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As found in the e-book: BANK OF IRELAND


This is a remarkable little Social Experiment for you to try folks. This has worked for hundreds of people that we know. All you are trying here, as we say, is a “Social Experiment”. This is just a test to see if the theory about the BANKs operating in FRAUD is correct. Thus far ALL the results point to the theory of the “BANKs operating in FRAUD” being correct. We still remain open on this though … Do carry out this experiment for yourself with your own BANK and please do send us an email about your results to … [email protected]

The following “Social Experiment” has been carried out by many of our associates, members and supporters, with very favourable results. Social Experiment Title: Overdraft Dismissal / Write Off . Ingredients:- ? One BANK overdraft that has been used and that you have no more use for or of. i.e. It has reached its overdrawn limit. It is maxed out and there is no more FREE credit available on it. ? A mobile phone, with your number blocked. ? The telephone number of the BANK. ? The name of the BANK manager concerned. ? The most recent BANK statement & account number. ? A note pad and pen. ? These instructions. ? An Open Mind

THE PROCESS Next Steps:- Dial up your branch, ask to speak to the Manager or whomever his or her equivalent for that day is. Equally, do agree to speak to anyone that offers to help or assist. Respectfully ask them to pay close attention to your instructions, and ask them to write down the instructions as you have given them, in order to be able to read them back to you, when you have finished instructing them, so that they clearly and unambiguously understand them and will be able to carry them out without further having to contact you. YOU: Dial the number … and persist until you get through to a real life, flesh and blood Man or Woman.


MARY: Hi this is Mary, how can we help you today?

YOU: Hi Mary, this is Darrell (of the ancient clan O’Deagadh).

MARY: Hi Darrell, how can I help you today?

YOU: Hi Mary, it’s in relation to account number 1234567 etc. in the name of Darrell etc.

MARY: Darrell, can you confirm your date of birth, your address, your shoe size and your favourite part of the galaxy.

YOU: Yes Mary its blah, blah, blah. (Tell her this stuf).

MARY: That’s great Darrell, we have YOU here.

YOU: Thanks Mary.

MARY: So what can I do for you today Darrell.

YOU: Ok Mary … do you have a pen and paper handy.

MARY: Hold on a second, let me just get one, have it now.

YOU: Ok Mary can you take a note of the following please?

MARY: Sure can Darrell, what is it? YOU: Can you note the following in detail please Mary?

MARY: Yes, ready when you are Darrell.

YOU: Thanks Mary … here goes.

1. Please note the account number of 1234567.

2. We no longer have any use for this account.

3. We no longer wish to use it and YOUR BANK may close it if they so choose, as we will no longer be using it.

4. Please forward a Valid and Signed Invoice for any balance of funds that YOUR BANK may believe are owed on this account. 5. ONLY when we receive a Valid and Signed Invoice, we will attend to this immediately and pay whatever amounts that YOUR BANK validly claimed is owed on this account.

6. When we receive the Invoice we will attend the BANK in person and pay whatever monies are validly claimed are owed.

7. Please post to us within 10 days to … my home address.

8. Can you read all that back to me please Mary?

At this point keep deathly quiet. She may well just read the material back to you, which is great, because that is what she was asked to do. Remember you didn’t ask for her to comment or ask questions. Therefore she should not do so. If she does ask questions, just be strong and politely reiterate the instructions above. Stick to your guns. You didn’t phone up for a debate or to explain to her the complexities of international banking. Mary, and all the people that work in a BANK are there to serve YOU. With every respect to both them and You, You are the MASTER, they are the servants. They are there to serve, You are there to be served. Once Mary has recited Your clear and unambiguous instructions back to You, ask her if she understands? If she says YES, just say Thank You, Goodbye & just hang up. Don’t wait around any longer.

Then just wait …THE MANAGEMENT Within 24 hours of issuing these instructions You may well get a call back from some level of Manager or Management, wanting to clarify or discuss the matter with you. If you miss the call on your phone, don’t worry & don’t call them back. Let them do the running round.


If THE MANAGEMNET don’t call you back, don’t fret or worry about it, they are probably carrying out your instructions as you gave them, and preparing a Valid and Signed (wet blue ink) Invoice for you, and the matter will be resolved and cleared up in ten days or so. NOT!!!


Our intrepid researchers have advised us that in the nine months of trying this “Social Experiment”, that none … ZERO BANKs have performed the task to the letter of the instruction. That NONE of the BANKs have ever forwarded a Valid and Signed (wet blue ink) Invoice (FACT). When or if a manager does call, just politely reiterate the conversation that you had had earlier with Mary. INSIST ON IT!!! “STICK TO YOUR PROVERBIAL GUNS!” You are NOT refusing to pay. You just need a Valid and Signed (wet blue ink) Invoice to be posted to You, and You will settle the matter.

WHY?: We understand the reason WHY the BANK will not ever issue a Valid and Signed (wet blue ink) Invoice is because there was or is no “Real or Tangible” money owed to them. They FRAUDulently created a DIGITAL CREDIT, in order to extort REAL MONEY and INTEREST payments from you, the REAL flesh and blood Man or Woman.



All BANKs have kind of normalised FRAUD by misleading US and by misguiding US into signing their documents and papers. They have FRAUDulently misdirected US into believing that they are operating a legitimate business. They also believe in their heart of hearts that they will never be prosecuted in the Irish or UK courts for their contempt of YOU and CONTRACT LAW and the LAW in general. Let them all be warned now that Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh and the people of this world are fast awakening to their deception, many out of necessity and self preservation and many more out of a keen sense of morality, equity and fairness.

When a bank commit FRAUD, because they have done this so many times they feel they have a right to continue. They do however know where to stop. They stop at what we call committing “Compound Fraud”. By issuing an Invoice and Validating it with a Signature, they would be attempting to legitimise the crime of FRAUD. They have then crossed the line into EXTORTION, by the act or practice of obtaining something or compelling some action by illegal means. The BANKs and many senior BANKing officials know where to draw this line. A line once crossed that will lead them directly into the custody of the GARDA and a serious investigation by the FRAUD squad, which may well lead to a prison sentence or worse. If even one BANK official gets caught for this, then the whole system will crumble around there very ears. So we say, carry out Your “Social Experiment” today if not sooner. They may just slip up, issue an Invoice and land themselves where they belong.


Blikskottel…is very sure that in RSA the same things are happening and test cases are in court right now.

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  1. TS het gesê op Augustus 9, 2011

    wonder wat is die alternatief

  2. sideview het gesê op Augustus 9, 2011

    the banking regulations vary from country to country, its usually not wise to fight when you are not completely au fait with the regulations

  3. elgado het gesê op Augustus 9, 2011

    🙂 LOL! Good experiment. Sadly I closed down my overdraft last year – didn’t get a signed invoice (! Should have asked for one!) but they kept changing the amount they felt I owed, so I kept paying and then there kept being “outstanding balance” until I handed them to a legal company. Same thing happened when I closed down an account at another bank, and a credit card at a third bank, years back. The straws they cling to in order to keep an account open! One bank even claimed there was a 1c (!) difference 5 years later, upon which I wrote them a snotty letter what to do with that 1c.

  4. elgado het gesê op Augustus 9, 2011

    The flaw in the experiment is this: Say you have an overdraft for R6000. You’ve maxed it out – that means you obtained real things and services in exchange for the money they “invented”.

    Let’s ignore the fact that I was paying G6-7 in interest and “charges” on a G6 overdraft PER YEAR, thus never able to delete it until I had a lump sum. But those initial G6 – those were technically spent by the account holder, i.e. the “you” in the experiment.

    The whole thing is a huge setup.

  5. You miss the point. The real thing is non of their business. The only business at hand is this: Did they actually lend you real money or not. if not, they commited a fraud and that’s what the experiment exposes.

    It is time for you to google a bit or visit

  6. Terug na regte geld stelsel, dus goud, platina, silwer..ens ens…selfs groente as dit meot., maar dnie krediet en net beloftes nie.

  7. Lisaman het gesê op Augustus 9, 2011

    Too much going on in the world right now…No needs for bnks to crumble too!!

  8. The current banking system ancaused all this trouble. I have no problem with banks existing, but with what and how they do business. Withiout a real money system, make no mistake, worse is on the way. It is better to make thuings right than simply ignoring it and expecting a better outcome.

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