Attention: All makers of music videos

Augustus 20, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

My wife is an artist and have a fantastic eye for color and the little nuts and bolts of any painting, movie….and lately music videos. All this is because or kids love watching MK…and I have learnt to hate all these same sounding Afrikaans rock ‘n cock & copy Billy bands.

Her advice to all people involved are the following;

1. Make sure that the people acting, singing etc have white fillings in their teeth.


2. Do not take close-up shots of mouths if  fillings are not white…infact never take such shots as most peoples mouths never make for a good close up shot, even if your pervert brother thinks that a close up of a porn star’s mouth around some oke winky is a turn-on.


3. Please check out the hands and nails of people playing any instrument. A keybord or piano player with dirty nails, or nails chewed into the flesh…well it’s plain freakin nasty.

My wife is never wrong about these type of things, so take heed.

Blikskottel…trusts his wife as he has seen these things many times.

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  1. lora2me het gesê op Augustus 20, 2011

    And do not show the lower-jaw back parts of the nicotine-stained, yellowed, chewed-off teeth of some artists. It’s just as bad as the jittery hands of the artist who keeps on licking the saliva running down the side of his mouth and then also scratching his chest, neck, teeth, and, uhm, some other bits, while doing an interview.

  2. TS het gesê op Augustus 20, 2011

    Hiert! Hoe lekker laat jy my lag

  3. Dit help ook as die javels se hare gewas is!

  4. Lisaman het gesê op Augustus 21, 2011

    I have taken heed but will never be part of a music video!!!

  5. Ag nee, you are worse than my wife…but I agree.

  6. Lag hou mens jonk, so jy skuld my.

  7. Ek stem saam…

  8. ..but you will be on family photos..

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