Useless cops, yet again!!

Junie 14, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Couple murdered on smallholding

Johannesburg – A man and his wife were brutally murdered on Saturday, less than a week after he tried to report the poisoning of their three dogs and an apparent death threat, but was turned away by the police.

From Dr Gregory Stanton,

“Dear Mr. LeRiche, 

 “Thank you for posting this letter. With your permission, we will re-post it on the Genocide Watch website.


 “We are appalled at the indifference of the “politically correct” human rights groups such as Amnesty International, which refused to call the genocide in Rwanda a genocide until very late in the killing, and even then refused to take any action because “it was outside Amnesty International’s mandate.”

“Some of us who were active in Amnesty International USA thereafter launched a successful initiative to broaden Amnesty’s mandate to include all crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide. But neither Amnesty International nor Human Rights Watch ever recognize the early warning signs, the early stages of the genocidal process, and only use the word “genocidal” as though it was a sacred invocation limited to cases like the Holocaust, and always when actual genocide has begun, when it is too late to stop it.

“The same lawyers are still in charge at Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and in the State Department, Joan Donahue — who famously told senior policy makers that ‘the Rwandan genocide lacked the special intent required for genocide and that therefore the word genocide should not be used’  — has now been promoted to advise Secretary of State (Hillary) Clinton.

Boer farmers should be prepared to defend themselves and be ready to leave South Africa…

“Boer farmers should expect no assistance from human rights groups or from Western European or American liberals. They should be prepared to defend themselves, and be ready to leave South Africa. Racists like Julius Malema are taking control of the African National Congress, and they are not being stopped by the current leaders. If they are not prevented from gaining power, genocidal violence will afflict South Africa as it has Zimbabwe.

Greg Stanton

President, Genocide Watch 

letter to Henri le Riche, member.

Blikskottel…knows that we should challenge every cops to live up to his oath!

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  1. Dis sekerlik moontlik…ek’s bly dat jy die besoekie geniet het.

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