Jy blaai in die argief vir 2011 Julie.

Where is the protection we need?

Julie 31, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

This was what greeted me on the homepage of news24 this morning:

ANC owes varsity R6m 53 minutes ago The ANC still owes the University of Limpopo almost R6m for its elective conference held there in 2007.

Malema’s R1.2m car

Malema: My money is nobody’s business

Malema’s secret fund

My question is simple: How is it that a socalled greatest constitution in the world cannot help to protect us from obvious and proven criminals and criminal parties? Surely a political party is a legal person and can thus be found guilty of an offence or is this not true? If it is not, then we are in grave danger. The right thing to do would be to charge the ANC in a court of law for their offences, get a guilty verdict and then prevent it from taking part in elections.

This is the only solution that I can see that will make the current RSA better.

Blikskottel…is seriously looking at new solutions for RSA

Wanted to help but were ignored

Julie 28, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Hi all

Some good news at least came today..my short term visa (7-14 days) for Angola was issued and if all goes well I will be flying on Saturday. Now it is just the long term visa that I am waiting for…but that’s another lot of burocratic bulldust.

Something that simply amazes me is all these organizations asking for donations all the time. From rhino and lion conservation, churches, aids carers and even private people walking the streets with dodgy looking letters from churches, the guvamint and the police…

Even more amazing is that of the 5 most wellknown organizations I contacted with an excelent plan to help them get more donations, not one even returned my e-mail. Perhaps it means that rhinos, lions, leopards etc are not really endangered or….

Maybe the people involved simply do not care

…are plain dumb

…are plain bleddie lazy

..do not know how to return an e-mail

…..are waiting for a moerse grant from the lottery

Blikskottel..likes to help, but eish, have been ignored many times.

A peep through a door

Julie 25, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

The door that leads from our dominee lounge to the passage way….My wife also loves the blue ceramics from Delft as well as all sorts of nice things we have found at auctions, yardsales etc.


The handbags are purely for decoration…cool ne?

Blikskottel…hates spaces with to little things to occupy the mind and eye.

Show yer kitchen…

Julie 21, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Our house’s kitchen is in two parts, almost like a ship’s galley. Here is the one part, after I installed the cubboards my wife always wanted. Solid kiaat wood only was used and it took a while to do. The counter tops are from granite.

Blikskottel…loves a kitchen and especially the goddess that cooks in this one!

Angolan embassy..here I come

Julie 20, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

After 7 weeks of waiting for a letter from the Minerals department of Angola, I can finally start my application for a new work visa.

So today I am of to Pretoria and the Angolan embassy….hopefully it will all go well.

Blikskottel…hate burocrats and their special brand if idiocy.

Challenge: Show your lounge

Julie 17, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Today I just felt like showing a bit of where I live and I challenge other bloggers to place some photos of your lounges. My house was buildt in 1902 and to suit it, we furnished it with antiques. It took some time, but as both me and my wife loves antiques, it was real fun to do. Most pieces we restored ourselves and from this we also started a antique shop, which is doing really well.

Blikskottel….loves beautifull and old things


Julie 13, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Genocidewatch has now placed the Boers on level 6…genocide is on the go and some people still live like all is good and well.



Blikskottel..says enough is enough

Where my political views started…(Dec 1997)

Julie 11, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

My current political views changed the day my uncle was shot on his farm….so far nothing could change it…interestingly enough,, I have not been able to obtain any reference to this murder in the English media. Id someone does have something, I would love to hear from you.

`Melkkopers’ skiet boer in gesig (Dec 1997)

mnr. Frans Grobler, wat al sedert 1922 op sy plaas woon, saam met werkers. Hy is Vrydagmiddag in die gesig geskiet en veg nou om sy lewe.


Krugersdorp NOG ‘n bejaarde boer is op sy plaas aangeval en veg nou om sy lewe nadat hy op ‘n kort afstand in die gesig geskiet is. Mnr. Frans Grobler (77) is Vrydagmiddag laat op sy plaas, Home Fire net buite Kromdraai, sowat tien kilometer buite Krugersdorp, deur vyf mans genader wat gevra het of hulle melk kan koop. Hulle is saam met hom in die huis in waarna hy geskiet is sonder dat hulle iets gesê het. Niks is uit die huis geroof nie. Grobler se seun, mnr. Hentie Grobler, sê sy pa woon al sedert 1922 op die plaas. “Wat verder ontstellend is, is dat my pa so naby aan die stad woon. Ons het darem altyd gedink hy is redelik veilig, omdat die meeste moorde op afgeleë plase plaasvind.” Volgens Grobler het sy pa nie melk aan individue verkoop nie, maar wel aan groter organisasies soos myne en winkels. “Hy het hulle seker jammer gekry en gekyk of hy hulle kan help. Volgens die dokters by die hospitaal het my pa se toestand darem al gestabiliseer, maar dis nog te gou om te kan sê of hy sy oog gaan verloor. As hy sodanig herstel, sal ons hom moet probeer oorreed om te trek en op ‘n veiliger plek te gaan woon. “Gelukkig het my pa ‘n betroubare bediende wat al jare vir hom werk. Sy het toevallig in die huis gewerk en toe sy die skoot hoor, het sy om hulp geskreeu. Dit het die aanvallers op die vlug laat slaan.” Gister was die polisie besig om verskeie leidrade op te volg.

Is the Freestate really FREE?

Julie 7, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

From January 1987 to June 6 2011, there were many hundreds of armed attacks against whites in the Free State province. The largest number of attacks targetted farmers took place mostly from 1996 onwards – and 98% of the attackers were black males who often carried out extensive reconnaissance of their targets, including obtaining intelligence information from the household workers and neighbours of attacked Afrikaners days before the attack.


Free State attacks are amongst the most gruesome and cruel:

The attacks against Free State Afrikaners also stand out as amongst the most gruesome: with even farm children such as Wilmien Potgieter, 2, picked up by her hair and executed with a shot through her head; extensive sexual mutilation and gang-rapes, for instance the mutllations endured by the mother and daughter Alice and Helen Lotter whose wombs were torn from their bodies in a horrendous six-hour torture ordeal. They were still alive when found by the police. but died shortly thereafter.  It’s also very noticeable that many of the attackers against Free State farmers and agricultural smallholders around the towns are on-duty black police officers.  This was a matter of concern to magistrate C J Musi, of the Sasolburg magistrate’s court recently , who commented during a trial of a farm-attacker that it was ‘worrisome’ that the large gang of police-members who had also been arrested for armed attacks against smallholders around Sasolburg, had been released and not been brought to trial.



Boer Genocide pictures not for fainthearted: how entire white SA families are tortured to death:  http://www.censorbugbear.org/photos


Some recent incidents:

Peripoli, Giovanni 74, retired miner, dead: stomach sliced open, Virginia, FS knifeman – nothing stolen
Peripoli, Giovanni 74, RETIRED GOLD-MINER – dead: stomach sliced open, Virginia, Free State knife attack – nothing stolen 2010-08-02 Tom de Wet writes in Volksblad from Virginia …
Mon Aug 2 2010

Bloemfontein barman Marius van Niekerk innocent of murdering patron Gareth Wotshela – racist hatespeech during trial
Bloemfontein barman Marius van Niekerk is found not guilty of murdering Gareth Wotshela, trainee-manager of Metcash in Hamilton, in June 2009. August 6 2010 – BLOEMFONTEIN REGIONA …

Fri Aug 6 2010

Welkom, Doorn family attacked: woman 23 gangraped, 12yr-old girl puts up fierce fight and saves family’s livesl pipes
A gang with a gun, panga and metal pipes subjected the Welkom family to a rape- and torture-ordeal lasting hours… yet they only looted R1,000 in cash and some cheap cellphones?? …

Fri Aug 6 2010

Farmer Marietta Nel gets reconstructive surgery after half-face blown off by farm attacker eight years earlier Farmer Marietta Nel ‘s face was disfigured by a shotgun blast during a farm attack 8 years ago. She needs urgent help for plastic surgery… August 13 2010 – Sat Aug 14 2010


6:21:00 am

ex-MEC Dirk Odendaal, 80 and wife Sophia, 79, attacked on FS farm Verdun near Meets, Bethlehem
2010-08-30 Jana van der Merwe and Lynda Greyling report in Volksblad newspaper that a well-known Afrikaner politician, Dirk Odendaal, 80, was attacked with his wife Sophia, 7 …

Mon Aug 30 2010

Wynne Greg, Advocate, told detective day before ‘drowning’ someone wanted to kill him Parys farm
Advocate Greg Wynne, 43 told detective that someone wanted to kill him – then “drowns at Parys farm” a day later – (note: SUSPICIOUS DEATH but NOT YET RECORDED AS a FARM-MURDE …

Sat Sep 11 2010

Visagie, Hendrik and Magda murdered Vierfontein, Muslim Algerian on trial Parys Court
Visagie, Hendrik and Magda, Christian Afrikaner couple murdered 15 December 2009 Vierfontein south of Orkney – muslim Algerian citizen Martin Marzouk Berkouk on trial in Pary …

Sat Sep 11 2010

Fourie Norman 16 concussed after vicious beating by black pupils Welkom HS
Norman Fourie, 16, knifed and beaten into a concussion in racist beating by black pupil at Welkom high school-


Wed Sep 22 2010

Steynberg Cecelia, 51, shoots armed attacker in neck, Stormpan Wesselsbron arrested for murder
Farm wife Cecelia Steynberg, 51, shoots armed attacker in neck – Stormpan, Wesselsbron 2010-09-30 An armed black man – one of at least four home-invaders


Thu Sep 30 2010 1

UK tourist gangraped, Happy Valley Nature Reserve, Bloemfontein
White UK tourist gang-raped in Happy Valley Nature Reserve, Bloemfontein January 13 2011 A British tourist was raped while taking a walk in the Happy Valley nature reserve in Bloemfontei …

Wed Jan 12 2011

Manie van Zyl, 74; daughter Elmarie, 44, attacked, farm Nooitgedacht, Hertzogville – daughter put up spirited defence – neither badly injured – FARMERS CAPTURE ATTACKER IN SEARCH. 2010-10-1 …

dead own comrade
13-member armed Lesotho gang invades SA farm – one attacker killed by own comrade 13 armed Black attackers from Lesotho raided a Freestate farm in broad daylight on oc tober 2 …


Blikskottel..lives in the Freestate

People with depression needed

Julie 4, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

I was depressed last night so I called Lifeline…

Got a freakin’ call center….. It was in Pakistan.  I told them I was suicidal. 

They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck..


Blikskottel….hates reading the news these days.