopestar het gesê op Augustus 29, 2011

    Have a good evening Blikskottel.

  5. Dis siek…

  6. Hallo daar..

  7. I hope so, it’s perfectly simple questions, or perhaos not if you are banker.

  8. I am trying my best.

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