Simple questions to your bank

Junie 21, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

         * _Please provide me with accounting proof that you actually loaned
me money_
         * _Please provide me with a transaction certificate, as required by
GAAP to prove that an original lawful loan deposit actually took
         * _Please tell me if you recorded my original promissory note as an
asset on your books and, if so, its value_
         * _Are you in possession of an original, lawfully binding contract
between us?_
         * _Please send me any records you have in your possession with
regard to the securitisation of the alleged debt into a special
purpose entity and confirmation that you had my permission to do so_
         * _If I pay off the full outstanding amount owing, please confirm,
in writing, that you will immediately return the original instrument
of indebtedness to me_

Try this and see if you get any reply that make sense…most banks refuse to even reply.

Blikskottel…is on a mission to rid myself of banker-priests who Chrost warned against.

4 antwoorde op Simple questions to your bank

  1. TS het gesê op Junie 21, 2011

    klink my jy is op die oorlogspad!

  2. HeavyHenry het gesê op Junie 21, 2011

    Nou vat jy aan waar die ouens leef…

  3. Jip en met goeie rede. Rowers moenie geduld word nie.

  4. Ek vat aan waar mense sonder hul medewete bevark word…dit gaan nog erger word.

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